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Is This Photo of a Dog Being Dragged on a Leash Real or Fake?

Is This Photo of a Dog Being Dragged on a Leash Real or Fake?

A photo purportedly showing a dog being dragged on its back by a leash has circulated online for months. What is the origin of this photo and is it real?

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The photo is real.

This shot, and several other similar photos, were published on August 4, 2006 on a Chinese website as part of a news story about 13 stray dogs being rounded up in the city of Fuzhou on July 31 of that year. The photo is not of some rogue animal abuser, but of a city official doing his job. Part of the news story (as translated by Google) reads:

Immediately after law enforcement officers found the dog in front of a car around to the rear of the dog to stop, “dog car” immediately followed by outflanking from the front of the officers approached the soil ranging from outflanking the front two “dog” dogs, beat the dog from the dog back quietly on a team has picked up a wooden stick alignment dog head, due Tugou awarded by the escape, in the bar and click on the lost consciousness in the past. A city management staff wear gloves, readily picked up the dog no longer move, and crushed it into several with the carcass of a dog box loaded.

The photo has appeared on Facebook with captions such as:

like if you’re against this
ignore if you don’t care 😐

Below is the photo being circulated, along with a few others from the news story:

It appears that this Chinese city doesn’t view stray dogs with the same compassion that other cultures do. What are your thoughts on this story?

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