Is This the World’s Largest Umbrella?

A photo shows a massive umbrella covering a circular roadway and claims to be the largest umbrella in the world, located in the Gansu Province, China. Is this photo real or fake?

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It is fake. 

This is an obvious (and not necessarily well done) photo editing job, in which an umbrella was superimposed over the Nanpu Bridge Interchange in Shanghai – not the Gansu Province as many versions of the story claim.

Let’s take a look at the shared image:

Not the best photo editing job we've seen.

Now here is an unedited photo, showing the original bridge – sans the fake umbrella:

Here is a Google Maps satellite image of the same bridge, taken on February 12, 2012, which proves defenders wrong who claim that the umbrella was added only recently.

World’s Largest Umbrella
According to the Guinness website, the actual largest umbrella as of this writing is described as:

The largest umbrella measures 17.06 m (56 ft) in diameter and is 10.97 m (36 ft) tall and was made by Max New York Life Insurance (India). The umbrella was unveiled at Ishanya Mall at Pune, India, on 14 August 2010.


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