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Jennifer Aniston Discusses Fake Shaved Head Photo

Jennifer Aniston Discusses Fake Shaved Head Photo

Jennifer Aniston appeared on Conan and discussed a fake image which went viral in 2013 that showed the actress with a shaved head.

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The fake image

The photo was originally circulated as an April Fool’s joke in 2013, and went viral in December 2013, with many readers fooled by the image. We initially debunked the photo on December 24, 2013.

A fake Instagram post also circulated with the photo in which the actress claims to have shaved her head in honor of her niece who was diagnosed with cancer.

Daily Makeover first published the fake photo on April 1, 2013, with a story about the star’s new hair style. That article ended with the expected “April Fool’s!” footnote.

You can see the fake image below, next to the source from which was taken – an appearance in 2006 for the movie “Friends With Money.”

anniston-shaved-head  anniston-real

2014 Conan Interview

On the December 4, 2014 edition of Conan, the fake photo was discussed.

“There was this – it turned out to be a fake picture of you – but they put a picture of you that they were claiming you had shaved your head,” Conan explained. “It actually went kind of viral, like people were like ‘Oh my God, for a role I guess, Jennifer Aniston shaved her head.'”

At first the actress said she didn’t want to see it, “Oh God don’t show that.” Then she asked, “Is it real? Not it’s not. I’ve never shaved my head.”

Conan eventually convinced Aniston to see look at the photo.

After seeing the image, Aniston stated, “Never in my life would I do that.”

Bottom Line

Jennifer Aniston did not shave her head. The image circulating was created as an April Fool’s joke. Aniston discussed the fake photo with Conan in December 2014 and confirmed it was not real.


Updated December 5, 2014
Originally posted December 2013

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