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Hoax: Justin Bieber Kissing Boyfriend Photo

Hoax: Justin Bieber Kissing Boyfriend Photo

A photo allegedly showing Justin Bieber kissing his “boyfriend” has been circulating online this weekend. The photo is fake.

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Fake Photo

The image which appears to show Bieber kissing a man in a recording studio is accompanied by a fake tweet which reads, “meet my new boyfriend. I’m Bi, so what?” The story, however, was first published on the “satirical” website Huzlers. The photo has been doctored, and Bieber never sent such a tweet.

In the fake article we read, “Controversial pop singer Justin Bieber has publically admitted via Twitter that he, in fact, is ‘Bi-Sexual’ and dating singer Austin Mahone. Justin’s tweet was posted earlier today but later deleted only 30 minutes after it was posted.”

Below is the fake photo, followed by the original:



In the original, it is clear that the two men are kissing a female, who was removed to form the fake Bieber photo.

About Huzler’s

Huzler’s description states, “Huzlers.com is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.” The website appeared in late 2013 with fake stories about Vine star Lil Terio and Sharkeisha, who appeared in a viral YouTube video. Most recently a fake story about Trey Songz coming out also received significant social media sharing.

Bottom Line

Justin Bieber did not tweet a photo of himself kissing another man. The photo was doctored and the singer never sent out such a tweet.

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