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Social Media Finds New Colonel Sanders “Creepy”

Social Media Finds New Colonel Sanders “Creepy”

KFC recently launched a new advertising campaign in which Colonel Sanders was brought back to life by SNL actor Darrell Hammond. Social media has branded the portrayal as “creepy.”

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“Creepy” Colonel Sanders

Harland Sanders, the real Colonel Sanders, died 35 years ago, but his likeness has remained an integral part of KFC’s brand. Thus, it should have come as no surprise when KFC decided to resurrect Harland’s image in a new series of ads featuring SNL actor Darrell Hammond.

In theory it would stand to reason that Hammond’s success in portraying Bill Clinton on SNL would make him a good candidate to play Colonel Sanders in a round of new cheeky advertisements that began over Memorial Day weekend. The response, however, has been underwhelming.

While initial reports suggested that fans “rejoice” at the return of The Colonel, it wasn’t long before fans began expressing their dissatisfaction with the portrayal.

Since the campaign began, social media users have pounded KFC’s Facebook and Twitter pages with complaints about the “new guy,” using such words as creepy and disrespectful. While KFC’s social media reps are usually quite responsive to feedback, they have been notably quiet in response to the chorus of discontent with the current portrayal of Colonel Sanders.

It would appear that KFC’s attempt at a humorous portrayal of Colonel Sanders misfired, with their caricature resembling disrespect or mockery. Compare the new portrayal with a 1969 spot featuring the real Colonel Sanders.


Bottom Line

KFC launched a new advertising campain featuring Darrell Hammond portraying a caricature of Colonel Sanders. Social media response has been overwhelmingly negative, referring to the portrayal as creepy and disrespectful.

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