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KFC: No Weed in Colorado Locations

KFC: No Weed in Colorado Locations

A story circulating this week which alleges that KFC will begin dispensing marijuana in Colorado.

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Fake Story

The story in question was published by Racket Report, a fake news website that has promoted a long line of false and outlandish reports in recent months. The fake story reports that KFC planned to become a dispensary in Colorado in order to expand its business in the state.

The bogus story had hundreds of thousands of shares, mostly by social media readers who did not realize that the story was completely fake.

KFC has made no such announcement.

The false report is reminiscent of a similar story which circulated in early 2014, claiming that Walmart was to begin selling marijuana in Colorado and Washington. That report was also published by another fake news website.


Although it has been established that the source of the report is a bogus fake news website, The Independent reports that KFC confirmed that the story was in fact false.

South Park

It is possible that the fake story was in part inspired by a 2010 episode of South Park entitled “Medicinal Fried Chicken” in which a local KFC is shut down and replaced by a medical marijuana dispensary.

Bottom Line

KFC has not announced plans to begin selling marijuana at its Colorado locations. That story was published by a fake news website. The graphic which allegedly shows a “Medical Marijuana” sign at a KFC location has been altered.

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