Kissing Islands of Greenland: Real or Hoax?

An image circulating online claims to show the "Kissing Islands" of Greenland. Is this image real or fake?

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It’s fake.

The image first appeared online in January 2012 and is the work of Italian photographer and digital post-production artist┬áVincenzo Micarelli. It is posted on his website and lists the client as Pfizer. The original image in Mr. Micarelli’s portfolio includes the Pfizer logo, although it can often be seen online with this logo cropped out.

Micarelli has a few other images of land masses that resemble faces in his online portfolio. (Examples here and here.)

We reached out to Mr. Micarelli for additional information about the image. He graciously responded with the following description:

This image is part of a series of imaginary territories resembling humans, that I have made for an advertising campaign. They are fruit of my invention and post-production, of course.


Last updated September 2, 2013

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3 Comments on Kissing Islands of Greenland: Real or Hoax?

  1. Keep popping those pfizer pills and you’ll believe anything you see.

  2. waah..!found yeah!I googled it and I thought it’s real.

  3. Elizabeth Raphel // March 7, 2014 at 10:21 am // Reply

    Got the kissing island picture on whatsapp…never believed it in the first place…but still felt like crosschecking..googled n was amazed with the facts…thank you…google is a miracle…to differentiate facts n hoax…

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