Lint Lizard Review and Product Info

Lint Lizard Review and Product Info

Lint Lizard is a product designed to help consumers clean lint from dryers. Today we offer our Lint Lizard review and additional product information.

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Lint Lizard is a plastic vacuum attachment which is designed to clean dryer vents and screens. The official website is and it was created on August 2, 2011. Their tagline is “Removes dryer lint in hard to reach places!”


Lint Lizard costs $10.99 plus $6.99 shipping & handling for a total of $17.98. You can add a second Lint Lizard for another $6.99 for a grand total of $24.97. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping & handling. You can find Lint Lizard for about $11 in stores such as Sears, Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

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This is a screen shot of the official Lint Lizard website, taken in July 2013.

This is a screen shot of the official Lint Lizard website, taken in July 2013.

Television Commercial

Below is a television commercial for the Lint Lizard:

Transcript of the television commercial which is currently on the official website (note that the commercial above mentions the “Dust Dragon” while the current commercial calls it the “Dust Lizard.”)

Your dryer runs forever and your clothes still come out damp? Now you can speed up your dryer by up to fifteen minutes. Introducing the Lint Lizard, it’s like a magic wand that cleans deep into any dryer. The flexible Lint Lizard attaches right to any vacuum hose. Look how much lint we got out of this dryer. All this lint that escapes past your lint screen. Yuck, a clogged dryer works harder! All that lint can even burn out your motor, or worse it can start a dangerous vent fire.

It’s a full 40 inches long and cleans deep into your vent system, grabbing all the packed-in lint that’s choking your dryer. After a quick cleaning with the Lint Lizard your dryer vent is clear, making it work less and run more efficiently. Old fashioned lint brushes pull out some lint and the lint gets everywhere. The Lint Lizard cleans deeper and sends the lint right into your vac bag. Vacuuming between machines and under appliances is a snap! Take it outdoors to vac your outside vent. So before you spend a fortune on costly repairs, order your Lint Lizard for just $10.99. Call right now and you can double your order and that’s not all. We’ll also include the Dust Lizard. It attaches to any vac and adjusts to any position. The Dust Lizard goes where no other attachment can. Clean delicate electronics, tedious air vents, tiny tile crevasses, crumbs from corners, dirt from slider tracks, places you could never vacuum before. Even expensive sculptures and intricate chandeliers. Plus, the Lint Lizard comes with a money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, return them and keep the Dust Lizard. You get it all, two Lint Lizards and the Dust Lizard, for $10.99! Call now and find out about free shipping.

Our Lint Lizard Review

In our evaluation of the Lint Lizard, we noted the following observations:

Size & Shape
To our surprise, we opened the box and noticed that the clear tube was very thick and curved due to the packaging. The clear tube is more rigid than expected. This is apparently an expected issue, as the directions suggested using a hair dryer or hot water to soften it, but we were unable to get this technique to work. The tubing is wider than we expected and didn’t fit easily in the dryer we tested. Not all dryer vents are the same, and this product may not be as universal as advertised.

Using Lint Lizard
We attached the Lint Lizard to the vacuum and it did seem to collect much of the lint that was otherwise out of reach. It’s fit in the vent entrance, however, was tight. The suction is also limited to your vacuum’s capabilities. We were able to retrieve a fairly large amount of lint, but the plastic hose  proved to be inflexible and awkward to use. We would have liked a little more flexibility to reach some areas, but the end result was a large amount of lint removed from the dryer.

Bottom Line

If you can get the Lint Lizard to fit in your dryer, it will probably remove a fair amount of lint and dirt. The biggest drawback is the rigidity of the clear tubing. Depending on the attachments already included with your vacuum, Lint Lizard may or may not be a useful tool for you.

We suggest picking up a Lint Lizard for about $11 at a local store. If it doesn’t work in your dryer, you can return it easily and you won’t be out shipping charges.

Your Turn

Have you used Lint Lizard? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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