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Lou Reed “Death Hoax” is a Hoax

Lou Reed “Death Hoax” is a Hoax

News of Lou Reed’s death was immediately refuted by “news” stories that it was a death hoax.

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Lou Reed did pass away.

Claims that it was a “death hoax” are based on a fictional website.

The “hoax” story was circulated by Mediamass, a fictional website which publishes the same “death hoax” article for an untold number of celebrities. The story is exactly the same, but the names and specific details change.


Why do it?

The biggest question why Mediamass would say Lou Reed’s death is a hoax, when in fact he did pass away today, is why. The site itself has said that it publishes stories that are “obviously not true.”

The ‘People’ section is a humorous parody of Gossip magazines, all stories are obviously not true.

Thus thousands of celebrities, Bill Gates in USA, Zhang Ziyi in China, Ranbir Kapoor in India, etc. all have a dog called “Spinee” recovering from successful surgery.

We won’t change the world, but at least we’ll laugh trying.

We wrote about Mediamass earlier this year, and cited examples of legitimate news organizations which were fooled by phony stories published by the website. See our full article here, which also includes the same “death hoax” story for still-living celebrities such as Hillary Clinton and Nicolas Cage.

Note: Mediamass eventually changed the Lou Reed Death Hoax article to confirm his passing.

Bottom Line

Lou Reed did in fact pass away. Claims that his death was a “hoax” were published by a fictional website which purposely attempts to misinform readers.

Virtually any celebrity which passes away will be met with the same “death hoax” story by Mediamass.

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