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Malaysia Airlines Fake “Lose Yourself” Ad

Malaysia Airlines Fake “Lose Yourself” Ad

Did a Malaysia Airlines advertisement for their new Boeing 777 claim you can “lose yourself” and “no one will ever know” where you go?

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It’s fake.

Let’s first take a look at the phony ad which first circulated in March 2014.


The fake ad above writes:

Our new Boeing 777
Lose yourself on a journey of epic proportions

Wherever you go
No one will ever know.

The graphic above first circulated in March 2014 as some sort of creepy premonition by the advertising department relating to the missing Flight 370 which disappeared that month. The ad, however, has been altered from the original, seen below.


As noted in the real ad, the plane is not a Boeing 777, but an Airbus A380. The real ad copy stated, “Our new A380: A journey of epic proportions. The pride of our nation.”

See the rest of the ad gallery here.

Bottom Line

The ad for the Malaysia Boeing 777 which claimed you can “lose yourself” is fake. The plane pictured is not even a Boeing 777, and the ad copy has been altered.

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