Man Falls on Trampoline and Dog Humps Video

Man Falls on Trampoline and Dog Humps Video

Here is a look back at a classic home video. The video of a man falling on a trampoline becomes a bizarre sight when a nearby dog takes advantage of the man’s brief incapacity to jump on and starts humping his head. Talk about an opportunist dog.

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First, take a look at the video:

The video caption reads, “Newman the dog launches an oppourtunistic strike on his beloved owner when his lack of athletic ability forces him to fail on the trampoline. A move that was followed shortly after by a painful procedure at the vet, which now makes him a little less enthusiastic for his hip shaking endevours. The GTrain is owned by newman.”

The video was posted to YouTube in early 2010 and has been featured on funny video shows in the years since. To date it has over 125,000 views, and has been circulated in animated gifs on social media.

The video above is longer and higher quality than a populpar version which has been passed around the internet. It also shows a bit more footage before and after the humping scene in question.

The owner’s reaction of surprise while trying to get up is also quite comical. What do you think of this video?

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