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Man Standing on Baby Photo: Abuse or Just Bizarre?

Man Standing on Baby Photo: Abuse or Just Bizarre?

A disturbing photo of a man standing on an emaciated child has been angrily shared online. One angry caption reads: I WANT TO KILL THIS MAN…IF U R AGAINST CHILD ABUSE *PLEASE* LIKE N SHARE THIS.. Is this photo real or fake?

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The photo is real.

Angry comments appear to be justified, as there seems to be no reason why a grown adult would stand on a child in this manner. Oddly, the photo does not appear to have been published as an example of child abuse, but of a bizarre healing ritual. The photo was circulated at the end of 2010 and early 2011 as an example of an Indian witch doctor’s practice for curing sore throat and other ailments. Here is one such report.


In the eyes of many it is a clear case of child abuse, however the original story wasn’t presented as child abuse (although it certainly could have). It’s a prime example of a local culture’s acceptance of something the rest of the world finds revolting. Perhaps the photo’s caption should read “End Crazy Witch Doctor Practices” instead?

  • gestr

    So how many of you voted to have men like him continue to flood America and Europe?

    • Sara Karakas

      Id take a man trying to cure a babys sickness over a Neanderthal bigot

      • gestr

        Sounds like you are the Neanderthal bigot if you think standing on a baby would cure its sickness.

        • Lilith Mooney

          don’t worry, very few of those ‘flooding’ the US and Europe don’t stand on babies for a living. A lot of them work in hospitals, care services, local government helping people and paying taxes…..

  • gbtgggb

    I hope the baby doesnt have a sore throat anymore.

  • Pasha

    Probably one of the most distressing pictures I have seen and now I can take it out of my head. Poor child is in obvious pain, and looking helpless.
    Very sad indeed. No need to take pictures like that. If it’s accepted in their culture, it should stay there!

  • Hala

    I can’t understand how we can live in such world where we just see such brutal acts and so nothing about it.. I am crying… .I couldnt do more… but this photo broke my heart… I wish i could bring justice and put that criminal where he deserves to be

  • waffles

    Oddly, in that particular culture, this man is seen as “helping.”

  • Cassie

    How could they do that. I hope that man feels lucky he isn’t a metre away from me and that I don’t have a metal studdet BASEBALL BAT!!! RIP little one. <3

    • waffles

      What’s odd is that this is considered – at least in the village in which he resides – to be “helping” the child.

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