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Lost Dog Tag Owner “Martinson” Found

Lost Dog Tag Owner “Martinson” Found

A dog tag found two years ago by an Australian teacher will soon be reunited with its owner thanks to the work of an active-duty Marine.

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Though an image of the tag is still circulating on social media with requests to share until the owner is found, the sharing is now unnecessary as Lanny Martinson was found to be alive and living in Texas, and will soon receive his long-lost dog tags.

The image below is continues to be shared on social networks, and shows the tag belonging to Martinson:

Dog Tag Found


The caption reads: “Trying to find this person. This dog tag was found in Vietnam 2 years ago by an Australian teacher. His name is not on the wall. Pass it around till he is found.”

The tag was discovered two years ago by teacher John Naismith who found it in Vietnam in a now-overgrown air strip used during the war.

As I was walking through the undergrowth, I saw something bright shining in the sunlight. I reached down, cleared away the dirt, and found the dog tag. I could not believe it.

With the help active-duty Marine Jashua Laudermilk, the owner of the tag was located in about a week.

Lanny Martinson posted a thank you note online:

First of all THANK YOU to everyone involved. This whole story is unbelievable. It’s ironic that on June 10th I went online to and ordered a set of dogtags as I didn’t have mine. Then on the 13th to find out that John had found one of them just blew me away. I can’t thank enough, all of the people that took time out of their lives to return my tag to me. It’s like a piece of me was returned from the past. THANK YOU THANK YOU. Lanny

Although the owner has been found, the image – and the now-unnecessary call to find the owner – continues to be shared in massive numbers. The image as of this writing has nearly 175,000 shares.

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  • Lanny Martinson

    By way of clarification. I was wounded June 4th 1968. John Naismith found them in 2011. Joshua and Tanna both found me June 6th. I’m sorry for all the confusion it all has been a bit overwhelming. Once again, Thank you to everyone involved and to the many people that care. Our men who fight and die deserve more recognition. I feel a little embarrassed at receiving all this attention. I am disabled, but I lived. The only heroes in the Viet Nam war have their names on The Wall. The remainder of us were merely survivors. I have always been honored to serve my country. I have been a Marine for 51 years and will remain so until I die. And I will be Semper Fidelis

    • waffles

      Mr. Martinson we are honored to have your input on this article, and thank you for the clarification.

      You shouldn’t be embarrassed, as it is a wonderful story. Thank you for your service to our great country.

  • Canuck66

    The article says that the tag was found two years ago and that the owner was located within a week. Hence the dates of June 10th and 13th being accurate.

    • waffles

      That’s what we were thinking at first, but he seems to be saying that he found out on June 13th. He was only notified this week. You could still be right but it is worded in a way that isn’t clear.

  • Elizabeth Macula


    We take care of our Marines!

  • Zandra

    This is so wonderful! I’m just sort of confused as June 10th & 13th haven’t happened yet. Is this from last year?

    • waffles

      It is a great story, and we’re not sure about the dates, either. It definitely happened this year, so perhaps he simply confused the dates in his correspondence.

      • Cieth

        Re check it they said he found them two years ago and it only took about a week to return them.

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