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Melissa Bachman Hunting Show: Barbarism or Sport?

Melissa Bachman Hunting Show: Barbarism or Sport?

Photos of hunter Melissa Bachman posing with her kills have begun circulating online, along with petitions to get her videos taken offline and off of TV channels such as Nat Geo. Comments on these videos and photos have sparked passionate debate about hunting for sport.

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A sample of the sentiment by the anti-Bachman camp can be seen in the following caption, which accompanied a photo of Bachman posing with a bear she had killed:


Please Call Your Cable/Satellite Company & Cancel/Block The National Geographic Channel

ENOUGH! National Geographic, a company that has made millions by pretending they care about the environment and wildlife is now producing a sickening so called ‘reality’ show featuring the disgusting hunter Melissa Bachman (pictured below) who seems to love nothing more than taking the lives of innocent and beautiful creatures. Please call your cable/satellite provider today and cancel or block this cruel company and all their channels. Thanks!

Her Defenders
On one side of the discussion is the argument that hunting helps control a bear population that, if left uncontrolled, would spill over into cities, endangering domesticated pets and people. It is also argued that an uncontrolled bear popular would also lead to starvation among bears, with more competition for food. It is also claimed that many who complain about hunting also eat meat and use animal-based products, such as leather. Many professional hunters donate the meat of their kill to locals, so the kill isn’t completely in vain. And hunting, of course, is legal.

Her Detractors
On the other hand, there are those who say this is barbaric, to pose with a wide grin at the corpse of a fallen creature, that these creatures are in their own environment and being killed solely for entertainment purposes. There is an anti-Bachman Facebook page with several thousand subscribers who are trying to get Nat Geo to stop airing any segments with Bachman, along with efforts to have her videos removed from Youtube.

What are your thoughts on Melissa Bachman? Are these hunting videos vile and barbaric, or merely a controlled sport that dates back thousands of years?



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  • Michael Rath

    Hunting for food and sport is not barbaric! It is in all of our blood dating back to even before we evolved into humans. Most detractors have never hunted and have no idea how hard and difficult it is to hunt game. It takes time to learn to hunt, it takes money to buy the clothes, the guns, the ammo and sometimes the guides and most of all it takes patience. When you finally kill your game – you have a right to smile! Don’t knock until you try it.

  • sniper74

    Yes and no. Bears tend to follow the easy course to a meal. Which now means that bears will get into garbage or peoples homes. Then what happens is, those bears are shot by game and fish. But if you also stop and think about it, starvation is a slow process. It means that they are suffering the entire time that they are starving. Controlling the population allows those bears little to no suffrage, while also reducing the chance another bear starves.

    If you have a degree in Animal Biology, then you also understand that wilderness can only hold so many bears at a given time. If you have too many bears, then they have to either fight to death for food, or they have to leave the area. At the same time, you know, or should know, that if you don’t have enough bears in an area, then other species quickly get overloaded. Like deer, beavers, squirrels, etc. Which then introduces other risks and issues. When a deer leaves a wilderness environment, what happens? They encroach into human territory. That usually means death by car, or by game and fish.

    Perhaps you should take some time and talk to a local Game Warden. Maybe you will get some good insight.

  • sniper74

    No more than you are. I bet you drive a car, eat food, and watch TV. I bet you use a computer. All of these items are slowly killing our planet.

    If you want to help out, then stop being hateful towards others. That’s where it starts…it starts with you. Set the example. Get rid of your TV, your house, your car and your job. Then you have every right to say those things. But until you understand that the money that she paid to get her hunting license actually helps protect many more than the one she killed. They help protect those animals from poachers, who go around and kill dozens every single night.

    So you should be grateful that people are willing to pay money to go after a single one, but at the same time, help save dozens or even hundreds.

  • Heath

    I know which ones would eat the meat form “blood money” hungry ones. You made a lot of statements about what the villagers would do and how they think. How many have you met?

  • Willy

    Although I do not agree with her hunting lions, I am appalled that some of you would call her a serial killer. I have hunted deer all my life and I eat what I kill. I am sure some of you who are yelling that it is the 21st century and we should quit killing animals are not all vegatarians. So where do you think we should be getting our meat from? Just because you do not see the animal being killed does not absolve you from the fact that they are being killed. And they are being killed in far worse ways than when a hunter kills an animal. Animals eat other animals, and we are animals, and unfortunately to the dismay of some, we are highest on the food chain due to our advancement in technology.

  • Lyn

    Every day there seems to be an article about people abusing or killing animals. Then to read about a woman who enjoys killing animals ‘just because.’ Add that she thinks killing an animal who is caged a major accomplishment… May karma come to her soon and may it cause intense sorrow and pain.

  • Pamela

    All the money in the world pumped into conservancy will not bring back the animals lost to poaching through organized crime and economic opportunity. We can’t afford to have legalized hunts when we there is no way to control the loss of life due to poaching. Professional hunters, safari tour operators, and private game farm employees are the biggest offenders of illegal poaching. They are rarely brought to justice. There is no way to control greed. I’m so glad Melissa Bachman’s conscience is clear since she was able to “pay” for the right to take the life of such incredible animals. I especially appreciate someone taking the time to support the dead lions head with dirt, so it was squared up for the trophy photo, very thoughtful.

    • sniper74

      So you are saying that she poached this bear? I think not. I think you are getting confused about what poaching is. Poaching is illegal shooting. I hardly doubt that what she is doing is illegal, otherwise Game and Fish would have locked her up or charged her with a ton of money by now.

      What she is doing is legal. She has every right to do so. Let me ask you this? If it’s wrong for her to be posing next to an animal that she took the time to stalk, plan, get close to, and take in the name of hunting? Then compare that to you taking pictures of your food on your plate, or asking God to bless the food you have on the table? Wouldn’t that be glorifying killing plants and animals?

      Now as far as for hunting lions? I am not a big fan of. No need to go after a lion, or even a tiger. First they are endangered, and second off, they are on another continent. But if she went through the legal process for hunting in that country, then why bother. If you really want to target something, then go after that countries hunting regulations, not her.

  • Greg Strawn

    Hey Michelle,
    You go Girl. I admire your spark, cannot imagine how sustainable hunting is bad for South Africa, we all do KNOW that if not for the money hunting brings to SA in general and to the ranches in particular there would not be huntable game in SA. They’d be raising beef to make a living and not allowing game to thrive. Hunters take only a very few of the animals they raise, and that money is used to support the rest of the herd and to continue the operation. Don’t let ignorant people slow you down, the white tennis shoe crowd has heartfelt intentions, yes, but not a practical nature. Greg

  • David Winsted

    This woman (monster) appears to be psychotic in every sense of the word. That sickening smile in each picture of a dead animal with that rifle or bow in her hand can only be attributable to some form of severe mental illness. These incredible animals are residents of the planet just like us and we have no right to enter their homes and commit murder. Enough is enough. Its interesting that in South Africa it appears that many people really care about these issues while in the United States, anyone who takes a stand against murder is labled a liberal and subject to scorn.

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