Michael Jackson Dead Body Gurney Photo

The ubiquitous “gurney” photo of Michael Jackson released during the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray this week is indeed disturbing. What I have yet to hear is who took this photo and why. It’s not standard protocol for doctors or staff to take photos of recently the deceased, even if they are celebrities. It’s not uncommon for family and friends to take such a photo as a “last memory” but the person responsible for taking this photo has not been given as of yet. I’m by no means trying to fuel a conspiracy theory – I just think it’s a piece of information that should have been released with the photo.

At least we know it’s a real photo of Michael Jackson, unlike the flimsy attempt by forensic experts to portray how he might have looked.

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One good aspect of the Michael Jackson death photo is that it has been officially recognized by the prosecution (and thus by extension, his family) as Michael Jackson which could keep conspiracy theories relegated only to the extreme outer fringes. The disputed Elvis Presley photo, for example, only fueled the fire of rumors of his purported faked death. At this point, however, few are doubting that is in fact Michael Jackson upon his death.

The photo includes minimal sharpening and some color correction.


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3 Comments on Michael Jackson Dead Body Gurney Photo

  1. He is on his way to eternity. Not knowing Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, Jackson will stand at the Great White Throne Judgement with a resurrection body outfitted for eternity, either in Heaven or in the Lake of Fire. At the Great White Throne Judgement, all are unbelievers. Jackson was a Jehovah’s Witness, a cult which denies the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Christ will return imminently in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture at any moment. Are you ready? … or will you be Left Behind?

    John 3:3 John 3:16


  2. as a fan, this is just sad to see him like that. it should of not been shown and just looking at him lifeless wthout his beautiful smile is just uncalled for.

    michael doesn’t need anymore drama. hes gone! let him be at FULL peace already! whatever causes this person did to take this, its done.

    hes remembered by his artistry and humanity, not his conspiracys and rumored incidences. and who took this and that picture.

    i understand ur reason to show it, but just u should of just leave it alone. im shocked that someone would bring this up. its preposturous.

  3. his nose looks entirely disproportionate to how it really is. Plush, they quit using those brand of gurneys years ago. You can purchase this one on ebay. Just sayin’.

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