Michele Bachmann’s White Jacket: Top 20 Tweets

Michele Bachmann’s White Jacket: Top 20 Tweets

With such issues as the economy and immigration, the GOP debate on Tuesday lit up Twitter with an entirely unexpected topic: Michele Bachmann’s white jacket.

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Whether or not that is a topic that requires discussion or not is beyond the scope of this article. The white buttoned blazer was compared to everything from a straight jacket to an admiral, and everything in between. There were so many “Captain Crunch” and “Admiral” tweets that we had to pick a few which were representative of the sentiment filling our Twitter feed.

There were hundreds of tweets about the jacket in question, but below are 20 of our favorites. So without further delay, here are the top 20 Tweets about Michele Bachmann’s white jacket:

Michelle Bachmann is wearing what appears to be towel fashioned into an admiral’s jacket. #cnndebate ##GOPdebate

Is #Bachmann’s jacket from outer space?

Michelle Bachmann is wearing her jacket in honor of The King, Michael Jackson. #RepublicanDebate

Michele Bachmann is rockin’ that strait jacket tonight. #TweetThePress

Michelle Bachmann looks like she’s leading the White Parade in thatjacket.

Nice jacket, Bachmann, but you left your twirling baton and the rest of the band back at the hotel. #CNNDebate

Bachmann looks like she got on a captain crunch jacket

Interesting wardrobe choice Bachmann….white military style jacket. Trying to look like Commander-In-Chief???? LOL!

Bachmann “I’m the most different candidate from Barack Obama” just look at my jacket

Did bachmann just say the cake is baked…obviously she was the chef given her jacket

Michael Jackson is rolling in his mausoleum for Bachmann wearing his Dangerous jacket #fakeGOPdebate

Just turned the debate on. Seriously, Bachmann. That jacket is ridiculous. #cnndebate

I just want Michelle Bachmann to pop-lock right quick since she’s wearing the same jacket Janet had on in Rhythm Nation #CNNDebate

Did someone tell Bachmann the #GOPdebate was a costume party? Maybe that’s the reason for the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band jacket

I just really wish @andersoncooper would ask Bachmann “WHAT is UP with that JACKET?”

Has Michele Bachmann joined the Lithiuanian navy? What is thatjacket? #cnndebate

JeffLassiter Jeff Lassiter
Michele Bachmann looks like she’s running for President of the Love Boat in that jacket

I seen a jacket just like the one on Michelle Bachmann at thedebate. It was on a tranny down on 5th ave

Ok, I admit it. Bachmann definitely borrowed Gaddafi’s winter jacketfor tonight’s debate.

I can’t hear Bachmann over the loud jacket from JCPenny’s Lady Dictator line. #CNNdebate

And since we couldn’t stop at just 20 tweets…

MikeDrucker Mike Drucker
Michele Bachmann looks like she’s running for Space Emperor. #cnndebate #tweetthepress

How would you describe the infamous jacket?


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