Does Microwaved Water Kill Plants?

A claim circulating online states that microwaved water kills plants, proving that microwave ovens are unsafe. Today we'll investigate the veracity of this claim.

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The origin of this popularly-cited assertion is that of a science fair project by a girl in secondary school in the UK.  That project showed a series of photos in which the plant using microwaved water die, while the plant receiving purified water thrived.


While the photos of the experiment are convincing, the test was not performed to scientific standards. Further, many individuals have attempted to duplicate the results of this test without success as shown in the three videos below:

Our own non-scientific experiment matched the results of the videos above. After 10 days of watering two plants with purified water and microwaved water, we have found no discernible difference in the plants.

Bottom Line

There is no scientific evidence that microwaved water is harmful to plants, and the results of the science fair project have proven difficult to duplicate. Further, our own tests have shown virtually no difference between plants watered with filtered water or microwaved water.


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