Mighty Shield Review and Product Info

Mighty Shield Review and Product Info

Have you seen advertisements for Mighty Shield, the cell phone screen protector? We are seeking user reviews, and offer additional product information.

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About Mighty Shield

The Mighty Shield cell phone screen protector is a new As Seen on TV product. It claims to protect the screen, reduce glare, and prevent smudging on cell phones. The official website is, which was registered on August 29, 2013.

How much does Mighty Shield cost?

Mighty Shield costs $10.99 plus $5.95 processing & handling for a total of $16.94. You can get an extra Mighty Shield for another $5.95 for a grand total of $22.89. It should be noted that you are forced to take advantage of the “extra” Mighty Shield, meaning there is no way to simply order one. There is a 30-Day money-back guarantee, less p&h.

As of this writing, Mighty Shield is not available in stores.

Please see our article entitled The “Get a Second One Free” Marketing Ploy regarding this common tactic used by As Seen on TV advertisers.

This is a screen capture of the official Mighty Shield website, captured in September 2013.

This is a screen capture of the official Mighty Shield website, captured in September 2013.

Television commercial

Below is a transcript of the television commercial for Mighty Shield:

Here it is, the hot new phone!  It has incredible, next generation technology. Of course it costs more than you have ever spent before. Which is why you are going to cringe when we do this. Thankfully this phone has been protected with Mighty Shield, the all new completely clear screen protector that works with powerful 5H layer technology. Originally designed to protect jet plane headlights from cracking or breaking under extraordinary conditions. Mighty Shield is now available to the public to protect your smart phone or iPad. It installs on smartphones in seconds.  And once it’s on your phone it won’t slip,curl or bubble. You’ll barely notice it’s there. Uh, oh, this could be trouble. Not with Might Shield. The ultra tough 5H layer film creates a virtually indestructible and invisible barrier for your smart phone. Anti-rainbow technology ensures that even in direct sunlight you get a glare free, crystal clear picture; don’t try this at home, but we ran over an iPhone protected with Mighty Shield. Amazing! Mighty Shield is completely removable and and won’t leave any sticky residue behind. It’s patented pending surface coating prevents the transfer of finger prints and smudges.  Watch as we dropped a bowling ball on the iPad protected with might shield.  Don’t try this with other screen protectors, they can’t touch our Might Shield!  Stop wasting money on expensive repairs or insurance deductibles bulky cases and flimsy screen protectors.  So while you might not need to do this or be mad enough to do this, this, or even this. You’ll be glad you have might shield for this and this. For a limited of time you can get the mighty shield for the amazing low price of $10.99, but wait, call now and we’ll double the offer so can protect a second phone for free, just pay processing and handling and don’t forget to ask about the Mighty Shield for your iPad Mini. This incredible double offer won’t last long, so order now!  

Our Mighty Shield Review

In our evaluation of Mighty Shield, we found that it performed about as expected, which is comparable to the standard screen protector. A few other observations:

  • The Mighty Shield did install onto our phone easily and without bubbles
  • It provided a suitable cover for the screen, which would prevent scratching
  • Mighty Shield did not provide any additional protection against impact, as shown in the commercial
  • We didn’t find Mighty Shield to provide any glare protection, and in fact may have made glare worse in some conditions.

We found little information on “5H layer technology” mentioned several times in the commercial.

In our initial research of the product, we found that there had been a “Mighty Shield” available a few years ago which was sold as a protective screen for large-screen TV’s. The Mighty Shield currently marketed for cell phone use does not appear to be related to this older product for television screens.

Your Mighty Shield Reviews

Have you tried the Mighty Shield cell phone screen protector? We’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

Updated February 18, 2014

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