Minden Anytime Grill Review and Product Info

Minden Anytime Grill Review and Product Info

The Minden Anytime Grill is an indoor grill designed to allow you bring outdoor cooking inside the home.

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The Minden Anytime Grill is designed for indoor use on gas or electric stoves. It comes in red or black. Their tagline is “Real grill taste right in your kitchen.”

The grill’s official website is, which was registered on November 30, 2012. The Minden company website is, which was registered on July 14, 2005.


The Anytime Grill costs “4 easy payments of $19.99” which equals $79.96 plus $14.97 processing & handling, for a total of $94.93. Shipping takes 4 to 6 weeks.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, minus the shipping costs. As of this writing, the grill is not available in stores.

This is the Minden Anytime Grill official website as seen in July 2013.

This is the Minden Anytime Grill official website as seen in July 2013.

Television Commercial

Below is one television commercial which has aired for the Minden Anytime Grill:

Below is the transcript of a variation of the commercial above.

Nothing beats that hot off the grill taste, but grilling is a chore, the heat, the bugs, the mess. And what if it rains? Indoors, it’s no picnic either, the splatter, the bland taste and those greasy pans. Why can’t grilling be easier? Now it can be, with the new and improved Minden Anytime Grill. The revolutionary, award winning, indoor grill that delivers real barbecue taste in the comfort of your kitchen. Imagine sizzling stake, tender barbecue chicken, spicy shrimp kebabs anytime, rain or shine . Flame grilled burgers and dogs. Even pork chops, with no hassle and no mess.  Nope it’s not a griddle, its an actual grill developed by the Minden Grill company. For easy use with gas or electric stove tops. The heavy duty enameled steel body is the same found on an outdoor grill. While inside the innovative heat shield design deflects and collects the mess, leaving your cook tops splatter free. Other indoor grills can leave you meat flat and dry. You might as well be curling with an iron. Only the anytime grill seals in moisture for juicy, smoky tender barbecue taste every time. The compact cooking area preheats in just minutes so you can enjoy fast and easy favorites all week long. Frozen snacks come out crispy and golden in less than ten minutes.  Perfect piping hot pizzas in six minutes. And the optional expansion ring allows to grill even more. Like this delicious whole chicken. Or use it to cook high off the heat for low and slow barbecued ribs. Winner of the Gourmet Golds Award for innovative cookware there’s no other indoor grilling product like the Minden Anytime Grill. Whether it’s sweet corn cobs or spicy shrimp kebabs this grill has it covered. It’s easy to store and dishwasher safe for a quick clean up every time. Amazing!

Our Minden Anytime Grill Review

Our evaluation of the Anytime Grill has been generally positive, and we felt that the grill performed as advertised. Beware that if you set the heat too high, it could fill your kitchen with smoke (and dry out your food), as happened on our first use. Other than that issue, the grill performed quite well in our tests on a gas stove.  We found it to be convenient and similar to cooking outdoors with a gas grill. We spoke to other users of the Anytime Grill and the consensus was generally positive, with minor issues related to flare-ups and smoke. Be sure to take caution when working with the product on an electric stove, as we have heard of paint chipping in a few cases.

Regarding the smoke issue, we found that you can reduce or eliminate smoke and flareups by allowing the grill to preheat, and then turning the temperature down while cooking. This makes for juicy, grilled meat without the smoke and flare-ups.

Bottom Line

The Minden Anytime Grill is a worthy addition to your kitchen.

Your Turn

Have you used the Minden Anytime Grill? Let us hear from you in the comments below. 

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