Review: Does My Fun Fish Tank Work? (Mar. 2015 Update)

Review: Does My Fun Fish Tank Work? (Mar. 2015 Update)

My Fun Fish Tank is a fish tank for children which is advertised as a product which can clean itself. Read reviews from editors and readers.

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About My Fun Fish Tank

This self-cleaning fish tank is marketed to children as an easy way to maintain their very own fish tank with less cleaning than a traditional tank. It is made of clear plastic and the cleaning mechanism works via a tube which lies below the gravel. The tube leads up and over the side of the tank (described as “gravity clean technology”). As water is added, the dirty water at the bottom of the tank is pushed up and out of the tank. The product measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches.

My Fun Fish Tank appears to be a re-branded version of product that was test marketed in 2013 called Amazing Tank. That product’s advertising used much of the same footage and voice-over work as My Fun Fish Tank. Amazing Tank was either a knockoff or re-branding of an even earlier product called No Clean Aquariums, which is still available and sells for about $70.

The official website is, which was registered in March 2014. The product’s tagline is “The aquarium that cleans itself.”

How much does My Fun Fish Tank cost?

You can purchase My Fun Fish Tank for $14.99 plus $6.95 shipping, and a “web processing fee” of $1 for a total of $22.94. You can add 6 glow in the dark stones (called a Nighttime Tank Kit) for another $6.95, but this is optional.

The set includes a My Fun Fish Tank, white LED light, 1 aquatic plant, and riverbed stones. Fish are not included. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping costs. Expected delivery time is 2 to 6 weeks.

My Fun Fish Tank is available in some stores such as Walmart, Petco, and As Seen on TV Stores for about $15.

My Fun Fish Tank TV Commercial

Below is a transcript of the television commercial for My Fun Fish Tank:

Every child’s wish is to have their very own pet fish!

“Look mom, we got a fish.”

Now you need the perfect tank that’s easy to clean, so your fish can be seen! Introducing My Fun Fish Tank, the kid-friendly aquarium that cleans itself like magic, so you can have more fun with your fish! Just add clean water and the dirty water flows out!

“Now that’s clean.”

And what does that mean, the tank is always crystal clear, so you can see the fish in there! Now you can give your fish friend a happy, healthy home he’ll love to live in, and captivate your family’s imagination with their incredible underwater habitat! My Fun Fish Tank turns your bedroom, family room, any room into an underwater world of discovery! The secret is gravity clean technology. When you pour clean water in on top, dirty water on the bottom pushes out through the cleaning spout! My Fun Fisk Tank turns the water fresh, oxygenated, and clean, so your fish can be happy, healthy, and seen! Now caring for your best fish friend has never been easier or more fun!

Watch again, clean water goes in there, dirty water flows out there! There’s nothing you have to do because My Fun Fish Tank does the work for you! Now the tank is fresh and clear, and best of all, your fish are never disturbed! Kids, teens, grandma & grandpa will all love having their own trouble-free My Fun Fish Tank to watch and enjoy, so the next time you hear this…

“Look mom, we got a fish.”

You’ll know you’ll have the perfect home for your new pet! You can get the complete My Fun Fish Tank for $14.99 plus $6.95 processing and handling! It comes with one white LED light for fun nighttime viewing, and all the riverbed stones you’ll need to set it up. As a bonus, you’ll receive a decorative aquatic plant and 6 glow-in-the-dark stones! Plus, to make things really fun at night, we’ll give you two more colored light for $6.95 processing and handling!

This incredible My Fun Fish Tank offer is not available in stores! Here’s how to get yours! You must be 18 years or older to call or log on.

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My Fun Fish Tank Reviews

Reviews for My Fun Fish Tank (and Amazing Tank) have met with mostly mixed reviews. Most of the negative comments note that the materials seem cheap and the product seemed overpriced for what was purchased.

The size of the tank is not ideal for a large number of fish, and in fact the website and commercial typically show a single fish. The product’s FAQ states that it holds only a half gallon of water and recommends only a single Betta fish should be housed in the tank.

The LED battery is only expected to last 13 hours, so leaving it on all day is not a good idea, and could lead to excessive costs in batteries if the consumer is not careful.

Some fish hobbyists have noted that the tank does not take into account such concerns as water chemistry, temperature, or proper oxygenation.

I spoke with a salesman at a local pet store here in Las Vegas. He noted that the concept was not “new or innovative” and cautioned that algae may be of a concern. He also said the size of the tank was not optimal for even one fish. The My Fun Fish website even touches on how to clean “algae and gunk on the wall” of the tank.

An area of concern that is apparent from the television commercial is how water is added to the tank. In the ad, you see a child pouring water into the tank – directly on top of the fish. This leads me to wonder if children may pour the water too hard onto the fish, or pour water of a different temperature into the tank – or even clean the tank too often due to the novelty of it. None of those scenarios are in the best interest of the fish.

Please see my review of a similar product called Teddy Tank, which comes with some of the same concerns as My Fun Fish Tank.

Search History

The Google Trends chart below shows a history of search popularity for “My Fun Fish Tank.” It appears to have had two major advertising campaigns in July and December 2014.

Bottom Line

I like the concept of My Fun Fish Tank, and it may be easier to clean than some other types of tanks. At only a half gallon, however, many fish hobbyists would claim that the product is too small even for one fish – and there is still be some cleaning required due to algae buildup.

Size aside, I would recommend that adults assist children in the maintenance of any fish tank, as too much or too little care can be disastrous to its inhabitants.

Your My Fun Fish Reviews

Have you used My Fun Fish Tank? What did you think of the product?

Updated March 15, 2015
Originally published July 2014

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