New Orleans Pelicans: Social Media Reaction

I have to admit that when I first heard that the New Orleans Hornets would be renamed the Pelicans, I thought it must have been some sort of internet hoax. But alas, the New Orleans Pelicans will arrive in 2013. The social media response has been underwhelming.

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The announcement of the team name came today, along with the unveiling of a new logo. The reason cited for the name change was to keep the name more authentic to local culture. Too bad the original name of “Jazz” was still taken!

While reaction to the name hasn’t been universally positive, it appears that the team logo has fared a little better. There hasn’t been nearly as much criticism of the logo as the name itself.

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are always the best places to get unfiltered reaction to such announcements. Below is a sampling of some of the reaction regarding the name change, found on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus:

  • The pelicans?!?!?! Worse mascot in the nba…..ever…
  • New Orleans PELICANS?!!?? #DAFUQ
  • New Orleans Hornets to the New Orleans Pelicans ? Lmfao wow. Really?
  • Pelicans doesn’t quite fit the “bill”
  • New Orleans Pelicans could be the stupidest name for an NBA team.
  • The Pelicans tho?? They couldnt come up with somethin better than that??
  • Now I get to say: “I was alive when the New Orleans Pelicans were the New Orleans Hornets.”
  • @Hornets changin ur name to the pelicans is absolutly embarrasing and pathetic #yousuck
  • For those whining about “Pelicans,” it’s no worse than naming your team after 10,000 lakes, a pair of pants, weather patterns or a dialect.
  • I just bought my Pelicans snap-back from City Gear. I hate it, the bill is enormous.
  • Like the logo don’t like the name
  • Because nothing strikes fear into an opponent like a god damn Pelican.
  • love it! now the wizards don’t have the worst name!
What do you think of the name and the logo?

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