Have Scientists Discovered a New Winged Spider?

An image circulated online shows a newspaper clipping which allegedly shows a new winged spider. Is this real or a hoax?

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It’s a hoax.

The image being circulated shows a fake newspaper clipping which  includes the caption: Scientist discovers winged spider.

When we view the real image, however, we see that it is a normal, non-winged spider. It appears that someone added wings and formatted the image to look as if it were printed in a newspaper. Compare the hoax newspaper clipping with the real image below:




The original photo can be found on this website, with the image dated 9/23/2007. The photo is labeled: Dolomedes sp. (Fishing Spider) – Durham, NC 9/23/07. With cockroach prey.

2014 Version

The image began circulating again in early 2014, with a new – yet still fake – story attached. This version claims that this new flying spider is set to arrive in the U.K. this summer.

Early Summer threatens UK with Volat-Araneus (The Flying Spider)

WARNING: not for the feint of heart! – This is an article you will definitely want to share.

Humans aren’t the only species that like the hot weather, Top Scientists and Professors from Albion University believe that Volat-Araneus (the Flying Spider) will, without a doubt, migrate to the UK this year. due to the coming hot weather and an abundance of this spiders favorite food, The False Widow.!

Bottom Line

The story of the winged, flying spider is fake, as is the photo in circulation.

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