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Photo of Obama Kissing Another Man: Real or Fake?

Photo of Obama Kissing Another Man: Real or Fake?

Several images show President Obama engaged in a kiss and embrace with another man. Some readers have asked if these images is real or fake.

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They’re not real.

The most popular “Obama kissing” image dates back to 2011 and was circulated on satirical websites at the time, including a “story” about President Obama and UK Prime Minster David Cameron engaged in a kiss. Some have mistakenly claimed the other man in the photo is former Vice President Al Gore.

The fake image (below) has circulated on social media with a caption that reads: “REPOST: Obama wants it off the internet!”


The photo has seen increased sharing on several occasions since 2011, including a surge in April 2013 and another in July 2014. A common caption reads, “Well if Obama wants this off the Internet then of course I am just going to post it even more! Make sure you share this too”

The real photo is of President Obama kissing his wife Michelle, as seen below:


Fake Obama Chavez Kiss Photo

In late 2011, Italian clothing company Benetton used a fake photo of President Obama kissing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as part of an advertising campaign. Another variation of the ad featured a fake photo of President Obama kissing Chinese President Hu Jintao. The White House expressed disapproval over the photos. According to Reuters, Benetton stopped using the pictures after the Vatican protested and began a process of litigation to prevent the images from spreading.

Benetton ad showing fake photo of Obama and Chavez kissing

Benetton ad showing fake photo of Obama kissing Chavez

Other Fake Kissing Photos

In the last several years, there have been several other viral Photoshopped images of male celebrities kissing other men. Justin Bieber has been the victim of several such hoaxes. For example, in early April of 2014, satirical website Huzlers circulated a fake photo of Justin Bieber kissing another man. Following the release of a faked photo of R&B singer Trey Songz kissing another man, Huzlers released a fake article claiming that Songz had come out as homosexual in March of 2014.

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As you can seen from the search history below, interest in the various “Obama kissing” photos has had several peaks over the past several years.

Bottom Line

The photo of President Obama engaged in a kiss with another man is fake. It has been circulating since about 2011.

Updated May 12, 2016
Originally published July 2014

  • Clarence Fender

    You’re an idiot!

    • Chained

      There are those who can attest to Barry Soetoro’s (aka Barak Homobama) gay encounters with powerful political older white men in Chicago’s bath houses.

      Btw, if you were a supporter of his and a supporter of Killary then you are the true idiot. Democrats=Socialist Party=New Communist Party.

      • Clarence Fender


  • John Lavis

    Access denied?…

  • DW

    You misspelled “looks like a pathetic kiss for anyone, with the possible exception of a family member,” but we knew what you meant. One thing it ain’t is erotic. .

    • Tom Ford

      Well, Barry has slipped and referred to his “wife” as Michael; if that were true, it might explain the awkward embrace.

      • DW

        I did not know that. I’ve seen it used in humor on the interwebz, but I didn’t know he actually let it slide. Interesting.

  • DW

    I can make but two conclusions from the article and subsequent photos.

    1) Obama is not kissing these particular men in these particular pictures.

    2) I don’t know who he kisses when, where or how often, but he damn sure don’t know how to kiss a woman.

    Then again, there’s always the possibility that the apparent female pictured is a girly boy with a grassy knoll.

  • Cat L

    Who says that? Right wing whackadoodles? LOL

    • jump shot4

      No matter it’s all legal now.

  • Cat L

    Keep wishing, but I don’t think he’d want you.

    • Chained

      It’s a statement not a wish ya whining snowflake fairy.

      I cant understand why people like and defend that racist lying fascist mooslum piece of dried dogshit and the absolute worst president of all time.

      • Cat L

        I’m so sorry for whatever happened to you to make this way. I hope you seek help.

        • Chained

          Little girl you got alot to learn about politics and the world around you. I feel sorry for you and how you have been completely brainwashed to believe the lies of the leftist propagandists.

          Homobama wasn’t a president, he was a puppet like B Clinton, the Bush’s and those before them put in office by the CFR, CIA, MSM, IMF, Wall Street and others who run and control the federal govt. We don’t have an elected govt anymore, it was lost long ago. The actual people running this govt and the world for that matter are evil and want to set up their version of Utopia on earth where you are their slave. They want to turn this country into another communist style nation that is why they installed Homobama and pushed another fascist–Killary Clintorous however their plan has temporarily been clusterf***ed.

          Homobama was a follower of Marx and is a mooslum and likely a homosexual/bisexual with his strong promotion and defense of the LGBT agenda. He did everything in his power to destroy this nation because he hates white people, capitalism and Christians. All one had to do was look at his political and social policies to understand who he really is.

          What really blows my mind is how the younger generations can not think for themselves and want socialism over the constitution and freedom and it’s mostly because schools and universities are just indoctrination centers instead of educational institutions and turn out more and more good little slaves.

          • Cat L

            Well, “little boy,” I don’t think you should be lecturing anyone on brainwashing after spewing that steaming pile of reichwing propaganda. I don’t know if your momma dropped you on your head one too many times or if daddy slipped under the blankets with you nightly, but you are one sick puppy. At least have enough self-respect to turn off FAUX news. OK, cupcake?

  • Loren Sidle

    One may be fake, but which was taken first. Which one was shopped?

  • ****

    One world order plan is real. R.F.I.D chips. Rockefeller admits to chips. F.E.M.A camps.

    Tons of other “facts” with proof. Ex, M.K ultra program and many more. Research, learn, and stand up for the land we live in. Corruption is real.

    • John Baker

      Loony Alert!

      MK Ultra was real. The rest are not.

  • Nobody special

    Wrinkles on right arm at elbow is identical in both.
    Jacket back wrinkles same in both.
    one man appears to have a little cleavage.
    Pixels on back of Obama jacket where his wife hand was are a different shade.
    A piece of Obama’s Wife’s hair appears to be stuck in his forehead on the shopped one.
    It’s shopped.
    Sloppy but still shopped.

  • Marty

    If you compare this photo (Obama kissing Michelle) of O with the one that is circulating at the moment, it is evident that they are not the same. What that means, I don’t know, but the claim that this is “the real photo” is false.

    • waffles

      Look at his head in relation to the flag behind him, and look at the wrinkle pattern on his jacket. It’s the same photo, but highly edited to remove Michelle.

    • Cat L

      Photoshop. It’s magic.

  • Cricket

    It might have been posed, but I think people forget that a snap-shot in the midst of a moment of motion can come out pretty weird.

    I have a picture around here somewhere, of me kissing my late husband, that is far worse than this one – my mother (who was taking the picture) said something smart-ass just as she snapped the shot, and the beginning of a laugh on both our faces looks like we both smell something awful and would rather be anywhere else but there. Just a trick of light and timing.

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