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Stunt Driver Sets Tightest Parallel Park Record (Video)

Stunt Driver Sets Tightest Parallel Park Record (Video)

A Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel park was set by a Chinese stunt driver.

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The stunt was performed on November 14, 2014 by Han Yue, who had originally held the record until July 2013, when it was broken by British driver Alastair Moffatt. In his most recent attempt, Yue recaptured his title with a clearance of only 3.15 inches (8 cm) at the China Drift Championship in Chongqing, China.

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The YouTube video below was posted to the Guinness World Records’ YouTube channel on November 18, 2014. It has since amassed over 2.5 million views.

The video shows what appears to be a test run with a wider clearance. An official is then shown measuring the distance between two cars in order to determine the correct clearance. Han Yue is then shown performing his record parallel park in a mini 3-door hatch, sliding between the two cars without touching them, with a world record 3.15 inch clearance.

Yue beat the previous record of 3.4 inches set by Moffatt in July 2013. Moffatt had taken the title from Yue, whose previous record was 5.91 inches.

Bottom Line

In November 2014, a Chinese stunt driver performed a parallel park with a world record clearance of over 3.15 inches, or 8 cm.


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