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Revisiting the Conspiracy Theory that Paul Walker Faked His Death

Revisiting the Conspiracy Theory that Paul Walker Faked His Death

Almost immediately after the announcement that Paul Walker had died, conspiracy theorists claimed that “proof” existed that the actor actually faked his death.

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Faked His Death?

Days after Walker’s death, fringe conspiracy websites began promoting the theory that Paul Walker did not die on November 30, 2013, and that he faked his death with the help of his Fast & Furious castmates. The “proof” offered? Blurry photos and open-ended questions. Further “proof” offered was amateur “analysis” of body language of those reacting to Walker’s death, who were said to be faking their tears.

This isn’t the first conspiracy relating to the death of Walker. Infowars – the website of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones – postulated that Walker was killed by a drone strike. (Which begs the question: Which conspiracy do the theorists believe?)

Immediately after Walker’s death, we debunked one of the first conspiracy theories to emerge which claimed to show “new video” showing Walker stating, “It wasn’t me” in the car. That video, as it turned out, was taken months before his death and edited out of context.

License plate

Much has been made by conspiracy theorists of photos showing two different license plates at the crash scene. This, they say, “proves” that the accident was a staged hoax. Walker’s car had a plate number of 7CCY590, yet another photo exists showing a plate number of 3URS937. The second plate, however, was placed there by a fan as a memorial.


The current round of conspiracy theories doesn’t offer a reason why the actor would fake his death.

Fast & Furious 7 Publicity Stunt?

Walker was wrapping up filming of Furious 7 when he died in late 2013. Some conspiracy theorists suggested that his death was staged as a way to bring publicity to the film, and that Walker would re-appear upon the film’s release.

Furious 7 hit theaters in April 2015, and Walker never materialized as those theories suggested he would.

Family Guy

An episode of Family Guy which aired around the time of Walker’s death has also been cited by conspiracy theorists as a sign that the actor’s death was staged. The Family Guy dog named Brian was struck and killed by a car. Walker’s character in the Fast & Furious movies was also Brian. This vague coincidence has been suggested as a sign that the death was planned and staged.

A dog being ran over by a car in a cartoon is hardly “proof” that Paul Walker staged his death.

Proof of Walker’s Death

This is one of the images claimed to "prove" Walker faked his death.

This is one of the blurry images which allegedly “prove” Walker faked his death.

Aside from claims of “hard proof” consisting of blurry photos, open-ended questions, and seemingly random numerology connections, conspiracy theorists have offered no actual proof that Paul Walker faked his death. The proof that supports Walker’s death includes:

Bottom Line

Blurry photos and perceived inconsistencies of official reports used by conspiracy theorists amount to little more than a Rorschach test which is cited as “proof” that Paul Walker did not die on November 30, 2013. Citing numerology and vaguely similar cartoon plots pale in comparison to the actual evidence that Paul Walker did in fact die.

If we are to believe that Paul Walker faked his death, then we must believe that Walker, his family, his friends, the cast of Fast & Furious, firefighters, the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, and the coroner’s office all conspired so that an actor could fake his death. We must also believe that all of these people would knowingly cause distress to the fans of Paul Walker – for reasons unknown.

Updated April 9, 2015
Originally published December 2013

  • McClure M Dell

    Show me proof a car crashed, the CCTV vids do not match, also the one TASC security camera looking down at the supposed crash site is blocked by shrubs, and Paul and Roger knew this, they planned it right there because they knew the camera would not pick them up staging a fake car wreck, dental records and bodies can be altered, people who have money can have dental records and bodies that can be placed in a vehicle such as cadavers, take the place of the supposed dead and burned props, it was all staged and they are cowards for doing this and sending a false signal to everyone that they died.

  • Randy Johnson

    His 17 or so cars were stolen after his death. Explain how you haven’t even heard about that, an not one person has said anything about his cars gone, his personal cars, he built, gone. Paul Walker Was My idol An nothing will change that but if you ask me sounds like he was in trouble an had to get out fast.

  • nia

    We’re just saying the truth.

  • Reap

    The real question is: why would he fake his death if he could somehow get people in on it? I’m just looking at both sides so please everyone relax before exploding. To me, my opinion is that if he faked his death and made it look damn well realistic then he wouldn’t haft to always be followed by reporters. Maybe he wanted to be in the witness protection program, that’s a very good possibility because then no one will know except them. That’s the only viable option I could think of if faking his death could be achieved. The reasons of doing it could be an extreme number of things. I don’t know I’m just giving out my opinion so please no one get all stressed or even angry about this. I read your comments but if he did then this could be the best bet

  • Jessi

    Paul is gone. I have a friend that knew him – this is no hoax. He really did pass away in that car accident and it’s messed up that there are people saying otherwise. Paul’s death was very tragic and I can understand that some fans have a hard time coming to terms with it, but this is just going too far. Please let him rest peacefully.

  • waffles

    The nearly inaudible video provides little context for his statements. Showing statements of, “He had 20 minutes to do so” and they were gone “5 to 6 minutes” could be references to different time frames. Or he could have been speaking with updated information later. This is proof of a hoax?

    Regarding dental records, if it does happen often, please cite some examples of faked dental records by celebrities, which were confirmed by the coroner’s office.

    Let’s not forget the interviews with family and friends. They are all “in” on this, too?

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