Hoax: Paul Walker Video Claiming to Show Actor Denying His Death Reports

A video circulating on social media allegedly shows Paul Walker claiming that “it was some other dude” in the car accident on November 30. Is this video real or fake?

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The video dates from September 2013 and the actor’s quotes are presented out of context.

He was not discussing a car accident.


In September 2013, TMZ approached Walker at an airport to ask him if that was him in a “Cool Water” commercial. Walker denied it was him.

When asked who the lady was spraying oil all over the actor during the photo shoot, Walker replied, “It wasn’t even me. It was some other dude. They thought it was me.”

This quote has been lifted from the interview and has circulated as “proof” that Walker denied reports that he died on November 30. The video in circulation even has the TMZ logo on it, and TMZ has not stated that Walker is still alive.

Watch the full TMZ report below:

Bottom Line

The video of Paul Walker saying “It wasn’t me” is from September 2013 when he was asked about a photo shoot. It is unrelated to the accident which took his life in November 2013.

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3 Comments on Hoax: Paul Walker Video Claiming to Show Actor Denying His Death Reports

  1. So Paul walker is not dead???

  2. You're hoaxing // December 5, 2013 at 6:00 pm // Reply

    That’s strange, i saw the video, it didn’t look like a photshoot it looked like he was at an airport, and he said, that wasn’t me, they thought it was me, but it’s all made up, it’s someone who looks like me, then he said something about the fbi tried to take himout but got someone who looked like him, the video is removed now, it’s got something to do with the eu tryin’ta bring in the 60mph 115kph speed limiters on cars, stop denying the facts, that video was posted on 2 decmber or something not in september

    • They caught him at an airport and asked him about a photoshoot. They show shots from the shoot, which Walker says is another person.

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