Perfect Bacon Bowl Review and Product Info

Perfect Bacon Bowl is a product which allows you to create a crunchy bowl made entirely of bacon. Read our Perfect Bacon Bowl reviews from editors and readers.

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About Perfect Bacon Bowl

The name of this product changed several times in 2013. Originally marketed as “Bacon Bowl,” it was later advertised as “Bacon Basket,” then “Perfect Bacon Pan” and finally “Perfect Bacon Bowl.” The product and advertisements have not changed, despite the name changes. Three different websites have been used to market the product:

  • – Registered May 19, 2013. Now fowards to
  • – Registered August 7, 2013. Now fowards to
  • – Registered December 5, 2012.

Cost of Perfect Bacon Bowl

A set of two Perfect Bacon Bowls costs $10 plus $7.95 processing and handling for a total of $17.95. You also get a cookbook. A second set is included “free” with additional $4.95 P&H.

Note that you cannot opt out of this “free” second set, so the total you should expect to pay is $22.90.

This is a screen shot of the official website, taken in October 2013.

This is a screen shot of the official “Perfect Bacon” website, taken in October 2013.

Television Commercial
Below is a recent commercial for the “Bacon Bowl” version:

Transcript of television commercial
Below is a transcript of the most recent television commercial which can be found on the official website (it slightly varies from the commercial above). Note that on the official website, they are still calling it “Perfect Bacon Bowl” and not “Perfect Bacon Pan.”

Everybody loves bacon! The sizzle, the scent, the mouth-watering taste. Didn’t think it could get any better? Watch, we’re turning bacon upside down. Introducing Perfect Bacon Bowl. Eggs and hash browns for breakfast? It’s better in a Bacon Bowl. BLT for lunch? Perfect Bacon Bowl makes a whole new way to munch. Just wrap your favorite cut of bacon around the Perfect Bacon Bowl form and cook. The easy way to make delicious, edible bowls out of bacon for fun, savory, crunch-able yum. In just minutes you’ll have tasty, toasty, perfect bacon bowls. The unique design allows the bacon to crisp up evenly while grease collects in the channel so you can pour it out of your diet. Now everything’s better in a Perfect Bacon Bowl. Perfect Bacon Bowl cooks bacon perfection in the oven, microwave and toaster oven too. Kids want mac and cheese? Serve the perfect portion that’s sure to please. Craving burgers on game night? Stack ‘em up in perfect bacon bowls and pile on the toppings. And try this, a bacon bowl ice cream sundae. Salty, sweet, and fun to eat. Perfect Bacon Bowl makes bacon the star of every dish. And it’s not just for bacon, make mouth watering bread bowls for pizza bites, soups, stews, and more! And it’s all dishwasher safe, so clean up’s a breeze. Call now to get two Perfect Bacon Bowls for $10. Order now and get the Everything’s Better in a Bacon Bowl cookbook with bacon ideas filled with bacon-rific ideas; Bacon bowl meatloaf, blue cheese burger bowl and more; yours free! But wait, order right now and get twice the Perfect Bacon Bowls free, just pay separate processing and handling. That’s four Perfect Bacon Bowls plus the cookbook all for only $10. Call or log on to That’s

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Our Perfect Bacon Bowl Review

In our evaluation of the Perfect Bacon Bowl, we found that it worked about as expected. Lining the Perfect Bacon Bowl and creating a bowl out of bacon has limited use for most consumers, but bacon enthusiasts are sure to find creative ways to use such an item as this. The most obvious flaw in the product, however, is not whether or not it works, but it can be easily duplicated by using a regular muffin tin.

Perhaps this “flaw” is the reason the Huffington Post blasted the product back in July with an article entitled, ‘Bacon Bowl’ May Be The Most Useless Gadget We’ve Seen Yet. It’s also possible that this high-profile lambasting could be at least part of the reason for the sudden re-branding of the product.

Bottom Line

The product works, but it’s hard to justify spending nearly $30 for what can be achieved with an inexpensive muffin tin.

2 out of 5 stars

Your Bacon Bowl Reviews

Have you used Perfect Bacon Bowl? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

Last updated February 7, 2014

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  • Dale

    I have used a muffin tin for bacon bowls. The mess is a pain. I am excited about this product not only to make bacon bowls but I can also make cookie and bread bowls. :)

  • Raiden

    Complete SCAM!!! They take your CC information then you CANNOT opt out of buying extra sh-t. When you click support, it times out and you are screwed.

  • Joe

    They charged me and it never showed up. F-ing BS

    • Cheryl

      I got 7 bowls instead of 8 — there is no number to get a hold of these people. The shipping and handling is a joke. Joke’s on me!!!

  • Dee

    Cheapskate’s suggestion: Purchase foil muffin tins/cupcake pan (DollarTree is least expensive), make slits, place upside down on foil lined pan, arrange bacon slices and bake in oven accordingly. No cleaning up…toss the foil after use. Obviously not for use in microwave. Fill with a poached egg or hash browns…yum!

  • maryann

    For easy clean up use foil cake/roasting pan as base and then foil potpie pans as the bowl. Weave your bacon over the potpie pans (this also allows you to make larger bowls then muffin tins if you desire). For microwave use, use pyrex custard cups (glass)and 9×9 (brownie) glass pan. I have used the glass method for years to make cookie and bread bowls.

  • Byron

    Anyone who got charged for extra items did not pay attention when ordering.. I ordered mine online and already received them. They only charged me or the item I ordered and nothing more. Have not tried using them yet, Got one for me and one as a novelty Christmas Gift. If it works woo hoo, if not , o well.

  • Ronda Del BOccio

    You can usually get this sort of thing in Walgreens or other retail stores, thus avoiding the issue of whether or not you were paying full attention to the page when ordering.

    • waffles

      Well said!

  • Debbie

    We received our bacon bowls. The bacon sticks can not get them off tried three times waste of money

  • nichole

    To all of you complainers of them taking your “CC” information, you don’t HAVE to buy it through the phone OR online!!! Wait a couple of weeks and get it at Walmart! Geez!