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Philip Seymour Hoffman “Death Hoax” Never Happened

Philip Seymour Hoffman “Death Hoax” Never Happened

Reports of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman were clouded by a false “death hoax” report from a fake news generator website. This site posts the same “death hoax” article for hundreds of celebrities. Some fans also pointed out the “coincidence” of a death hoax for the celebrity only days before his actual death. There was not, however, a death hoax for Philip Seymour Hoffman days before he died.

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As news broke regarding Hoffman’s death, fans went online hoping to find more information. Many ran across the fake news generator Mediamass, which claims Hoffman – and nearly every other celebrity and politician – experienced a “death hoax” only days earlier.


Mediamass: Fake News Generator

Mediamass posts hundreds of “death hoax” articles for celebrities who are still living – and never actually had death hoaxes in their names. Below is a screenshot for a similar “death hoax” story on Mediamass about John Travolta. There have been no death hoaxes recently about Travolta, nor were there any such hoaxes about Philip Seymour Hoffman.


Stories like the screenshot of Hoffman’s alleged “death hoax” above can be found on Mediamass for virtually any living celebrity. The dates of the articles are changed almost daily to keep them looking fresh. For this reason, in the hours after any celebrity’s death, fans will be lead to believe a death hoax circulated days before their passing.

See our full writeup of Mediamass here.

Fans of Paul Walker and Lou Reed also ran across fake Mediamass articles and pointed out the “coincidence” that such death hoaxes happened prior to their deaths as well. In those cases, as with Philip Seymour Hoffman, these fake news articles were the only evidence a “death hoax” actually occurred prior to their deaths.

Bottom Line

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death was not a hoax, nor was there a death hoax days prior to his passing.

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