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Video Captures Plane Narrowly Missing Boat

Video Captures Plane Narrowly Missing Boat

A video posted this week shows a plane which narrowly misses a boat at a festival in Argentina.

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The video, which was posted to YouTube on May 4, 2015, was shot by three fishermen on a boat at the Fiesta del Surubi in Goya, Argentina. The video is shot from two angles: a mounted action camera on the windshield, and a camera on a mono pod.

It looks as if the plane may have been buzzing past the boats before, as seen at the 24-second mark of the video above.

plane buzzes boat

YouTube / Mariano Bradanini

Around the 39-second mark, the plane is seen appearing from the horizon, where it flies feet over the boat. The men can be heard shouting about the flyover.

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