Pocket Hose Ultra Reviews (March 2015 Update)

Pocket Hose Ultra Reviews (March 2015 Update)

Pocket Hose Ultra is an expandable, retractable garden hose advertised on TV. Read our Pocket Hose Ultra reviews from editors and readers.

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About the Pocket Hose Ultra

The Pocket Hose Ultra is a hose which expands with water pressure and retracts when the pressure is removed. The advertised appeal is that it has a light, portable nature in comparison with the volume and disorganization of a regular garden hose. Other publicized features include tight seal connectors that can withstand large amount of pressure, kink and tangle resistance, and an outer solar shield that supposedly protects the hose from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Apparently, the Ultra is a remodeled adaptation of the Pocket Hose, and is said to be three times stronger than the original version.

The official website is, which was registered in August 2012. The domain had been used in advertising until early 2014. That domain now forwards to the primary website.

How much does the Pocket Hose Ultra Cost?

The Pocket Hose Ultra can be purchased from the product website or at stores like Target and Walmart.

Here are the current Pocket Hose Ultra prices listed on

  • 25ft Pocket Hose Ultra – $12.99
  • 50ft Pocket Hose Ultra – $19.99
  • 75ft Pocket Hose Ultra – $32.99
  • 100ft Pocket Hose Ultra – $39.99

The website claims that you can get a 2nd Pocket Hose Ultra for an additional fee starting at $9.99. Shipping and handling costs an additional $7.99 no matter which length is ordered. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada calls for an additional charge of $10.

Pocket Hose Ultra TV Commercial

Transcript of the television commercial above:

It’s the hose that changed hoses forever! The lawn care breakthrough that revolutionized the way we water our gardens and wash our cars. The number one selling expandable hose in the world, and wait ’till they see this! We’ve made it even better! The new Pocket Hose Ultra. The hose that expands and magically retracts back to where it started from. It’s equipped with tight seal technology, guaranteed to give you a water tight seal every time. The secret is the super-strong material of the amber tip connectors. Three times stronger than the original, and look at this test compared to a common solid brass connector! At three hundred pounds of pressure, the brass gets crushed, but the amber tip connector on the Pocket Hose Ultra stays strong and undamaged. It’s as good as new. Say goodbye to leaky hoses that spray more water on you than on the lawn! Pick a Pocket Hose! Pocket Hose Ultra has double layer construction like a fire hose! With a scientifically developed elastomer hose on the inside that expands with water pressure, and a new improved outer lining to protect it. And look at this, that’s the solar striped shield, it actually protects the Pocket Hose Ultra from damaging UV rays and extends the life of the hose. This hose is built to last! In fact, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it ever leaks, even a drop, you get your money back.

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Pocket Hose Ultra Reviews

Below is a sampling of Pocket Hose Ultra reviews from around the internet.

  • KWCH – Wichita, KS – Tests the original Pocket Hose against the Pocket Hose Ultra. The station had received complaints from viewers that the plastic fittings on the original Pocket Hose broke easily. The news team gives the Pocket Hose Ultra to a gardener tending a demonstration garden for a month. Though she occasionally experience hose knotting, the gardener claims that the hose generally worked as advertised, yet she was concerned about how long the Pocket Hose Ultra would actually hold up.
  • KWWL – Waterloo, IA – The Pocket Hose is tested by the owner of a lawn care business with a news crew to film it. The lawn care  specialist likes the on/off spigot, but claims that the water flow and diameter of the hose is reduced compared to a regular hose. The hose expands and contracts as promised. Although he isn’t able to put it in his pocket or back in it’s container, the lawn care owner gives it an A – due to convenience, yet he questions how long it will last.
  • KFVS – Memphis, TN – Reporter Andy Wise tests the the Pocket Hose Ultra against the original Pocket Hose with a local fire department. Strangely enough, both hose tips do not crush when held up to 300 pounds of pressure, yet the Pocket Hose Ultra leaks due to a faulty o-ring and doesn’t retract like the original Pocket Hose. Andy recommends the original Pocket Hose instead of the Pocket Hose Ultra, and claims that it lasts long if properly retracted and stored properly out of the elements.
  • KMOT – Bismark, ND – Print review that gives the Pocket Hose Ultra a thumbs up. (Article no longer available online)
  • KOMO  – North Seattle, WA – Rigorously tests the original Pocket Hose against the Flex-Able Hose and the Dap Xhose. Although they deem the Pocket Hose the winner, there are mixed reviews from consumers with the majority leaning towards the negative side.
  • Amazon reviewers give the Pocket Hose Ultra 2.5 stars with many claiming that it doesn’t last long.

Bottom Line

Reviews of the Pocket Hose Ultra are mixed, but tend to lean towards the negativ. From reviews around the internet, it appears to generally work as advertised, but many people report that it eventually leaks and is not long lasting. Some have suggested that the original Pocket Hose may actually be the superior product. In order to get the most life out of any version of the Pocket Hose, it should be properly stored out of, and away from, the natural elements.

Your Pocket Hose Ultra Reviews

Have you used the Pocket Hose Ultra? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

Updated March 30, 2015
Originally published May 2014

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