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Police Chief Apologizes For Dog-Killing Remark

Police Chief Apologizes For Dog-Killing Remark

A Chicago-area suburb police chief has apologized for his remarks suggesting he would kill a police dog.

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The conversation in question, which took place between Midlothian Police Chief Harold Kaufman and police dispatcher, was recorded and leaked. In the recording, Kaufman didn’t know what to do with the dog, named Biko, since the K-9 officer just quit on him. He told the dispatcher that he was either going to have to shoot the dog or find somewhere to put the canine. The video was posted on YouTube by a resident.

During the Wednesday Midlothian village board meeting, Kaufman apologized for his remarks, saying they were inappropriate and not professional. He said he didn’t intend to harm or shoot Biko. That video was also posted to YouTube.

Kaufman said he needed to accept responsibility for his actions because he is the department head. However, the department’s former K-9 officer Jon Ryczek doesn’t feel the apology was sincere enough. He said the chief did not stand up or look anyone in the eye while talking.

Ryczek said he offered to buy the canine from the department upon his resignation but that Kaufman refused the officer. On Christmas Eve, two officers came and removed Biko, a Belgian Malinos, from his home.

Kaufman said the canine is still in the department and a new handler is working with him.

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