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Questions About Jack LaLanne’s Death

Questions About Jack LaLanne’s Death

Now that the absolute shock of Jack LaLanne’s death is fading a bit, I can’t help but going over some nagging questions surrounding his death. No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means. I idolized Jack LaLanne. But still, a few things about the whole situation continue to bother me.

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Reports were that he had been sick for a week. Other reports were that he exercised vigorously up until his last day. If he had pneumonia, I can’t fathom a strenuous workout hours before death. And if he had been in such rapidly declining health, why didn’t he go to the hospital? Why didn’t he have the pneumonia vaccine, and if he did – why didn’t it work? Did his heart valve replacement in 2009 contribute?

Again, this isn’t an attack in the least. The whole thing just raises a lot of questions that weren’t answered in the news reports. Jack LaLanne was a public figure for decades and a guru to many because of his lifestyle, good health, and longevity. To simply hear his cause of death isn’t enough for me. And while I’d normally be impressed with anyone making it to 96 years old, Jack LaLanne was somehow supposed to live longer.

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With all due respect to this blogger, I don’t believe Jack felt it was time to check out. I’m guessing that Jack may have been stubborn or reluctant to seek medical help when he first showed signs of illness. He often bragged how he never got sick, so did he avoid going to the hospital because of his pride? Even still – shouldn’t he have visited the hospital at some point? He apparently didn’t, as he died at home. There is also a chance that his health may have actually been on the decline over the past few years, due to age – despite his incredible efforts to stave off frailty for years. I’m hoping the answers come out eventually. Jack LaLanne was truly one of the biggest influences in my life. I watched an old interview with him from the 1990’s and he said, “I don’t care how long I live” – he just wanted to truly live while he was here, and that he certainly did.

  • Lou

    Old doesn’t translate to bad health. The number of people living past the age of 100 increases everyday. And these are people who didn’t exercise. The last time I saw Jack LaLanne on TV was when he turned 90. He acted like he had the energy of a twenty year old…and I’m sure he did. His age was old but not his body and mind.

    Hey, look at Mick Jagger still vigorously dancing around and belting out songs at age 69. If you want an idea how hard that is try running and singing to your fullest ability. That’s very hard to do.

  • Wade Byman

    Jack was a great man and is sorely missed.

  • Ms Reba

    As much as I marveled at how long he lived, I wasn’t surprised when he passed. 96 is old no matter how healthy you are. At some point, genetics take over and shut down the biological clock. I believe he had relatives who lived to about the same age and weren’t fitness gurus. I think you can only affect lifespan so much when you hit 90.

  • Aubrey Criss

    I thought for sure Jack would make it well past 100.

  • Andre

    Jack was amazing. I hope the facts eventually come out.

  • Sammi Martin

    I don’t think we’ll ever know, despite the fact that the events don’t quite add up. RIP Jack.

  • Harmon Webb

    Funny, I thought I was the only one who was wondering some of these things. I wish his widow would do an interview or something to clear all of this up.

  • Heather Redd

    Some places say he was sick for a week, while others say he was excercising until the very end. That doesn’t really make sense either.

  • Mardy Caderna

    The whole thing about his family being at his side when he died puzzles me. The guy was all about living and longevity, and when he gets pneumonia they don’t seek medical help? I just don’t get it.

  • Jack Fan

    Whatever the case, Jack Lalanne will be missed. RIP.

  • Ed B.

    Hi, I too was saddened about Jack’s passing…

  • J Johnson

    I bookmarked this and will check back to see if anyone comes up with more ideas on this. I hope the truth about Jack comes out someday.

  • Linda Hathaway, M.D.


    I share your concern for the lack of consistent information about Jack LaLanne’s death. He was an incredible and lovely man.

    It is very unusual to die at home from pneumonia after a “short illness’. The circumstances are usually death at home from pneumonia after treating a chronic debilitating disease such as a cancer or after a long downward decline in general health. If antibiotics are given before bacteremia sets in, they usually work on a person with an active immune system.

    I had concluded that he may have decided to not fight a disease that was destroying his quality of life. The idea that he may have not sought any medical help early enough to make a difference had not occurred to me. But once I read your comments that did seem to be a plausible answer also. He was not used to turning to medicine for help, I’m sure.

    Like you, I hope we learn more about the circumstances of his leaving us. He taught us so much in his life and I believe we could learn something useful for our health from his death also. However it happened; it is a loss we will never see filled on this side of death’s door. He was magnificent.

  • ferguson

    Dude was old as hell. you cant live forever no matter how much you exercise and what you eat. He died cuz he was old.

  • Jim

    I am in complete agreement. His death and reports leading up to it all seem to be sterotyped. The way he died doesn’t make any sense the way it has currently been delivered. That leads one’s mind to contrue all types of scenarios, of which none of them, but one will be true. I don’t believe the current one tells the story at all. It carries with it an element of foul play, or it could be as simple as he refused medical help. I hope a true journalist will seek out the facts and not just take the face value of a press release as truth.

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