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Real or Hoax: Monsters, Inc. Drawing on the Wall

Real or Hoax: Monsters, Inc. Drawing on the Wall

A graphic which allegedly shows the final scene of Monsters, Inc. depicts what appears to be a child’s drawing of two people engaged in an illicit act. Is this real or fake?

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It’s not real.

Let’s take a look at what is being asserted, and the truth behind the photo in circulation.

The Fake Photo

The photo below allegedly shows the final moment of this popular 2001 Disney-Pixar film. In the scene, Sully opens the door to Boo’s bedroom and smiles at an off-camera scene. To the left, we see a child’s drawing on the girl’s wall of “Uncle Roger” and “Mommy” engaged in a sex act.

Monsters Inc fake drawing

The Real Photo

The photo above has been altered from what actually appeared in the film. The real scene does include a child’s drawing on the wall, but the drawing is a benign scene which includes harmless images of a cat and a bug.

Below is a screen capture of the same scene, in which the harmless child’s drawing can be seen.
Monsters Inc real drawing

If the image above is not convincing, you can watch the final moment of the film in the video below. This scene clearly shows an innocent child’s drawing.


The Google Trends chart below shows the history searches for this drawing. You can see that it first surged in early 2013, and has remained steady since late 2013.

Bottom Line

The drawing on the wall at the end of Monsters, Inc. did not depict anything sexual, but instead had images such as a cat and an insect. It has been suggested that such images may have been created by animators working on the film as a joke, but we found no evidence to support or refute that claim. It’s also quite possible that it was simply created as a joke by a fan.

Updated March 27, 2015
Originally published June 2013

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  • Ernest Wamboye

    The photo is REAL. This article is clearly a PR stunt. Watch the video here and see for yourself the motion picture. Pause when Sully opens the door. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2KtJLS7Qvw

    • Adam Richardson

      Have the original vhs lol and their is nothing sexual during this scene. Don’t spread lies bro

  • Miranda

    As a former employee I was privileged to hear from a Disney animator who admitted and provided a slide show of all the times they were bored so they randomly drew in things that didn’t belong. In one frame on Mulan, Mushu’s tail is purple, Nemo is swimming down the river in brother bear… There are many intentional ‘slip ups’ in several of the Disney films and in the words of the animator at one of my business meetings, they are in there because they were bored and it was a way for them to entertain themselves.

  • Juss

    Bob, you must not be much of a film historian if you actually think that the whole “teenagers” thing is actually in Aladdin. I can pretty much guarantee that if you did not know what to listen for you would have never heard that particular phrase.

  • Bob

    As a film historian Disney has put subliminal messages of sex throughout their films. Turn up Aladdin when the tiger comes after him on the balcony. He says “good teenagers take off your cloths”

  • J’s PC Repair

    People really need to stop creating these fakes because all it is doing is causing needless fear and panic among people who are gullible enough to believe the stuff in FB…

    I hope PIXAR sues the crap out of whoever created the fake… Monster’s Inc. is a Great movie and this kind of crap does NOT need to be started when it is clearly NOT real!

    • John Donner

      “You notice grammar is gone and they are idiots.”

      I assume you are 22 or younger and on Facebook, then.

  • Johnny K

    Well I hate to bust your perfect uncorrupted childhood bubble but you obviously must of never taken a good look at the the cover of a Little Mermaid VHS tape and spotted the penis tower on the golden castle behind Ariel. Screw Disney and Pixar.

    • waffles

      That is a good point, but it’s unrelated to the Monsters Inc drawing discussed here.

    • Cymond

      I read an interview with the artist that did that VHS cover. In short, he was severly sleep deprived and was essentially copying art from an older Little Mermaid poster. In his sleepy, sloppy haste, he copied an already semi-phallic tower into something terrifying. Disney eventually created new art, and from what I understand, it’s rare to find a copy of the super-phallic VHS cover.

      • waffles

        Little did he know that his sleepy, sloppy haste would make him infamous!

        • Matthew

          Well, that how it goes.
          One little mistake can make you infamous!
          By the way, another thing that Disney got into trouble for was a ‘naked’ lady seen in ‘The Rescuers’.

    • Dan

      Check out your facts before you believe such stupidity. The phallus on The Little Mermaid cover was an accident.

  • Matthew

    Honestly, who on Earth would try to get Disney-Pixar in trouble for something they didn’t do? That is just downright silly and stupid!

    • Jay

      Well, it’s not like it’s entirely baseless, taking a look at the actual cases. These include a topless photograph of a woman The Rescuers, penis-shaped column in the cover art of Little Mermaid and the famous scene in The Lion King where you can see stars form the word “SEX”.

      Hoax or not, this is far from baseless, as I said.

      • Joanna Zheng

        Actually, the stars formed the word “SFX” in honor of the Special Effects team. The man illustrating The Little Mermaid cover was about to get laid off, so he intentionally drew a penis on the cover as revenge.

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