Real or Hoax: Photo of Japan Smoking Cones

A photo shows a restaurant which allegedly offers smoking “cones” for its patrons. Is this image real or fake?

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It is Probably Fake.

Though we couldn’t find the original source of these image,s we were able to track down postings of this exact photo as far back as May, 2010, though it likely originated earlier. It has most often been accompanied by stories of a “new solution” to smoking in restaurants, and also allegedly shows a “smoking zone” in Japanese restaurants.

There are two primary issues which bring us to the conclusion that the photo is fake. First, the light pattern is exactly the same on each of the cones. This indicates that the cones were copied and pasted when digitally creating this image. Second, there appears to be no evidence – no other photos – to corroborate the existence of these smoking cones, or smoking “hoods” as some have called them.

We have enlarged and cropped two of the cones to show how the light patterns line up, which they should not do when this far apart in a room of this size.

Those old enough to remember the 1960s TV show “Get Smart” will instantly make the connection between these smoking cones and the “Cone of Silence” featured on several episodes of that series.

Bottom Line

We’re not sure if this photo was meant as a joke or as an artist’s conception of an idea on the table, but the lack of corroborating evidence along with analysis of the image leads us to believe it’s fake.

Can you tell us anything about the photo of the smoking cones above? Drop us a comment below!

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4 Comments on Real or Hoax: Photo of Japan Smoking Cones

  1. It’s fake. Look at the pod hanging from the ceiling top left. The connection to the ceiling is the wrong angle. I also haven’t been able to find any other photo’s.

  2. Great idea but looks fake if its suking the air out his hair should be in a moving position a lil bit

  3. Cassarah Love Ya Peony // December 7, 2014 at 8:57 am // Reply

    Also look at the cone all the way to the left that is suppose to be up by the ceiling. It has the same view through it as the one that is around the woman smoking. (like the curtains and the chair) Yet that pod is not in front of the curtained windows, nor is it low enough for a chair to be seen through it.

  4. These are from a tv show or movie. If I could give you more information than that, I would.

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