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Nature Oddity: Rainbow Tree

Nature Oddity: Rainbow Tree

The “Rainbow Tree” is sometimes referred to as the most colorful tree in the world because its bark can be colors from blue to orange. Some internet readers have even questioned if such a tree really exists. Today we’ll take a closer look.

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It’s Real.

Photos of a rainbow-colored tree have circulated online for years, with claims that the “Rainbow Tree” is the most colorful tree in the world.

The name of this tree is actually Eucalyptus deglupta. It is commonly referred to as rainbow eucalyptus, Mindanao gum, or rainbow gum. It is native to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines, but it has been introduced to other areas of the world as an exotic tree, such as those seen by tourists in Maui.

Rainbow Effect

The multiple colors on this tree are produced when pieces of its bark are shed throughout the year. As they shed, green inner bark can be seen, and this green bark changes colors as it matures, going through a progression of hues such as yellow, blue, purple, orange, and maroon.

Photos of “Rainbow Trees”

Below are a few photos of the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree.

Additional “Rainbow Tree” photos can be found in this January 2013 article from the Daily mail.

During a vacation to the Hawaiian island of Oahu several years ago, we spotted these trees next to the Dole Pineapple plantation parking lot.

A rainbow tree is also featured in tours of Grenada, just south of the Black Forest, as seen in the photo below.

rainbow tree in Grenada

Photo by flickr/wafflesatnoon

Bottom Line

The Rainbow Tree is real. Its unusual colors are created by bark which sheds and changes colors throughout the year.

Have you seen one of these trees? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Updated June 5, 2016
Originally published March 2013

  • Bruce Brooker

    Beautiful beyond compare and rare indeed. Saw one in Grenada W.I. February of 2017.

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