RealDose Reviews: 2013 Update

RealDose Reviews: 2013 Update

A large collection of user comments and reviews for RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1.

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RealDose User Reviews

We first sought reader reviews of RealDose Weight Loss Formula #1 back in May 2012. Since then, that article has amassed over 450 comments, an amount which has rendered the discussion a exhausting read. To make this discussion easier, we have consolidated select reader comments into a more manageable summary.

We realize it’s difficult to sift through nearly 450 comments going back over two years, especially when many of those comments are by readers who never actually used the product. Below we have attempted to consolidate the large discussion by removing any comments by commenters who didn’t use the product. We then pared down the remaining comments into a few key sentences each. Nothing was re-worded, but we have reprinted the commenters’ most relevant statements.

We found that there were 105 comments by readers stating that they actually used RealDose. 58 comments were positive or leaning positive, while 47 comments were either neutral, negative, or unsure. This gives the product a 55% reader satisfaction rating.

The edited comments below are from May 28, 2012 through June 24, 2013.  Some spelling/grammatical errors have been corrected.

You can read the full, unedited thread regarding RealDose here:
RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 Review (Feb. 2015 Update)

This is the RealDose website as seen in June 2013.

This is the RealDose website as seen in June 2013.

5/28/12 from “Mallory”
I’ve been on the Real Dose Diet for 3 weeks now…I’ve been extremely pleased with the results.

5/31/12 from “Maike”
I woke up at 5 a.m. with a horrendous headache, followed by diarrhea and vomiting.

5/31/12 from “Lisa”
Today is exactly 3 weeks on the pills, and I have lost 7 pounds, so an average of 2.33 pounds per week. I am pleased so say the least.

6/5/12 from “Cathie”
To my surprise I have lost 2 kgs in the last week. She updated her comment on 7/4/12: Since this post I have lost nothing. I really had to starve myself to lose those 2 kgs. Don’t waste your money.

6/11/12 from “Jennifer”
I bought the pills and have been taking them for 4 days already have been feeling sleepy all day increased appetite. I was losing weight and better off with my fish oil pills and it seems like with real dose my appetite has increased I feel like my energy is all gone, I feel so sick its not even funny.

6/13/12 from “Mia”
I started RealDose a week ago. I am not convinced. I’ve noticed that on the supplement I feel worse, achier, grumpier, sleep less & seem to have more headaches and sinus issues. I also am not eliminating as regularly as I normally do.

6/19/12 from “Cathieg”
I have completed my first bottle and I got no side effects at all but my verdict is that it did nothing for me as far as losing weight.

6/22/12 from “ewlitor” responding to a comment posted on 5/31/12
Took the pill as prescribed for 1 week. 3 days into taking this pill, I became very bloated and had some of the worst cramps in my stomach and a slight headache.

6/23/12 from “Gene”
I have almost completed the 3rd bottle of pills from my initial order and I have discovered that they DID NOT make me loose any weight at all. These pills, for whatever reason, are definitely helping me, but not for weight loss as advertised. I will continue to use them, just NOT for weight control purposes.

6/23/12 from “Barb”
I have been using RealDose for about five days now, and I actually love the effect it has had on my energy level and appetite.

6/25/12 from “Cynthia”
I’m starting week three and I’ve already lost 6 lbs which I know some of which is water loss.

6/27/12 from “Trish” responding to a comment posted on 6/11/12
I’ve been taking Real Dose for 2 weeks and I’ve been constipated, bloated, sleepy, increased appetite and lack of energy… It’s not working for me.

6/30/12 from “Jo” responding to a comment posted on 5/31/12
I’ve only taken 3 pills and have found I feel sick to my stomach, as well a slight, nagging headache.

7/2/12 from “Ann”
I am a customer of RealDose and have been taking them for a week, and following their eating suggestions and it seems to be working for me.

7/2/12 from “Frances”
I started taking RealDose about four days ago. I eat right although I can’t exercise a lot because of a medical condition. So far, I feel very bloated and uncomfortable.

7/2/12 & 7/11/12 from “Tim”
I have taken these things for a week now. They are not doing anything for me and i have actually gained weight. 7/11/12 update: Definatley feel satisfied earlier at meal time, however no noticeable weight or flab loss.

7/3/12 from “Lori”
I have been taking the product for 2 weeks with a diminished appetite and have lost 4 lbs, which I think is right on track.

7/5/12 from “JP”
I tried this product, lost 9 pounds in 30 days.

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7/7/12 from “AU”
I have tried this product for over 30 days now and lost nothing. I have actually gained weight, about 9 lbs.

7/9/12 from “Kelley” responding to a comment posted on 6/4/12
I have lost some weight, not a lot, but I can tell you that my cravings for sweets and carbs have just about diminished.

7/12/12 from “Steve”
My wife and I have been taking the product now for 16 days, and closely following Dr. Sisskind’s 12 step diet program. We have been exercising daily. Thus far, we have lost about 3.5 pounds each against a goal of 30. I am personally a little disappointed in weight loss, but we both feel good.

7/13/12 from “Joyce”
I have been using Realdose for three months. I have lost about 5 pounds and kept it off. I have significantly changed my eating though I was a pretty healthy eater before. I have no idea if the pills have any effect at all.

7/15/12 from “Margo”
I’ve been using RealDose for almost 2 weeks. I haven’t been following the suggested diet plan, but have modified my normal way of eating and upped my activity a notch. Nothing. Not a pound… I won’t be buying this or other pill diet products again.

7/15/12 from “Renee”
I did use Real Dose for several weeks, along with following the eating plan. I initially lost approximately five pounds, but believe it was excess fluid that would have been eliminated just from the diet change alone… I will never purchase this product again.

7/15/12 & 16/12 from “Frances”
I’m on it for a couple weeks now. Absolutely nothing has changed. I haven’t lost weight even though I have tried to cut my calories and began interval training every other day. I think this stuff is crap. The product is bogus. It doesn’t work.

7/16 from “PaulaG-NB” responding to a comment posted on 7/11/12
I have been taking this product for less than 2 wks and have lost 5 lbs.

7/19/12 from “PJS”
I’ve been on the real dose for a month… As far as I’m concerned, it works.

7/19/12 from “DLM” responding to a comment on 7/19/12
I’ve been taking it for about a week and am beginning to gain, not lose!

7/24/12 from “Cliff”
I’ve just about completed my first bottle of RealDose. I finally lost a couple of pounds towards the end but I do not believe it has anything to do with Realdose. I will not be re-purchasing at this time and my suggestion is you do not waste your money.

7/27/12 from “Shannon”
I look at real dose as a supplement for eating healthy and exercising… I am changing in inches much quicker than number on the scale. Whatever is in Real dose has boosted my nail/hair growth incredibly…

7/28/12 from “Alice”
I am still on my first bottle of Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1. I have taken 57 supplements out of 90 in the bottle. Yes, I have seen positive results from this supplement.

7/28/12 from “Kim H”
I have to say there has been no weight loss, but no weight gain either.

7/29/12 from “Angela” responding to a comment posted on 7/11/12
It has been a little over a month and I’ve lost 12 lbs.

7/30/12 from “Heather”
While I haven’t gained weight on this product, I also haven’t lost more than 5 lbs. I have yo-yo’d that 5 lbs back and forth.

8/1/12 from “Ray”
I’ve been on Real Dose for 3 weeks and lost absolutely nothing. Its useless and a scam. Do not waste your money.

8/1/12 from “Jai”
Okay I’ve been using this for about half a month and i have to say, I think this works. Not by itself of course.

8/2/12 from “CO”
About to finish my first 30 days of RealDose. Almost immediately I noticed (1) an increase in energy and stamina (2) a decrease in my appetite (3) feeling better (physically and mentally), and loose clothing, especially around the waist.

8/5/12 from “Mary”
I lost 20 pounds so fast, it was amazing. I’d say I lost it within six to seven weeks.

8/13/12 from “Evelyn”
I went on Real Dose in early July and in 3 weeks, I had lost 6 out of the 10lbs I wanted to lose.

8/13/12 from “Darlene”
My husband and I tried it… So far success has been limited. .so we sent the pills back for a refund

8/14/12 from “Deb”
I just started RealDose yesterday and lost 2 lbs. in one day.

8/14/12 from “Susie”
Only taken them 6 days now. I will say that they do help suppress your appetite. I am trying to eat a clean diet and have lost 2 pounds.

8/15/12 from “Gordon”
I tried real dose along with my usual low carb and gym 6 times a week. I feel that the product does not work, I tried it for a month and had no fat loss at all.

8/20/12 & 11/1/12 from “Luna”
I think it’s working too… not in some miraculous, get thin quick way, but I definitely have benefited from more energy and less hunger. I am down to my desired weight (I only wanted to lose 6 pounds, so it took me just about a month). 11/1/12 Update: This is my third posting, months later. I was being positive about the benefits back then, but I think now that it was mainly my motivation to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise back then… But I think now that Realdose is not that effective.

8/23/12 from “Old Runner”
I have been used the first bottle along with doing a high intensity aerobic work out, (Insanity- as seen on TV) and have lost inches around my waist and lower abs. I don’t know about weight, my clothes feel a LOT better around my waist.

9/4/12 from “June”
I just started RealDose for the 2nd time! The first week I lost 11 pounds, with no exercise but it was with the 500 cal diet i used from the hcg diet. 

9/10/12 from “Karen”
I have been taking the product for 3 days and think I am having an allergic reaction to it.

9/16/12 from “Penny”
I purchased RealDose a couple of months ago and took it religiously as directed… I have not seen a change at all, still work out twice a day, but the kicker is…I feel as if I’ve gained weight…I have tried this product and it does not work.

9/19/12 from “Trish” responding to a comment posted on 7/10/12
I have lost 6 pounds in about 3 weeks.

9/24/12 from “Hannah”
I have lost 5cm on my thighs in about 4 weeks and RealDose definitely wasn’t what did it. The diet side of it was pretty good I have been following it pretty tightly mixed with another clean eating program.

9/26/12 from “Serene”
I did not lose even one pound in 30 days, which would be normal because I did not work out however for $67, it promises that I would lose weight.

10/5/12 from “Maria” responding to a comment posted on 7/11/12
Three weeks into the program and only noticed 2 lbs weight loss the first week. I am steady at 197 since the start of my second week… I am skeptical but I am following through and giving it a chance at least until the promotion I purchased runs out.

10/7/12 from “Jani”
I’ve lost 20 pounds in less than 3 months and more importantly have almost completely eliminated cravings, which is even more valuable…

10/11/12 from “Diane”
I started taking Realdose on Oct.1 and cant believe how well it is working for me…Besides losing 13 lbs. in 11 days.

10/13/12 from “Michael”
I have lost 19 kg since April 25, 2012 – today is October 14.

10/27/12 from “Garth”
I took the diet pills 3 times a day and followed some of the recommendations in the fat loss program and lost 25 pounds in 3 months.

11/9/12 from “Sandra”
I have lost 5 pounds but what I am most delighted with is the lack of mood swings and cravings I generally experience when dieting.

11/13/12 from “Not Important”
Since taking the RealDose I’ve gone down 1 pants size and everyone is commenting on my weight loss.

11/15/12 from “Sandy”
I have been using RealDose for about 6 wks now…I’m down 11.4 lbs since I started taking this product, almost 2 lbs a week.

12/14/12 from “Susan”
The first month my husband did really well, his pant size went down by 2 inches. I felt better, had fewer cravings but the scale only moved by about a pound or two… The second month something shifted for me because I started to really tighten up and ended up going almost two dress sizes and ended up losing around 9 pounds.

12/23/12 from “Samantha”
I’ve been on the Real Dose Weight Loss Formula for 2 months now and have had no results of losing my little “muffin top” that has been my nemisis since I’ve turned 5-ish.

1/1/13 from “MW”
Well, I was 252.0 lbs October 1, 2012, 252.2 lbs November 1, 2012, 252.4 lbs December 3, 2012, and now 253.0 lbs January 1, 2013… I’ll now try and see if I can get a refund. “MW” also commented on 11/1/12 and 12/3/12. A later 4/26/13 comment stated: I tried the RealDose Formula #1 for three full months (October 1, 2012 – January 1, 2013) and actually added a pound or two. I was able to get a full refund, as I received free shipping at the time I ordered. It did cost me around $5 to send the empty bottles back, as I sent it certified 1st Class.

1/24/13 from “Hungry”
I think this product is over-priced for my budget; and that i can get the same sort of thing, just locally.

1/28/13 from “Liz” responding to a 10/30/12 comment:
I have just finished my first week on the program. I have lost 4cm off my waistline and dropped my weight by 3kg. I don’t feel hungry and my cravings have ceased.

1/29/13 from “Melissa”
I have been taking Real Dose for a few weeks and think it helps a lot.

2/3/13 from “Karen”
I love Realdose! I lost about 14 lbs.

2/8/13 from “Rose”
It’s been two weeks since I took these tablets and I am feeling rather good.

2/12/13 from “Svetlana”
I must say it’s not something easy for me. The pills have a specific smell, herbal but really strong, which is not the very pleasant for my taste. My stomach turns to nods whenever I feel the smell.

2/19/13 from “David”
I began the pills and in the ten days following have lost a further 3 kilos. I’m happy with the weight loss but frankly, on the evidence, it could be just cutting out carbs, sugar and alcohol.

3/11/13 from “Jackster”
Weight loss is slow-going, 1-2 pounds a week, but it is happening.

3/17/13 from “Bri”
I have been taking Realdose 3 times a day before meals for the past week and with that alone, no exercise or change of diet … I have lost about 4kgs

3/23/13 from “Tate”
My brother is on these atm. Hes been using them 3 months, has changed nothing about his lifestyle and has lost 11kg.

4/1/13 from “Janelle”
I have been taking the WLF No1 for 23 days and have seen about a 4 lb. loss. However, I have noticed I have some nausea.

4/7/13 from “Felicity”
I have been on real dose for a week now and have already lost 1kg.

4/11/13 from “Ruthtruth”
I’m on my 3rd bottle of this product and am finally realizing it’s a total waste of time & money. I haven’t lost a single pound.

4/13/13 from “Teresa” responding to a comment from 3/23/13
I have been taking Real Dose and it seems to work. I haven’t changed my eating and have lost about one pound a week.

4/14/13 from “RJ’s Mom”
It’s only been 3 days on real dose; and I feel in almost total control of my appetite. I also have more energy!

4/16/13 from “Marlee”
I noticed immediate shrinkage in my waistline.. it was like the bloating all went away and my stomach would be so much flatter. If I missed my daily dose,on about the 3rd day the bloating would be back. I lost 5 lbs in a month I did not start exercising (just used a full body vibration machine because I was selling it at work) or change what I was eating.

4/21/13 from “Sun”
So what I think is that real dose helps me stay on track. You have to have a nutrition plan already for this to work. You can’t expect to lose weight not changing anything.

4/22/13 from “Dave”
I lost 22 lbs in 3 Months on Real dose.

4/24/13 from “Nikki”
I have been taking real dose for 2 months now… For the first month i only lost a couple of kilos but noticed changes in measurements all over my body.

4/24/13 from “Jodie” responding to a comment on 4/1/13
I have just started taking this also and have mainly experienced nausea.

4/27/13 from “Gail”
I have been taking the product for 19 days and I have loss less than 2 pounds.

5/3/13 from “Jennifer”
I have lost 3 pounds this month.

5/5/13 from “Dawn”
Shortly after being on the pill, I started sleeping better – I was able to put in at least 8 hours of sleep easily. I did notice I had more energy than I did in a long time. I lost about 10 lbs. before the pills ran out.

5/7/13 from “Kate”
I have been on real dose now for nearly a month and have lost about 14 pounds.

5/8/13 & 5/24/13 from “Lindsay”
About 20-days in, down a total of 4 lbs.

5/10/13 from “Stephanie”
I have been on RealDose for 1 week now and have gained 5 lbs.

5/15/13 from “Doug”
I have been taking RealDose for abiout two weeks now, into my third week…. I have lost about 6 pounds so far.

5/16/13 from “Bruno”
I lost 19kg in 3 months.

5/18 from “Karin”
After one week, I dropped 5 pounds, but the weight loss is slowing down now.

5/20/13 from “Sandy”
I started taking real dose in November 2012 and have lost 20 lbs my abdominal fat has disappeared.

5/21/13 from “Sunshine”
It’s been about one week and I’ve lost 5 lbs so far.

5/22/13 from “Tennessee”
Today is my 10th day and my weight loss is 10 1/2 lbs.

5/23/13 from “Ingrid”
Have taken the formula for 2 weeks and got more and more sick and ill feeling every day! I followed the instructions but never experienced less hunger, or better mood or weight loss, but got even less sleep, very bad stomach pains which also increased by the day. This product does not work for me.

5/26/13 from “Barbara”
I am 65 years old, 5’1? and weighed 143 lbs. I am now 130 lbs, lost lots of inches (went down a size) and feel great.

5/27/13 from “Susan”
I have tried and still using RealDose for about a week now. Today, May 27, 2013 I lost seven pounds.

5/27/13 from “Melly”
I started taking Real Dose 10 days ago… I have not lost one pound.

6/3/13 from “Barbara”
I have been taking RealDose for 2 weeks now and lost 6 pounds.

6/4/13 from “Star”
I have used Real Dose and have mixed reviews.

6/19/13 from “Diana”
Very shortly after taking I had numbness in 3 fingers on my left hand, numbness on the left side of my lips and numbness on the left side of my face in the cheek area…The doctor told me I had incurred a very very very tiny stroke, however she could not tell me what caused it .

6/19/13 from “June”
I have been on these pills for a week and a half and I have lost 7kgs.

6/24/13 from “Shana”
Today marks my first week taking Real Dose and I gained. I’m hungry ALL the time since I started taking it…I will give it one more week.

6/24/13 from “Dianna”
My craving for food is def gone and for that i am grateful! Perhaps it’s just a placebo effect but I don’t care as long as something works!

Updated February 19, 2015
Originally published June 2013

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