Scam Alert: Fake Samsung Galaxy S4 Giveaway on Facebook

Have you seen your friends liking and sharing a post on Facebook promising to give away a Samsung Galaxy S4? Today we'll take a closer look at this post and others like it.

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It’s a hoax.

Samsung would not set up a separate page to give away their products on Facebook, and if they did, it stands to reason that they would mention it elsewhere online. Let’s take a look at one post with thousands of shares:

We are giving away 5000 Samsung Galaxy S4 to 5000 Lucky Fans for FREE. All that you need to do is complete the easy steps below to participate! (Worldwide)

1. Like => Samsung Galaxy S4
2. Share this photo.
3. Chose your color (white/black/blue/red)

The lucky winners will be selected in 24 hours but will get their gifts at 15 March. Only people that have completed all steps can participate. Winners will be announced at our Facebook fan page or in private message so make sure you like us on Facebook.

Good luck!

This is very similar to the fake Apple giveaways that have been rampant on Facebook over the past couple of months.


  • Bad grammar. This page’s “about” reads: “GIVING Samsung Galaxy S4 on March 14,2013.”
  • Recently created. The page was only created about a day before we are writing this article.
  • Not Samsung. Samsung’s actual Facebook page does not mention such a giveaway.
  • Familiar. The wording and steps are almost identical to the fake Apple giveaways we’ve discussed here.
  • Multiple pages. You can find several pages with the same wording and same photo. Why would Samsung create multiple copies of similar pages? They wouldn’t.

What’s the point?

There are several reasons why these fake giveaways keep popping up. In some cases, they link to scam “rewards” programs in which consumers must sign up for all sorts of things they don’t want. In this case, however, it appears that the sole purpose of this fake giveaway is to build likes for a page. People will like and share it “just in case” – knowing that the giveaway is probably fake. Eventually these scammers will change the identity of the page and sell it, along with its thousands of likes, to a business or organization. Below is a screenshot of one incarnation of today’s fake giveaway:

Below are a couple of pages we’ve seen sharing this scam. If you’ve seen other pages, please share them in the comments below.



Bottom Line
There are no free Samsung Galaxy S4s to be had. Don’t like or share these pages, as this is only helping liars and scammers.

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32 Comments on Scam Alert: Fake Samsung Galaxy S4 Giveaway on Facebook

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 is the BEST Phone.

    • The fact that a requirement is to join, invite friends, and like a page – it sure smells fake to us.


    “We have got 177 Samsung Galaxy S4 that can not be sold anywhere because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free this week. We will choose 177 people completely at random September 9th 2013 and the winners will be posted here.

    Want one of them ? Just follow this 2 simple steps :

    1) “Share” this photo
    2) Click on “Like” on our page.

    Good Luck!”

    If this was indeed Samsung giving away these phones “because they have been unsealed”, Samsung could just reseal them! After all, they do make them, right? (Might have to sell them as “refurbished”, but that’s no big deal).

  3. Glad to have found you. Naive me. I keep forgetting scams are everywhere.

  4. they even poted a comment where they said the giveaway was going to be today 6th and then, they changed ot to the 10th february 2014 how viles and fakes, report this b….s, they have grammar errors in spanish

  5. bokang sydney motolo // February 2, 2014 at 12:58 am // Reply

    they said there are 285 samsung s4 giveaway today 02/02/2014 and the entry were closed on 25 february 2014 but the winners will be anounsed on the 28th february and you have to do is to like their page and share to your friends

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