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Scam Alert: Smart Shoppers Savings Club

Scam Alert: Smart Shoppers Savings Club

A company called “Smart Shoppers Savings Club” is aggressively calling consumers telling them they are eligible to receive a gift card of values from $50 to $150, with no questions asked. Is this company legit? What do you think we’ll say?

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The Pitch

They’ll call (we received the call from 877-786-1624) and tell you that they want to give you a FREE gift card, with no questions asked. It may be for major stores such as Target or Walmart. They will then proceed to ask for your personal information, such as date of birth, address, and a credit card for an activation fee, which will sign you up for their discount “savings club” that will hit your credit card every month for over $60. This small “activation” fee appears to vary from around $3.95 to $8.95, and only applies to your “trial” period which only lasts for 7 days.

So basically this is a bait and switch, enticing consumers with a gift card, only to sign them up in an expensive and difficult to cancel discount club.

It’s not worth it.

It has been reported that complaints and even attempts at cancellation are nearly impossible.

If you call 877-786-1624 back, they usually answer with a greeting such as, “Thank you for calling Smart Shoppers Savings Club. How can I help you?”

If you can forget about the gift card they’re dangling in front of you for a moment, what you have is a person from an unknown location and representing an unknown company calling you and asking for your personal information. Never give a telemarketer your personal information!

The Website

It has been reported that the website associated with Smart Shoppers Savings Club is , but that site is currently listed as “Under Construction.” A Wayback Archive snapshot of that site from 2011 shows a rather generic site with a $50 Target Gift Card Voucher and other company logos for which their club supposedly has savings offers. That website was created on March 17, 2010 by an anonymous registrar.

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  • Ryan Biem

    Look , i have worked with Smart shoppers , first off , the company is not based in Arizona , its based in India Mumbai and the address is as follows: Nichel Global Solutions , 3rd Floor, Interface building no :16, Mindspace, Link Road, Malad (West), , Mumbai 400064….. i have to keep my name undercover as im planning on getting the mofos screwed badly….. I am an indian but my country is not a place for scams which is why I had to take a step ahead and stop this bullshit , these guys convince you to give $4.95 as a shipping charge which is the first thing to think about , the shipping charge is only 0.95 cents, they say this to convince you so that you can be transferred to an automated machine, they do not secure any details or anything as such ,nothing is secured infact your details can be gathered by any of the people and used without your intentions or consents,once you get on to the automated system the will tell you that you will just be listening to the pre recorded messages but in reality they are getting you signed up with those services which you dont even know about , if asked about them they will answer that they are pre recorded messages and you are only taking care of a one time charge ie the $4.95 shipping and handling charge, seriously , when you acknowledge the message you are signing up for it , you do not get any vouchers or any thing as such, that is just a bate to get your money out ……. I am a christian and i wouldnt let my people down….. In god We trust…

  • Mary Kenny

    Just contact your bank and they will take care of these jokers. In fact they will probably be able to get your money back for you. You don’t even have to explain the scam to them. Just show them this web page, no further explainions will be necessary. Since they have an ongoing relationship with both visa and MasterCard both companies have access to their funds. You have a fraud protection of you used either visa or mastercard. WOW lightbulb moment! It is no secret that they are scammers yet a previous poster had been told by someone in our government it was a no can do because the scam is coming from out of the country. I think that both visa and MasterCard should stop doing business with them. Both companies must be fully aware that “SMART SHOPPERS IS A SCAM” why are they allowing these charges to go through? I think visa and MasterCard need to be reported. In fact thank you for allowing me consider your Perdicament. On line petitions are a great way to get these mega corps to behave themselves. They hate the bad press and will respond just to tidy up their image. I have lots on my plate now, but I am so sick of these scammers and others like them. Someone needs to step up to the plate and it won’t be anyone in a government position I can assure you of that.
    God bless and I hope that this information was of use to you. Do not allow them to harm your credit!

  • Mary Kenny

    Your my kind of guy, if more people did this the scam would have been dead already. Way to go! Reporting them does not always work and getting through to anyone who has the capacity to put an end to it takes Herculean effort. We need to take care of our selves. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to post information regarding this scam and being able to provide the new phone # that they are using.

  • Mary Kenny

    Yes they have called me several times. I just got off the phone with Nelly. I had blocked their # but they have a new one (251) 250-2011 so now I have to block that # also. I am so sick of these jokers I have more blocked #s than contacts. But I decided to engage Nelly in conversation because she claimed not to want to waste my time or hers! Too late she was already wasting my time lets go.
    Nelly: Are you interested in these vouchers?
    Me: yes
    Nelly: great now all I need is your credit or debit card visa, MasterCard.
    Me: I don’t have a credit card can I send you a check.
    Nelly: no mam we only take…..
    Me: well maybe I can borrow a card from my brother he always lets me use it when I need it but I would prefer to send a check.
    Nelly: someone in your household has a credit card.
    Me: yes my brother but he has not yet returned from work.
    Nelly: call back when he gets home
    Me: ok but I need to know more about the rewards or he won’t let me use it.
    Nelly: target, Walmart etc
    in fact she told me they had thousands of stores to choose from (thousands!)
    Nelly continues where do you prefer shopping?
    Me: oh I would shop in any of those stores as long as the merchandise is free.
    Nelly: GREAT, call back and ask for Nelly or I will call you back.
    Me: thanks nelly it has been great speaking with you I am so excited about my rewards.

    I am 60 years old (have a young voice) and reside alone. She had called me saying I was getting these rewards for shopping wherever it was she claims I shop. Then she wanted to know my name I said you called me and you don’t even know my name. No she has a number for me. So now I think they have assigned me a number and I ask her what it is. She recites my phone # back to me. Oh I tell her now I understand ( more than she will ever have a clue). She had better not hold her breath waiting for me to call because I am just going to block their new #.

    In the end she did not waste my time I was laying on the couch doing nothing so I enjoyed the entertainment. No nelly you did not waste my time, I wasted yours. And while doing so prevented you from calling others to victimize. Why people like you are not shut down and prosecuted is beyond me. Maybe it is because our government no longer works for us and is being run by giant corporations whose only agenda is to turn this country into on big plantation. I am glad I am 60 and most likely won’t be around when the s..t hits the fan. God help us all.

  • j schneider

    I just fell for this scam and googled it before their “presentation” was finished and found out it IS A SCAM! LOL ME! I told them at that time I wanted no part but was told I have to call 800 972 4740 and cancel after I received packet. Called my bank and they have to put a STOP ON my Visa Debit. Thankfully, I’m close to my bank and will run in and get a new card immediately. When will we ever learn??? LOL “if it sounds too good, IT ISN’T!

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        • im Yitzhak Kaduri Messiah

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  • Pàrámjî? Singh

    I am working in same company
    And i daily sale 15 gift cards?

  • Justin Runberg

    Look Jesse thank you for this post. You saved me from the same thing happening to me I read your post while on the phone with them he I knew it was a scam and that now I will calling that number everyday to make a point that he thief, liar, and scam artist. I am sorry that this happened to you but thank you for the post so it did not happen to me.

  • Michelle Keating

    When I called my DR I was told that I had won a $100 no string just a handling charge of $4.95 so I oked it and then found out that it was so that I could review a new product that had to do with mailing charges I said that I no longer wanted it and they said that they could not do that and they were very rude. I ask for the company name and they told me it was Smart Shopper and the call center was in AZ. SO do not call 1-800-745-8407.

  • ShrewdOneNow

    “CantFoolMeAnymore” has learned about scams. Never give out info if you do not initiate the phone call. We discussed this and even in response to email, texts, etc. do not give out info if you yourself do not initiate the phone call.
    The thing to do is immediately report to FTC after canceling the debit/credit card. Get some support and advice from a trusted source if you need further help. RipOff Report has some things to say about this stuff also. Let’s help others not get scammed.

  • Katie

    I had the SAME thing happen to me! I called and cancelled my card right after the phone call. Now Justin Gray at 1-855-201-9731 x10779 is telling me the in order for me to cancel anything, I have to give him my card number and listen to a couple messages and say “yes” to them. I told him that I would NOT be giving him my card # and he said that he already has it. I told him that he didn’t because I cancelled it and he said that they called the bank and got the new # and it starts with 4300. I asked him for the last 4 digits and he said that he wasn’t authorized to give that out. I hung up and called the bank who told me that all their cards start with a 4300. There has to be somewhere we can go to turn them in!

  • scammed

    Please tell me with how your $200 dollars thing got settled? I am afraid they going to threaten me the same way. Please please share for others benefit and people like me on how you got it resolved.

  • Seniour BurritoFace

    Woah, seriously? How dare they start to insult their consumers, that’s not how a professional company is supposted to act to their customers (albiet their not exactly profesh, hah) but seriously, why do people have to scam their way to money instead of earning it themselves like the people their scamming? It’s an insult to humanity…

  • Will

    I too signed up for this scam not fully realizing the implications of the matter. Once I was charged 29.95 on my account, I knew I was apart of a membership. Thankfully, I found the website and cancelled my membership with no additional charges afterward.

    However, I’m still receiving magazines that I did not order with this membership. This magazine company (who I think is the same company) told me I was paying them monthly. But I don’t have any reoccurring charges being placed on my account. After reading some peoples experiences, I’m worried that they’ve signed me up with another membership that is going to claim hundreds of dollars via mail.

    I hope closing my bank account (as well as notifying my bank about no further re-billing) will stop any further transactions.

    • waffles

      Closing your account should end the problem, though we know how much of a hassle that can be. Check back again and let us know if there are any new details. Thanks for your comment!

  • Ann

    I found a charge for 64.00 on my bank statement today. I have also been receiving magazines I did not order and do not want. I called the number and a representative tried to convince me that I had made an agreement and must pay based on my “good word”. I insisted that I wanted to cancel and a refund. I spoke with a manager who said that I could only cancel if I paid a total of $180. I finally told her that I wanted to cancel and I wanted a refund NOW or I was going to hang up and call the BBB and my bank to stop payments. She immediately said that she wanted me satisfied and canceled the account and promised a refund of the $64.

    • waffles

      That’s a terrible story. Do you know how they first obtained your bank info?

    • Jasmine

      Hello. The same thing happened to me just today, like 40 minutes ago. I called my bank number and, lo and behold, the 64 dollars was taken out like they said, but only after they kept me on the phone for 20 minutes, talking nonsense into my ear. Please tell me you were able to get this resolved, because i need help from you if you were able to. I called them back saying that I wanted to cancel and refund my 64 dollars. They said that my account and everything hasn’t been activated yet since they just called me today, and they told me to call back tomorrow to see if it’s been activated. Then they can assist me in getting a refund, and taking me off their mailing list and such. Is this what you did or did you do it a different way? Please reply back. I need all the help I can get. I’m a college student and I guess I was stupid enough to buy into this scam. I hope things can be changed. Please reply back as soon as you can.

  • michaelscott

    I knew something was up when the lady called me. She asked for my mom so I went along with it. I kept asking questions like why she needed my name, birthday, and postal code. She got my mom’s name, my name, and half a postal code (dont know if she wrote down the other half cause she asked me to repeat – it sounded like she was writing it down so I didn’t repeat). The moment she said I had to pay 3.95, I was like f you, waste of my time. These scammers are horrible at lying too.

  • Omar Ali Othman

    These guys are sending me magazines that I didn’t order, and are threatening me over the phone to pursue me aggressively for $500. They have already charged me at least $140. How do I get rid of them and get them to stop sending these idiotic magazines? Are there any class action suits against the company? Also, their ad was associated with that penny auction site that also seems like a total scam, zbiddy in the same line as ponzi schemes.
    Omar Othman

    • Bitter consumer

      Where do I begin??…. They are wanting $979.02, from me BUT will settle for $685.31!!!!! and I have received NOT ONE thing from “Smart Shoppers Savings Club”, I have NEVER applied to this savings “club”!! Please HELP!!!!!!!

      • scammed


        I got trapped into the same scam when i transposed the customer service numbers of my Bank Customer services. These people said that they will redirect me to the Bank after I am done with the process. I gave them all my details and they signed me up for 4 different offers. How do I get rid of that? I already cancelled Credit Card account in less than 24 hours after this happened. What do they do now since my account is cancelled? Are they going to threaten me for some money? Please help me with what you did?

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