Scam Alert: Twitter Messages About You Appearing in a Video

Did you receive a direct message from a friend on Twitter, telling you that you had been video taped, or that a tape had been seen featuring you being secretly taped? These messages also contain a link to a Fcebook URL. Such messages are nothing but phishing attempts at getting your Facebook user name and password. Don't fall for it!

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You may see what appears to be a valid Facebook URL such as Though these links do take you to a page on Facebook, what happens is that you’re taken (briefly) to a Facebook app, which then forwards you to a fake Facebook page prompting you to log in. This is not a real Facebook page, as you can see from the address bar of the web browser. If you enter your login information, you will be handing over hackers your information, and will likely compromise your account.

Below is a photo of the fake Facebook login page. Notice that the actual website is – not

If you enter your information and hit the Log In button, you have just handed this information over to hackers. The original Twitter messages may look innocent because they come from a friend’s account on Twitter, which is why many people click on the link included. This friend’s account however was compromised, and the messages weren’t sent with their permission.

See this article about a very similar phishing scam on Twitter.

Some of the variations of the direct messages we’ve seen are in the list below. There may be many others. If you’ve seen other variants, let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

  • rofl they was taping you
  • u didn’t seee them tapping u
  • how did you not see them taping u
  • lol they taped your
  • whatt are you doing in this fb vid ?
  • i got mine yesterday
  • you even see them taping u him
  • what on earth you’re doing on this movie
  • O M G your in this
  • what on earth could you be doing in our vid
  • what are you doing in this viddeoo
10/28/2012 Update: Here are some additional variants you may see in your inbox:
  • who posted this video of me in the bathroom
  • wtf this dumbass is posting sexual stories that concern you
  • ur famouse now
  • HAHA omg you have to see this [LINK] im dying from laughing so hard…
  • wat r u doing with him in this video
  • OMG i found this pic of u LMAO,
  • I bet you don’t remember this eh?
  • lol your in this video


What if I already logged into the fake site?

  • Log into Facebook (the REAL Facebook this time) and change your password. This is the first thing you should do. If you can’t log in, try to have your password reset via email.
  • Check your apps and make sure you didn’t give a malicious app to post on your behalf. This can be found under your account settings, then under apps. If you see any apps you don’t use or recognize, get rid of it.
  • Delete any spam posts that may have been sent out from your account. This will at least get rid of those malicious links on your profile.

The direct messaging system on Twitter is rife with scams, hackers, phishing attempts, and spam. Hopefully someday Twitter installs some sort of spam filtering or safeguards to stop these types of messages from going out. Until then, be very careful about any links sent to you on Twitter, even if it comes from a friend’s account.

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17 Comments on Scam Alert: Twitter Messages About You Appearing in a Video

  1. I think everybody should check out the Scam Detector app. I believe they’re online as well.

  2. Similar scheme with almost-like-Twitter URL: got a DM reading “hey this user is writing offensive posts that are about you” and asking to visit

    • I just got that message and it sent me to a twitter login site but the address bar said “”. Smh…

  3. 2009 every time me and some friends went on farmville there would a message taking us to alog in page saying we need to log in before we could play the game and now i have read on your site that if u put your email and password in that u are handing over your information to hackers well my fb was hacked and many online freiends was hacked and now we hear about this three years later there has got to be something to people can be warned before there acc are HACKED

    • SpeakEnglish // February 23, 2013 at 2:45 pm // Reply

      Why can people not learn to speak English correctly.

      Always put the other person first.

      It is “some friends and I” not “me and some friends”

  4. Thanks for this. I got scammed, but your post helped me out. Thanks. Hopefully changing the FB password did the trick.

  5. Direct from @topknotchfamily:
    hey someone is writing offensive posts that are about you

    Direct from @
    hey this person is writing offensive posts that are about you

    Direct from @
    hey someone is making up shocking things that are about you

  6. I got the same on twitter

    hey someone is writing offensive posts that are about you

  7. - this is freaking , stupid ! this didn’t help at all . this website should be shut DOWWN!

  8. I just rec’d this:

    You see this video of someone taping you? (link) creep

  9. I received “they got u on

  10. Thank you, I just got this message on facebook and thanks to facebook I didn’t go to the link they provided. As soon as I click on their like facebook warned me that it maybe harmful for me to continue and I always take their professional advice usless I truly know otherwise. But thank you for confirming my suspicion.

    Iam Dasmoka

  11. en mi caso, yo soy la que envía ese mensaje, pero se envían solos, yo no lo hago:(

  12. I got one saying, “Did you see this pic of you? lol.”

  13. I got the same one, “Did you see this pic of you? lol” with a link, from the verified account of a Broadway star. I guess a lot of people are getting hacked.

  14. Just got this from a random FB friend : “How could you, did you post this about me and who gave you the video? here [link]“

  15. Thanks for this article.

    I also got this message from unknown follower. It seemed little suspicious to me so I looked around the web and got here.

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