Beware of the AT&T Telephone Phishing Scam

Did you receive a call claiming to be from AT&T offering you a cash reward? This is likely a scam you should avoid.

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It’s a Phishing Scam.

We first received this phone call in January 2013, and our readers have continued to report such calls as recently as October 2014. The caller ID read 800-000-0000. The voice mail was cut off, but in part said, “… Simply log into your account to redeem your $550 dollars. At AT&T we care about you. Thank you and have a nice day.”

This is a fraudulent website which is attempting to gain your personal information.

When we originally posted this article, the bogus website closely resembled a real AT&T website. A whois look-up revealed that the website was created the same day we received that phone call. The fake website also asked for the last 4 digits of our social security number, which AT&T does not do on their website. As of October 2014, that domain now forwards to what appears to be an unrelated training website.

We have called AT&T on several occasions and they have confirmed that they’ve received complaints about this scam. Below is a screenshot of the fake AT&T website with the “Wireless mega-discount” login screen:

Not long after we first posted this article in January 2013, the att500 website was shut down. The scam, however, continued with multiple variations used over the past 2 years.

Below are some of the URLs reported by our readers:


In April 2014 we received an increase in complaints that this same scam was also using the domain

The Google Chrome browser has blocked access to some of the domains above, stating that they are phishing websites.

Bottom Line

If you receive a phone call claiming to be from AT&T, stating that you’ve won a cash prize, it is likely a phishing scam which will direct you to a fraudulent website that will attempt to gain your personal information.

Let us know if you have seen this scam.

Originally published January 28, 2013
Updated October 22, 2014

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  • waffles

    Great info – thanks!

  • Pam

    I received the same call and thought it was bogus. Searched “att550″ and found this which reaffirmed my suspicions…

  • waffles

    Good to know – thanks for the info!

  • Kissarmy

    Just recieved call but for Att 660 ….looks like the same scam just different numbers

  • KRegan

    Now there is a as well.

  • waffles

    It appears they have quite a few domains they’re going through for this scam. Thanks for the info!

  • Gentle Tim

    Let’s turn the tables on the website registrant and send lots of email to Michele Baylor. Totally pissed off with scammers like these.

  • Drew

    Hey, thanks for this good info. I’ll be coming back here for more, so thanks for being here. Yeah, got me too recently, only it was “440”. FYI, I was a recent victim of ID theft. All it took to order $20,000 worth of online credit in my name and start ordering diamonds (one $7K delivered to my house via FedEx) was MY SS# and DOB. Don’t know where they got it from, but this latest is obviously an attempt to get more. $20K stolen in one day (and I was only one of many on same day, same scam) is SERIOUS MONEY. So is the 72 hours and counting I’ve spent doing damage control in the last week. Don’t think it will happen to you? I didn’t, until the diamond arrived at my door. Why isn’t AT&T sending out some legit phone message or email saying this scam is going on!?

    • waffles

      You make a good point. When we called, they just said they were aware of it. Many other businesses will post something on their website if a widespread scam in their name exists.

  • Jeff

    Hey Waffles- thanks for the info – unfortunately my wife had received the call and tried to register… claims the site had official look and linked directly to ATT site. Any thoughts on how to proceed when you know the info has been shared?

    • waffles

      Maybe call AT&T and let them know!

  • Candice Pedersen

    Thanks for posting this. I went to AT&T’s site to see if they had listed anything about a hoax and couldn’t find any information. I’m surprised to learn they’re aware of the issue and yet have no easy-to-find information about it for their customers. Thanks to you and a Google search I was able to confirm the call was a scam.

  • waffles

    It wouldn’t hurt to change your online password just in case.

  • Najah

    I got a call for I initially googled the claimed discount first and nothing came up. I also checked the AT&T website and didn’t see any info that there was a scam going on so I entered my info. Now that I know it’s a scam I’m nervous. Does anyone know what kind of info they can get from your phone if you were dumb enough like me to enter my info? Hate these people who do this stuff? HELP?!?!

    • waffles

      You may want to contact AT&T to see what security options they can add to your account. You should at least go online and change your password.

  • Lala

    I received the same phone call but it was “att140″, I was actually awaiting a reward about the same price so I idiotically went to the link page and filled in the information. I have called at&t and changed the email and password (so basically it’s a whole new account now) but they still have the last four digits of the social. Can they do anything with this or cause any harm? because I am extremely terrified and have no clue what to do.

  • Drea

    I received a missed call today from this scam and the voicemail message was cut off as others previously state, all the same thing. Mine said $550 and Att cares about you crap and to go to a att site and log in to redeem.
    I even seen Craigslist scams for rental homes, telling you to go peep in, you bet I give a piece of my mind after I toy around with them for a bit.

    I see the people with common sense have been posting here, I know well enough nothing is free and I didn’t go to no site ;)

  • Ashley Martino

    I received a similar call on Jan 30th, 2014 with an updated website. myatt920 which claims to be offering $920.00 discount. When you go to the website they ask for you username, password and last four of social. I called ATT customer service and they confirmed that this is indeed a phishing scam for login info.

  • Divine

    thank you!! i just got a call from 1-800-327-2907 and it had a recording of the message word for word except for the website left was I googled “att451 scam” nothing came out… I then did “att mega bonus” and found this!!! many thanks!

  • brandolph

    Same thing just happened March 4, 2014, Number: 800.920.4521, website Offered $200 off my next bill. Same page as above.

  • Bebop

    I have had several of these calls, att101, att200, attrewardsplan. I even called att and they assured me it was ok. So I filled it out, but just to be sure I immediately changed my password, sure enough I got another call at 6am next morning, I did the same thing, got another call next day. I don’t even answer 1-800 calls anymore.
    some numbers are – 800-705-1570, 800-947-5096, 800-153-2656

  • Jen m

    I get multiple calls a week to my cell phone that leave the voicemail directing to so annoying… Wish there was someway to stop it…

  • Mary

    Is there a way of preventing the phone calls? They come very early in the morning and wake me up. They must use a variety of 800 numbers because I block the number each tine. Thank you.

  • Mark

    I get this call about three or four times a week. The voice is super-annoying in an of itself. That was my first clue that it was a fake. Anybody know how to make it STOP?!