Scott Yancey Seminar Review

Have you received an invitation to attend a seminar hosted by star of A&E's Flipping Vegas Scott Yancey? Two of us recently attended one such seminar here in Las Vegas, and below is our recap. Have you attended one of these seminars? We want to hear from you.

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We attended a seminar here in Las Vegas in November 2013. The nearly 4-hour event included several speakers who talked in great detail about wealth, and how we could achieve it through real estate – but not through the normal channels such as real estate agents or auctions. We were never given the details on how this wealth could be achieved, but we were encouraged to sign up for additional seminars, which we were told would hold the answers.

The seminar sprinkled a small amount of information over a very long and high-pressure sales presentation.

And just what were they selling? More seminars.

It seemed that the purpose of the seminar we attended was not to offer free advice to investors, but to find bigger fish with deeper pockets they could move into additional high-pressure sales rooms.

The “free” seminar sells investors another seminar, this one lasting three days and costing $1500 to $4000. (You may later find that this seminar can be purchased on DVD for “only” $500). That seminar, in turn, will yield even more pressure for a more personalized service which costs anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000. Thus, the free and $2000 seminars appear to exist solely to sell higher-priced seminars.

Yancey’s seminars have been advertised on television, radio, and email.

Several websites appear to be in use for promotional purposes:

  •, registered on December 3, 2012
  •, registered on July 3, 2012
  •, registered on June 6, 2009
  •, registered April 10, 2013 (Seen adverting here in Las Vegas in February 2014)


The format of our seminar seemed eerily familiar.

Rich Dad Seminars
The model has also been used by the Rich Dad seminars, which were exposed in an undercover camera in 2010 by a Canadian investigative news team. Those $495 seminars led to $45,000 seminars. When confronted with the sales tactics of his seminars, Rich Kiyosaki said that it disturbed him and vowed to look into the complaints. Rich Dad seminars continue to this day, despite the bankruptcy of one of Kiyosaki’s companies in 2012.

Dean Graziosi
There are also the Dean Graziosi Real Estate Seminars, which follow a nearly identical model to Yancey’s. Graziosi and Yancey appear to have some working relationship, as Graziosi has appeared as an “expert” in videos shown at Yancey’s seminars. (Read consumer complaints about Graziosi at Yelp and Complaint’s List or this review.)

Does Scott “Host” the Seminar?

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The website states that “Scott is hosting a FREE live event in your area.” Emails sent out to prospective clients make the same statement. Yancey, however, was nowhere to be seen at our seminar, nor has he been spotted by anyone we have spoken with who attended similar seminars around the country. It is unclear how involved Yancey is in the operation of these seminars.

Free Gifts
The digital camera that is included as a gift for attending the seminar is of dollar store quality. It holds about 20 pictures and is made of plastic. It’s certainly not worth a 4-hour high-pressure sales pitch. A CD containing Scott Yancey’s book “Go Time” is also given out.

Is there value in the Scott Yancey seminars? You won’t find the answer at his free 4-hour seminar, or even the $2000 three-day seminar. If you have $40,000 to spare and wish to find out, please let us know. Those we have spoken to who attended the $2000 seminar did not feel it was of value, and that it was essentially an expensive sales pitch.

While it is unclear if any potential investors have profited from the Yancey Seminars, it is clear that the seminars themselves are generating a large amount of cash for those hosting them.

The consensus as we left the Yancey seminar was that our four hours could have been better spent reading a book about flipping houses or real estate.

Have you attended a Yancey seminar? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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59 Comments on Scott Yancey Seminar Review

  1. Hah. I went to once of these with my girlfriend. They keep all the chairs in a small group up front to make it seem like the place in packed, when really there were only 20 people there. The place was freezing, I guess so no one would fall asleep.

    Oh, and when I went I only got a cheapo mp3 player which wasn’t good enough for my 8-year old to use.

    I felt sorry for the people signing up for the more expensive seminars. I knew this thing was bogus in the first half hour.

  2. my boyfriend is sitting through this thing as we speak. He is saying that the speaker is going way to fast for him to even write it down, the speaker is jumping from subject to subject and seems like he is talking in code even. I texted him to come home already!!

  3. i found it pretty educational i guess..somethings were good advice to come by but I’m glad i did not take part in spending my money on the 3 day seminar or lien tax seminar 4 hours was long enough…but what ever happened to the supposed free ipad to the first 15 people that was so bull..

  4. i also went today January 25 to the seminar at the raddison hotel

  5. Matthew Werkheiser // January 31, 2014 at 4:18 pm // Reply

    I am questioning the RE aspect but does anyone have an opinion on the investment info on doing tax liens?

  6. My wife and I attended the seminar in Kingman, AZ on Feb. 11, 2014. We both have some experience in real estate, so much of what was presented was not new. We were a captive audience for over four hours. At the end, I asked about the tablets that were promised to the first 50 to sign up, and was told we would be contacted if we “won” one. What a complete waste of time. The box lunch that was provided was mediocre at best.

  7. I have not been to this seminar, but have been to others in the past spent money on how to “kits” The high pressure tactics play on emotion and the idea they know more and can make you successful. TSOHK: The school of hard knocks taught me, but with all this digital info available, why not get online, network, read books, etc. to get a clue. Research research and then research some more. Then before you buy anything seek out a local mentor to the market you want to invest in. Many cities have real estate groups, clubs, etc. to find someone. Make a business plan. I did not, did all the wrong things, Take your time learning – real estate is always there to get into in any kind of market. Don’t be taken. The cost for getting the info this way (hotel seminars) is too high.

  8. We attended the seminar in Glendale, Arizona on February 13, 2014. This was very professional run by professional sales force. They did a good job in the location at the Renaissance Hotel and were doing all the sales qualification. They would have you fill out a form that would give them an idea about your net worth and how much money you can be used for the up sell of 18k, 24k, and 42k. This is smart for they need to know how much money you can put into their systems.
    They are using a pyramid seminal sales formula. The base of the pyramid is for the free seminar — layer 2 and 3 are based on the $2,000 @ 3day workshop which is designed to give you $150.00 worth of real estate information. Layer 4 is the upsale for 18k to 24k to 32k. advanced seminars based on coaching and mentoring. The idea is that you need training from people who have no credentials, no trackrecord and no college degrees or even real estate certification. They are salesmen who present materials in a sexy manner. The buyers of the course are in a stagnant real estate market looking for deep discount properties by making multiple offers to sellers who know they do not have verified funds. The funding agent is used as a bait and swith to other lenders. Somehow they seminar attendee feel they have won the lottery and this secret funding source will give their LLC corporation a special network of money. This money is theoretically available but is looking for super discount stealing deals. You are not coming away with any real financial source. The level of competition in real estate is super high and they know this and that is why they sell advanced seminars. This is a good idea but they do not know how to make this work for all the seminar attendee and it works for 1/10 of 1%.

  9. [email protected] // February 21, 2014 at 2:33 pm // Reply

    We went to the $2000 3 day workshop and was asked to leave after a couple hours. We apparently didn’t have the right mentality for them. You can’t go into that “class” with any skepticism at all or you’ll be asked to leave. something fishy there for sure! What a joke!

    • CarmineNadine Hansen // March 8, 2014 at 10:13 pm // Reply


      First, let me say none of the men at the 3-day seminar (and there were plenty on hand) have any visible, or otherwise, credentials, either educationally or professionally to indicate they are qualified to sell anything or teach anything about the real estate market. Only their own tooting of their own horn is all.

      Well we went to this 3-day seminar as well this weekend (3-7,8,9) and you are correct 100%. If you are skeptical, or if you have a questioning look on your face Deno will indeed ask you to leave. His reasoning is you want to be in a ‘win’ mindset, as opposed to a ‘lose’ mindset. I was appalled that because someone disagrees with him, and we paid for the seminar that anyone would be asked to leave. Can’t Deno take the heat of questions and/or skepticism. There wasn’t a person in the room who wasn’t skeptical. But, because he brought up that you would be evicted from the event early in his presentation, no one opened their mouths. He virtually had to illicit a positive response to any given statement he felt was just ‘outstanding’. The responses were not naturally forthcoming from the audience. Pyramid scheme at it’s most eloquently disguised form. Each day the session opens up with some fantastic opportunity that each one of us can take advantage of for free, yet by the end of the day it costs a bundle

      Fortunately all the questions about income and such, my husband had been caught up in something similar before, so he went waaaayy down in the figures, just to have them not be interested in us. Furthermore the phone calls from all the ‘mentors’ in the three weeks since the first mini seminar have been to the point of harassment.

      And, then to ultimately pull you aside individually and pressure you into doing ‘that which will make you a free man’…or do nothing, is so disrespectful to the basic human being. Again, appalled.

      And, we attended a Scott Yancy event the first time, but the entire audience, except us, was from a Scott McGillivary seminar. And, Deno even went on for several minutes about how much of a hard sell Scott was to join their little tea party.

      I do not hold the two individual Scott’s solely responsible for this product. But, they should do a bit more research before assigning their notoriety to a product. (But, I would like the data research software they so well explained in geat detail!!)

  10. What is going on with this Real Estate Seminars? The problem is that individuals are going into these seminars from a backward position. You need to know that there are five elements to this type of seminar: (1) You need to have an LLC and Bank Account before you go to any real estate seminar; (2) You need to have bought Vaughn Simple Man Guide to Real Estate for $85.00: it comes with a contract software program; (3) You need to know that you are starting a new business which requires 40-60 hours a week and you need to spend at least $2,000 in marketing supplies before you buy any seminar; (4) You need to pay for an independent coaching apart from the in-house seminar from Professional Marketing Internationl; (5)You need to buy second hand materials from the people who attend the seminar at 10 cents on the dollar; (6) You need to start your Professional Marketing Services with an LLC as the anchor so you will not be sued; (7) You need to join a network for low cost so you can network and find your in house experts; (8) After you have completed these steps you are ready to take the roller coaster and carnival of real estate seminar courses. Remember all real estate seminars are based on the fact that they will not deal with you until you have a LLC. So the information is irrelevant because it assumes you have a LLC. No one in their right mind will deal with you and you will not receive financing without a good credit score, cash and business banking contacts.Even with an LLC you may have to meet other requirements and need to prove some type of credit and assets. Please use your critical thinking skill to figure out the positive thinking fallacy of believing that a magically unicorn will transform you and bring you a pot of gold. Think about this Professional Marketing International is run by Watscatt Summitt, LLC.

  11. I am from the islands and attended the seminar…Firstly Scott was not a presenter or around…the offer was bogus as only after the session we were given a story about delay of items at CUSTOMS …the price for the follow-up sessions change from 1000 to 500 in minutes….no details were put forward about transfer of money etc……for me it smell

  12. Robert Wilson // March 1, 2014 at 11:10 am // Reply

    Scott Yancey Seminars Real Estate and Tax Liens and Deeds Programs

    We attended one of these events just recently, and it was quiet a sales pitch. The first Speaker, Shawn, was a very personable and forceful talker, although he stated that he wasn’t much of a public speaker. I think he might be convincing enough to sell whisky to a Southern Baptist preacher! He had the attention of most everyone in the room, and kept the process going to the extent of having everyone (that did not include me most of the time) raising their hands and ‘agreeing’ with his line slick BS.

    There’s always people present, whom are easily persuaded, and will agree to almost anything. Those are the “head-bobbers” that will believe everything they see and hear. Shawn had the people who were interested in the 3-day ‘training’, go to the back of the room and let the handlers take their $1997.00. There seemed to be about eight suckers at that point in time. Little do they know that will be just the start of a scheme to remove many thousands of dollars from their investments and retirement funds. My advice; don’t do it!

    Anyway, after about 80 minutes of this session, we took a break and they fed us a cold meat and cheese sandwich on a sesame seed bun (did I mention a bag of chips and a little fruit cup?)….yummy! After the break we got back to the business at hand.

    During this second session, a guy named Layne talked about investing in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. There is lots of money to be made in this type of shady business, but it takes patience and diligence to make the most of it. I personally don’t desire to be party to stealing someone’s property this way.

    If you want to get involved in this enterprise, you can do it on your own with some study and research that’s mostly freely available. This company will gladly sell you a “lifetime membership” in their “Tax Liens and deeds” program for a mere $1,497.00! And there may be a ‘discount’ if you buy into both programs at the same time. What a deal! My advice; don’t do it!

    If after all this, if you decide to get involved, just be aware that the Real Estate buying program will make your portfolio many thousands smaller than you could ever imagine. The Tax Liens and Deeds scheme will allow you make money on investments over a period of years, but your chances of actually acquiring a piece of property like this, are probably much less than 1%. My advice; don’t do it!

    When the three-hour plus sessions were done, there were some more people signing up and giving their hard-earned money away. I would estimate that about 10-12 signees bit into the business before the night was over. That’s approximately 20% of all attendees. Not a bad night for the guys doing the event!

    There’s one other point I want to bring up…FREE GIFTS. When some attendees asked about the free gifts, they were informed that they simply were “not available”, with not much further explanation. The brochures stated that all attendees would receive Scott Yancey’s “Go Time” book and two discs…free?? Well, they were not available. I did not attend just for the free gifts, but I think many people did. I called and emailed them the next day, and I think mine may be forthcoming. I feel blessed…. They did give us a certificate for a free “camera”. You have to go online for that. I can hardly wait! Many people may have attended just for the chance to ‘win’ a tablet. If so, they were sadly disappointed, because those are only (maybe) given away during the larger ‘Super-Money Taking’ events.

    In closing, I will say this. The guys are good motivational speakers, and know how to ‘hawk their goods’, and I feel the evening was not a total waste of time. There was some good information imparted throughout the sessions. However, they need to “do what they promise” concerning free gifts, and stating that Scott Yancey himself would be at the event. Concerning all these programs….my advice; don’t do it!

    PS. I enjoy Scott’s “Flipping Vegas” show, but he should be a little ashamed of this manner of taking people’s money (and lots of it) for a business venture such as this. Next time I attend one of these deals, I’m seriously thinking about “crashing their party”. I would rate this scheme less than one-star if that were possible.

    • Christina Burns // April 3, 2014 at 6:37 am // Reply

      Hey Robert, Thank you for the heads up. I was looking for a review like yours. I’ve been to a high pressure pitch for a timeshare in San Antonio. I go for the fun learning experience of marketing but I never sign up for one of these issues. I’ve been a telemarketer before but I didn’t high pressure people and only worked for legit companies. If people didn’t want to be bothered so why do so? There is more than enough people that would want to buy from anyone. I do feel sorry for those that easily part with their money instead of thinking things through but that is honestly their loss instead of reviewing all of the facts earlier. To do something other than the normal routine is interesting enough so we signed up and then looked at the reviews and had a good little laugh. I appreciate your review because it is what I was looking for. So instead of wasting our time having ‘fun’ we’ve decided to go to our original planned class with a full planned homemade luncheon. I can’t wait! Thank you again. Christina

    • “Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. There is lots of money to be made in this type of shady business…”
      Rob, we’ve been involved in this type investing over 20 years, and I can tell you that there is nothing “shady” about it.
      Counties love the fact that people and institutions step in to buy delinquent property liens and deeds at auction.

  13. I just went to one of “Scott Yancey’s” seminar. The worst part was getting up at 7:30 AM! If I had known that these people were as shady as they came off to me I would have slept in. The only Scott Yancey appearance was a cardboard cut-out and the many name drops the speaker gave to sound like him and Scotty were roommates. It was a bait and switch game from the start.

    The tax lien business was disgusting. At a time when the bankholes are foreclosing homes on people and the economy has gone to China, it is a horrible business model to piggy back onto the tax liens of people who the government is squashing with their property tax laws. The bottom feeders and hucksters are in survival mode taking from those beaten down. Crooks. I don’t care if it’s law. It’s wrong and disgusting. I don’t want to make my money off of the poor people who can’t pay their exorbitant property taxes.

    I never got a cheap camera neither. I kept thinking, if they lied to me about Scott Yancey ‘coming to town’ why would I ever give them a penny of my money? I can’t trust these liars. They just want my money. And, for being so smart and rich in real estate investing, why the hell would you go into a cheesy hotel high pressure sales job??!! They are LIARS that’s why. Scott, you should be ashamed of putting your name or your cheesy grin on these conferences.

    I should have figures from your show that you are shady too. I mean come on, how many houses have tin foil kitchens, mannequins, mud pools, frat rooms..and spray painted walls in every investment house!? Dramatic license much? Liars.

  14. Robert Wilson // March 3, 2014 at 9:21 am // Reply

    Dude, I agree with your comments 100%! Your feelings are very much like mine. When I said I want to crash the party when I attend one of these events, I meant it. Those disorganized idiots didn’t even have a record of me attending the last event, even on the next day.

    I wish I had thoroughly researched this scam before I went, and did what I did at a (S)amway event, many years ago. I had seen and heard enough about the Amway schemes and scams from friends and business associates for many years before this gathering.

    Well, the group sponsoring this event said that they (Amway dealers) had a “New Program” called Quixtar, which was bigger and better, and also endorsed by Microsoft. I don’t believe that for one minute! I had previously written a three page letter, exposing Amway’s schemes, and just wanted everyone attending to know how “honest” these people were, before they joined another pyramid scheme and lost a bundle of money.

    I had made at least 75 copies of this letter, sealed them in plain white legal size envelopes, and wrote “For attendees only” on the front. I handed them out in front of the motel and also in the lobby, and told each person, to keep this, read it now, or first thing after going into the meeting, but, regardless, don’t let “anyone” take it from you.

    I also attended the event…after all, I WAS invited. I wanted to see if there were any ‘fireworks’ during this meeting. The meeting started and went along ok for about ten minutes. The group leader and speaker was bragging about this new organization called Quixtar, and how it would make the signees very rich in a short period of time, but you had to first sign up, pay your ‘fees’, and “follow the program” faithfully. Where have we heard that before? Could there be any (Amway) hints?

    During this first period, the speaker was talking about the name Quixtar and domain, that they choose, and I raised my hand and asked him why they had not chosen He stated that it was “catcher”, and therefore a great name and domain to have. I mentioned to him, that it could be because was already TAKEN so they had to take the next thing available with the same ring to it.

    He didn’t like what I had said very much, so I figured that something was ‘going on’. I noticed that most of the attendees in the room had a white envelope, and some had opened it and were reading or scanning through it. Wonder where that came from? By then there was some whispering going on between some the participants. The speaker asked someone on the front row what they were reading, and the guy showed him his letter. Man, I wondered when the real fireworks were going to start!

    The speaker was silent for about 30 seconds while he read through part of the letter. I gather he was ‘beginning’ to get the main point of the letter… Then he asked the guy where this came from, and would you like to guess who he pointed out? The speaker asked me to leave the meeting, and I had the “nerve” to ask him why…haha. He said I was being disruptive. I stood up, and pointed out to him and everyone in the room, that the attendees were entitled to the truth about this outfit, and to ‘read your letter’ if you haven’t already! Then I left, but not completely. There was a little sitting library outside the lounge, so I went in there and waited to see if any ‘other’ events occurred.

    It was only about 15 minutes before they apparently took a break, and that made me wonder if I had anything to do with the early break, or if it was ‘damage control’ by the sponsors of the event. Several people were walking out, and obviously leaving the meeting to go home. Two of them saw me and came over and “thanked me”! I figured my night was a success, and I felt good about that. I asked them did the sponsors try to take their letters away, and they said “yes”, so wondered how many kept and read them. Most I hope!

    A final note; if you type in, it immediately points to the same old That makes one think doesn’t it?

    • honesty Robert I was very entertained by your story, but if people can’t figure out for themselves that they are being scammed they will probably just fall for the next “sure thing’….it’s human nature….don’t get me wrong my heart is with those who want to escape life in a cubicle, but honestly if you are one of those too lazy to smell this out you are very likely gonna be in for another scam and are probably not intelligent enough to make the big bucks anyway….those people you saved are no doubt on their way to buying into some multi-level marketing pyramid scheme or a stock option or FOREX seminar…..the scams change, people don’t that’s why these scams will continue for eternity
      ….good story Rob, good luck to you

  15. I went to the free seminar and got the free gifts. Some people went for the free gifts, which are not with the 3-4 hrs in my opinion, unless you are coming for the iPad, which was a complete mis-lead, bc the iPads were not available by some fine-print caveat at the presentation. Some imaginary drawing online for some lucky and also imaginary 50 people got the iPads, but not the attendees at the seminar as originally represented. So that was disappointing.

    The seminar did not tell me anything I didn’t already know. I’m not into flipping houses. It is risky and very hard to do in a market like here in the Baltimore-DC area where it is very much a buyer’s market. If you want to make money here, but homes undervalue and rent them. The rental market is, and will be for years, very hot here.

    Anyways, the seminar quickly became a sales pitch for a 3 day work shop. They stressed that attending the workshop is necessary to get access to their funding- basically they will finance your deals and advise you, but only charge a 1% transaction fee. So I bought the bait and talked them down from $1997 to $1250 for the 3-day work shop. I figured if they hold true about loaning me money for 1%, even if the loans are short term (I think one loan product was for a term of 10 years) it would be worth the $1250 to take their workshop.

    Now I am really worried I just lost that money based on the reviews I’m reading. Has anyone out there ever had a deal financed by these guys period? If so, was it at the one time fee of 1% like they promise?

    I’ll be honest- I have horrible credit due to a divorce and bankruptcy so most lenders won’t touch me. I find one or two amazing realestate deals a month, but have no capital and no access to capital. That is the only reason I signed up for their workshop- simply due to their promise of loaning me money for deals with no credit check and for the one-time fee per transaction of 1%.

    If anyone has experience with this please post.

    • Thanks for your write-up Chris. Hopefully another reader can answer your question. From what we’ve heard, the 3-day seminar is in turn ANOTHER long sales pitch for an even more expensive upgrade. Perhaps you can touch base again and tell us of your experience.

  16. I went to the seminar in MD and the whole thing was bogus. They didn’t provide what they promised, what they claimed in the 1 day seminar, they didn’t deliver. I signed up for the 3 day seminar and it was like a pyramid because they wanted you to take advanced courses for thousands of dollars more. And at this point I couldn’t get my money back because the 3 days had expired and they knew this because it was more than 3 days before the 3 day seminar and at that point we realized we had been misled and lied to. We need to get together and organize a class action suit against this organization. I would be willing to help spearhead because what they have done and is doing is wrong.

  17. I’ve been to most of real estate guru seminars, from scot & laurie, fortune builders, scott yancy and armando montelongo which this one cost $55,000.!! None of them except for yancy offered financing. If you’re a newbie, financing is the biggest hurtle! They all make a fortune with their seminars. The armando bus tour 5 day semionar made him 6 million just for seminar! Financing! That is the missing link, getting it without paying rediculous fees. I’ve flipped house for years but only when I could get 1 year loan from bank, interest only. Now I go to seminars to find partners. Yes, you can make fortune.

    • Do you know if Yancey really does give you financing at the 3 day seminar or do you have to invest the next level to get financing..that was the only reason I was going to pay the 2000..because of the financing ..Your correct thats my only hurtle..thanks rebecca

  18. CarmineNadine Hansen // March 8, 2014 at 10:23 pm // Reply

    I attended one of the extended 3-day events here very recently….and from the moment the presenter (no, not Scott Yancy, or Scott McGillivray) Deno, opened up the presentation, you started to get this gut feeling that something was amiss. AND, by that time, he was already well into a rant about anyone with a ‘negative attitude’ will be immediately ejected from the seminar. You must have a ‘winning’ attitude to remain, not a ‘losing’ one. Nor are questions tolerated or allowed…period. Now at this point all the hairs on my neck and arms were standing straight up. But, I knew my husband would not budge, so I stayed. And, I prayed the price. I am so sick with tension and pressure and just plain being so rudely disrespected by this group, that I couldn’t keep anything down for 3 days following. My hubby, of course, was all jazzed. Forget it, honey! Use their money, get the first deal done, get the refund, and get the hell out! OR do nothing and ask for a full refund…those are your choices. It had some bit of redemption by the presentation of the software available….but not for $15,000. worth of redemption!!! Stay home folks!

  19. Wow. So disheartened! I just went to the free seminar here in Colorado (just yesterday)with my boyfriend and we really got excited about the potential in this- the tax liens for sure and we did sign up for the 3 day seminar- at a discounted rate …but nonetheless -$1500 each for both the tax lien program and the 3 day workshop. We did get
    offered a $500 certificate to use at our discretion to pay for gas, hotel – “to use on whatever we want” as they put it, so we looked at it all as minimal risk. They said we’d get this after the first day. Got $100 rebate coupons to use for various deals too. We are supposed to attend the 3 day seminar this coming weekend in Denver and now after reading this I really feel scammed! We too thought that if they are offering the 1% financing, we could do our first deal really soon. Is there any merit to this program at all?
    And as Rebecca asked, do we not get help or financing if we don’t move forward with these other programs? No way are we investing Ny more money unless we see a return on our initial $3000 spent! I feel like canceling the credit card right now before attending!!! But I’m still curious…any input is appreciated.

  20. Stanley smiles // March 13, 2014 at 1:43 pm // Reply

    I did the the 4 hr free seminar, I knew it was a big sales pitch I did not invest into anything because the money you give them is a scam so I got a little more info on foreign investments in the States is a good idea for business in Canada were I’m from but the way I scammed them was I already had a certified investment adviser with the same connection they have so you can do this yourself with proper researchers of this line of business ;)

  21. Went to a Scott Yancey show recently. I didnt sign up for the three day seminar so i cant comment on the quality of the content.

    I can say that the sales force could benefit from sales training themselves. It was quite easy to see through the pitch.

    In this day and age when we’ve been through the Amways and other MLMs you need to redesign the script.

    If anything it was a great lesson in how not to sell.

  22. Never, ever, pay a “guru”. Carleton Sheets was a cheesy guru in the 80s & 90s who promoted “no money down”. I did buy some of his materials ($250 I think) but I knew his seminars were a scam…the printed material was shoddy and grossly incomplete. Plus you needed money!!! You have to have SOME of your own money to be an investor! Anything else is a gift or bullshit. Today, the Montelongo loser from San Antonio is doing the same thing. Here’s an idea. Get a Real Estate license. Offer your time to an agent that works with investors. Ask about local RE investor clubs. Offer your labor in whatever way you can to actual landlord owners of single family homes, multi-family, and apartment complexes. If you give something (e.g. time or expertise) you can gain valuable information. You can’t be timid or shy or intimidated. You can be humble and grateful. How many self-made really wealthy people can’t “sell themselves” to people? Not many! Seek to meet people actually DOING it not “teaching” it. The latter usually never really “did it”. There are great legitimate sources for investing in RE online and in books. is a legit site that’s free with lots of information. They do have a premium subscription but it’s less that what I paid Charlatan Cheats 25 years ago! Oh, and I am doing it. I busted my ass in a fun rewarding corporate media career. I made a lot of money (for the company and personally) but I also saved and invested wisely in my own homes, and rarely financed any depreciating assets. I’ve had impeccable credit all along. I punched out early from the corporate world and my time is my most valuable asset. I have cash flowing apartment buildings, single family homes, and I deal with residential RE as a licensed agent which also helps in personal investing. The network of quality people you can meet can really be impressive and powerful, something seminars from “gurus” have never been and never will be.

  23. my comment is for the one that wanted to know about the finance. My partner and I are in these programs. You can use the finance, but it not that easy.Some deals you have to have part of the money or half of it,(if it is a Double close you use there money cause you do those in 3 days I THINK NOT SURE) It is better to use other people money a least for me. By doing Wholesale.If you don’t know what that is go to www. Dean he has some really great training on his website and its free just sign up. download his book 30 days to real estate cash.
    That free to. If you read it and do what it says it will work. I don’t know about Scott Yancey, but Dean is really good and he does things on his website to help and train all you have to do is listen and do. I don’t know if you will read this or not if you do send me a note let me know if it was of any help. All the Luck to you Shirley


  24. Went today to the free seminar. I went because I like the show and was at the nicest hotel in Salt Lake City so seemed legit and wanted to network. Met another investor right off the bat and we were making comments to each other during the seminar. He mentioned potential upsells at the workshop and was right! I’m a Realtor and have helped and still helping many investors. Many different ways to make money in real estate. My advice would be talk to a Realtor that deals with REO properties like myself. We know some good deals and notify you when one comes up and can steer you in a good direction, investor clubs for info, networking and potential financing. It’s all about relationships. Get to know people doing it, get out and look at properties and put things into place and just make progress. Dont plan on getting rich overnight. Work at building your wealth the right way and keep building. Teach your kids and create an empire. If you are in the Utah area or interested in investing in a solid and appreciating market, email me @ [email protected] Best of luck!!!

  25. Hi,
    I am looking for someone who has actually attedend tgr 3 day seminar. My friend went to the free class, and she paid 2000 for tge both of us to attend. But something doesnt seem right. One do they actually give you funding? Two if you ask questions and are asked to leave do you receive a refund?

  26. I feel horrible,I fell for the sales tactics.They prey on the vulnerable. Now I am in further dedt.Help!

  27. Just left the seminar and have tried in vain to find out about my camera as it takes you to another link that wants you to buy a more expensive one. I asked a lot of questions regarding being a local “bird dog” for them without going to the next seminar and their answer was I had to attend the next 3 day event in order to have their support. I tried to explain I could do several deals next week in my locality if I only had cash flow and if they were interested lets do them. I found out that the sales team could only refer me to come to the next event and or get in touch with the home office to see if they were interested. No one could give me any names and no one had a business card to give me to have access. I believe they are making money on all the seminars around the country and not truly investing.
    I did not sign up for the next event. Keep your money.

  28. Went to one of these “seminars” this morning and was not allowed in because the room they had rented was not big enough for all the people who showed up. So many people were grumbling about having to drive long distances and missing work that the two guys who were explaining why they could not let more people in started to give away the CD’s and cameras that i am now assuming (after finding this site and others like it) were reserved for the people inside. I left and now i am glad that i could not get in. Got to thinking about it and after doing a little research that i wish i had done sooner (i just made the reservation four days ago) i find out that i almost wasted an entire day of work for something that there is no way i would have signed up for. Lesson learned. Remember the old adage “if it is too good to be true….” or “easy”. I feel like an idiot for not looking them up before making all the effort to get there. I saw their infomercial at five in the morning. What i should have done is turn on the computer instead falling for an easy get rich scheme.

  29. Just came back from the one in Tupelo Ms. I knew before I went I wasn’t interested but wanted to find out more. All I really found out is in order to know more I needed to pay for more training. If you really listened (which was hard because they went on and on) there were tell tell signs that you want really expect to make any money. Read the small print on your invitation it tells you not to expect these results and property shown was NOT bought by an individual but by a company and they are the only lowest buys they have bought, also states you cannot expect to find houses at those prices.

  30. Margaret F. Kimmins // March 28, 2014 at 5:59 am // Reply

    I attended the real estate conference on March 27, 2014 in Jackson, TN., I have search the website to receive the free digital camera. at this points I am unsuccessful. Will you email me to what I need to do to complete this process ? Thanks

  31. I just attended the seminar last night in Sacramento Calif. Scam artists! DO NOT BUY their pitch! Scott and his wife should be ashamed…..just in it for the money taking advantage of deperate people! They have a few high pressure salesmen working for them. This is a TOTAL rip off!!!!

  32. Went to the free seminar and like a fool bought into the $2000 3-day class. After the first day I knew it was a rip-off. I paid $2000 to listen to a sales pitch for a $40,000 class. The financing is a joke- they talk about financing for 1%. That is 1% for 3 DAYS!! 12% for 2 months. I went back the next morning and demanded my money back. They finally gave it to me, Then walking out I stopped out in the parking lot to talk to a couple guys I met in the class, They saw me through the window and came out and demanded I leave the property right now!. I basically told them to stick it and make me leave. They threatened me with security which I just laughed at. They didnt want me to tell others that I think they are just selling snake oil. Bottom line is DONT buy into this, There are books for $12 that will teach you more.

  33. I to went to Yancey Events free seminar and did buy into the 1% because they said it was only for those who buy the 3 day workshop. I too like many people was caught up in a bad economy and divorce turning my credit bad. I have been taken to the bank…. my last $1997.00 for a workshop that was just a big motivational speaker…
    My husband and I attended one of these Scott Yancey events just recently, and it was quite a sales pitch. The first Speaker, Ryan, was a very personable and smooth talker, although he stated that he wasn’t’t much of a public speaker. “I think he might be convincing enough to sell whisky to a Southern Baptist preacher!” (end quote) He had the attention of most everyone in the room, and kept the process going to the extent of having everyone, including me, raising their hands and ‘agreeing’ with his questions, for example; “Wouldn’t you like to live large and work from home on your own time using someone else’s money to make money?”
    There is always people, whom are easily persuaded, and will agree to almost anything. Those are the ones that will believe everything they see and hear. I am usually not one of those people. Ryan had the people who were interested in the 3-day ‘training’, go to the back of the room and let the handlers take their $1,997.00. I questioned them. This seamed to be a true company with great intent. There seemed to be a future in what he/they was telling us, so at that point in time, I fell for a better future. Little did I know that would be just the start of a scheme to remove many thousands of dollars from my family. I was taken in by the “stop living paycheck to paycheck” line. I am un able to work a full time job due to physical impairment caused by a combination of a birth defect and a drunk driver who hit me in 1999. (I am not on disability, my husband is sole provider for our family) I truly believed they could change my life, our life, get us out of the poor man’s land, and giving them my last $19970.00 would multiply with my efforts into a great “empire” as they put it. ( my husband and I decided to sign up and give it our all. Sadly without researching into this company deeper. We paid $100.00 cash down and made agreement that $1,897.00 to be debited from checking at a later date, due to not having any money to start with) Yes, It would make a new future, we thought, but the 3-day workshop consisted of nothing that would give me or my husband any better abilities to buy and sale wholesale properties that we didn’t already know.
    The first day of class ended and we walked out of the class being somewhat disappointed but since we paid so much, why not give it a try again tomorrow. Maybe today was introductory day and tomorrow will be hard core study….. My husband and I had been invited by and to meet with Eric Neilson at 8am the 2nd day. We thought this was when we would be introduced to the 1% financing to be able to purchase and sale wholesale property. Making them money and making us money. After all that is why we purchased the 3-day workshop to get the 1% financing they promised. We thought this was our coach and he had valuable information for us. No he just wanted to know what we had in savings, our 401K, Roth, bank, and how many credit cards did we have and our credit score’s….. That should have been a red flag right there. I thought he was trying to help us get money down to start a LLC., and show us how to use this companies system/technique and other peoples “Investors” money to be apart of the Real Estate world and move up in the status of life. After all the motivational speakers were truly brainwashing us into believing we too can live in a 5000sq ft home just like them if we invest in this company.
    Third day we attended the class to find a beautiful picture of Rich family and his 5000 sq ft home on a power point… and find out more about how Rich managed to marry his wife and have 4 kids and use to be a meter reader…. Which is very irrelevant to the real estate market. Then he pulled up the software prop trend and started showing us the housing at wholesale cost on the software. Everyone was excited to see the cheaper housing they have to offer in the States and the figures we could be making if we decide to go ahead with the program… “IF” but you have to pay more money….
    This software is like going to Anyone can use Zillow for free. This is all a scam to make you think your investing in your own future, but in reality they take your money from you and your left high and dry and they tell you that you have to pay more for some more classes. I had my smart phone stolen, and I was unable to research this company on the spot. I fell hook line and sinker at the free seminar. The promised 1% financing and they lied.
    Third day Eric had me sign some blank papers because I couldn’t pay for any other training due to no job and no funds. I explained to him that I needed the 1% I was promised at the 1st seminar to utilize it for profits to pay any further cost, and told me that he would keep in touch with me because he knew Iwas going to be successful in this business and I needed the training. This is all a scam to suck any savings, money, or credit from people who just need a step up, and it sets you back 2 steps. Not only am I out $2,000.00 for the seminar. I had to pay for food and hotel for the time I sent 220 plus miles away from my home and children. I am an American and I too want the American dream, but never ever would I scam someone for it.
    Nothing in the 3-days benefited us at all. Everything that was talked about was complete common knowledge. Everything in my notes is is proof that the class is a scam-fraud to take from the people who fall for the sales pitch. If anything it cost me more money to got 220 plus miles away from my home to attend a workshop that taught me nothing. Part of the sales pitch from Ryan was that Yancey Events company would help with all the money to purchase property to sale and pay them 1% for using their money. Nothing out of your pocket… Just like the TV said… That was very misleading to those of us who went out on a limb to pay for the workshop. The seminar promised a workshop that would teach you how to win in the wholesale real estate life… Unfortunately a small amount of information over a very long and high-pressure sales presentation. To pay even more money… If you want to learn who to sale wholesale and be apart of a big company that is apart of A & E television you have to sign up for more classes. One thing that sticks in my mind is Rich telling us “would you invest in a multi million dollar company that has proof on TV success or would you rather take a chance”…. Well I took my chance and it set me so far back that I am still broke, or more broke than before. He was trying his hardest to talk us into the Boots on the ground…. Etc…. More workshops… In Las Vegas… And just what were they selling? More seminars, classes, workshops… I understand you have to spend a little to make a little. But this is unreasonable rates for common knowledge information. You could spend less going to realtor school.
    It seemed that the purpose of the seminar we attended was not to offer free advice to investors, but to find bigger fish with deeper pockets they could move into additional high-pressure sales rooms
    The “free” seminar sells investors another seminar, this one lasting three days and costing $1500 to $4000. Some people even said You could find that this seminar can be purchased on DVD for “only” $500. But I didn’t. That seminar, in turn, will yield even more pressure for a more personalized service which costs anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000. Thus, the free and $2000 seminars appear to exist solely to sell higher-priced seminars.
    Yancey’s seminars have been advertised on television, radio, and email. Not everyone has a smart phone or internet or cable for that matter and that seams to be what this company is counting on. People who are very interested in becoming free of debt. And sadly they promise this only putting you in greater debt. The poor stay poor while the rich get richer. Sadly it is like taking candy from a baby…
    I feel taken advantage of, much of the information found in the seminars can be found elsewhere for free or for minimal prices, which can be applied at your own pace not rushing you through 3 day 8 hour crash course.

  34. I emailed Scott right after the event and no response… We left 1/2 way through the event on 3/29 as we knew it was a scam…

    Email to Scott below:

    Replaced private info with ************

    To [email protected]
    Mar 30 at 11:11 AM
    Hi Scott,

    Wish Amie and yourself could have been at the event on Saturday. It would have meant the difference between us deciding to stay and complete the process compared to leaving 3/4 of the way through the presentation with Doug. We watch and DVR each Flipping Vegas show to work to learn the process. Myself I have a good paying job at ********** and wife works for a large medical firm so money is or was not the object. A granola bar, fruit snacks, pen, paper, and screen presentation which was hard to keep up when writing with was a frustration. You both are amazing people and want to see ourselves one day like you. Doug sat us directly in the center of the front seating when he saw us come in. I apologize for the complaints but want you to know how I think we and many others felt as turning around and not many people looked as enthused as they should have. If you ever have free time and want to discuss let me know and will be more than welcome to talk. The only agreement that I ask for is that I would like to speak to yourself or Amie so I know my wife and myself are not getting a admin assistant as we have at ******* to take care of items or incidents.

    Email – ******************
    Phone – (916) *************


    Tim *********

  35. Hung Nguyen // April 4, 2014 at 2:19 pm // Reply

    *** Good people, good team, and professionals ***

    We went to the 3-day seminar at Sheraton hotel in Salt Lake City on March 27, 28 and 29 after paying $2,000 and another $1,000 for the on-line Tax liens training. After the seminar, we decided that we currently don’t have time to invest in this real estates business. So we called in to request a cancellation and they refunded back a full amount including the Tax liens refund.

    So this is NOT A SCAM as people said in the comments.


  36. I attended one of these events yesterday in Detroit. Over 200 people in the room. Steve was the presenter and at 1 hr and 30 min into the event they offered the “deal”. Retreat for $1,997. The typical sell starts with valuing it at more and additional costs. Financing deals and spouse/family member attendance for free (normally $997). What completely amazed me was the amount of people in the room who jumped at the opportunity when they offered to refund the $1,997 after you close on your first deal. I think at a minimum half of that room got up to take the deal. That’s $200,000 in 90 min. I have no doubt that most will never complete this program. I don’t know if it’s a scam or MLM or whatever else we can call them today but I would expect a lot more information and course outline before giving up $2,000. All course costs and requirements through to the very end. If you’re that careless with money I doubt you’re the investor type.

  37. its a plastic camera you could buy at a dollar store get over it I just purchased this 3 day event knowing that at the free seminar there would be another you would pay for but like others I was interested by the possibility of networking with a co that would use their connections and share their knowledge to help get me started. I have limited credit and have found trouble with banks in this economy , that being said all those comments mean nothing to me if the people didn’t attend the 3 day seminar One or two did and they have discouraged me but my mind is still a little fuzzy with some of their comments , I still have my 3 days to cancel so and would like to hear from someone who has gone thru the process after the 3 day retreat were they successful at all and was it worth it .AND those idiots that are still looking for their plastic camera go to a dollar! store

  38. Steve Guzy // April 5, 2014 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    What I would like to know is Amy away whil Scott I “working? ” I feel so bad for HER! Im goin ti Vegas, look for Amy and take that sweet gorgeous woman away from that freaking cry baby of a man she calls a husband.

  39. I’ve been to a few real seminars (not selling anything, purely educational) by reputable companies AND the “Get Rich” ones that try to ‘pass on the knowledge’ because they are such pure and wonderful people who’ve made so much money they now have to put on seminars to make millions instead.

    It’s plainly obvious why someone puts on an event. They want to make money selling you something. If it were that easy to make money doing what they tell you why aren’t they all out there doing it?

    Anyway, I have “tickets” to a Scott and Amie Yancy event this week in the Seattle, WA area. I INTENDED to go for the book and 2-CD freebies. The camera is a joke just from seeing the picture and disclaimer saying it may be a similar one and not as shown (wow, it can be worse?).

    Then the Tickets arrived in the mail, as though I really needed them or might forget the event time. The letter accompanying the tickets (the tickets were part of the page to be cut off the bottom) IMMEDIATELY struck me as odd. It referred to the event as the “Doug Clark Private Income Property Event.” Huh? Event the book and resource CD’s referred to Doug Clark “Star of the Hit Reality Show ‘Flip Men’ and nowhere in the letter were Scott or Amie Yancy mentioned. How can this be? They were on the TV infomercial about their event yet…Doug Clark?

    And, to prepare you for how exclusive the event is they stated the events are usually for 100 or less people. They also list a few houses in my area they made deals with since February showing how easy it is, then in the fine print went on to say they may be deals from some time ago and illustrate some of the best deals they’ve made in various areas. WELL, at least they were honest about not telling the truth in earlier statements, hmph.

    Bait & switch? Dishonesty and more. My original signup was a different day on top of it all! Maybe I fit a different profile so was shuffled into a different group? Who knows. Thank you for this comment resource. I always look for one before attending anything like this and I’ve found this to be the best one to read by far.

    Thank you for your time (& there’s a minimum requirement of 500 attendees in order for the free ipad to be given away and as stated this event is usually limited to 100 or less…sorry)! HA!

  40. Reynaldo A // April 6, 2014 at 1:17 pm // Reply

    I attended the seminar in Houston, Texas. I wish I read these reviews and hundreds of other reviews around the web before attending. Don’t waste your time. The free gifts really aren’t worth four hours of your time. I was taught a long long time ago that if it sounds to good to be true then it probably isn’t. The presenters are lively and entertaining. They are good at what they do. Most hustlers and pimps are good at their business. $3000 and you now have access to properties all around the country? Wrong. You pay an additional $40K and you do. Hell, they even tell you that their results are not typical in the fine print. Don’t be dumb.

  41. Twenty minutes before leaving for a Scott Yancey semimar we followed the advice of a BBB StopFraud Video and googled him and found this page. Thanks so much to all of you who have taken the time to tell your experiences. We went out to lunch instead and had a much better experience. It is splendid you have all done this.

  42. L & K - Sisters // April 10, 2014 at 10:47 am // Reply

    Well- I see that Stan did some homework prior to attending the seminar. I have to say that we were one of the ones who were swayed into investing in the 3 day and the tax liens. After the seminar, however, we went onto the system to take a look at the database of “thousands of tax liens.” To our dismay, there were 45!… Which got us to the point of sending an email to our seminar contact and calling the 800 # to cancel. At least we took a look at it within the 3 day cancellation period.

    We are embarrassed by our eagerness to be so quickly swayed. We have wanted to get into this business and it seemed like everything that Todd (and Travis) talked about was very encouraging. It was obviously too goo to be true, and from reading the above accounts it sounds like most people here have had a similar situation.

    We will continue with our post once we have gotten our money back.

  43. Thank you all for your comments. This seminar is coming to Montreal next week… Glad to have read all of you. I will NOT attend and waste my time.

  44. My investment partner and me just returned from a Scott Yancey live event in Fort Lauderdale, FL. As a person about to take her RE Licensing exam, I was very skeptical about the “motivations” behind these types of seminars. This was the first of this type that I have attended. I was shocked that the moderator, Ryan, was not Scott Yancey as had been indicated in the invitation. The sales pitch was good, but it soon got around to the money. We were told it would cost a bargain amount of $1997. for two people to attend the three-day seminar coming up later in April. About 3/4 of the room rushed to sign up after Ryan told them that they would be reimbursed for this cost if they closed a deal within a certain time. Also, everyone was told they would have the benefits of 1% financing from Scott Yancey’s company to work with and not have to use any of their own money. As an added benefit, the attendees were told they would get the first $200,000 in financing at 0% interest as a bonus for attending the free seminar today. We did not sign up for the 3-day seminar, because we felt certain we would do very well on our own.
    There’s a lot of the same advice available for free in books and on the internet.
    The second part of the seminar tried to get attendees to sign up for a tax-lien purchasing service for a 1X fee of $1497. and $25 per month membership fee thereafter. This presenter rushed through the presentation and glossed over some very important details. It felt as if they were just herding us into the back to hand over our money for this second “money-making opportunity.” We did not fall for this either. At the end, when I inquired about the free gifts, I was given two certificates with websites where they said I could order my gifts. The camera website was not available in any search engine which means it may not exist. If you decide to go, you have been WARNED.

  45. So glad I took the time to research this before attending. I received this invitation in the mail and was surprise a week later when they called me at work…not sure how they got that information…wanting a confirmation of my attendance. Needless to say I will NOT be going…I have much better things to do with 4 hours of my time. Thanks to all who responded.

  46. Has anyone been able to get their money back through their credit card company after attending one of these seminars and realizing its truly a scam to get you to spend more money?

  47. Am presently sitting in a free seminar. Wish I would have read all these reviews first. I was excited at first and wanted to spend the money. My husband said let’s look on line….found this site. Thanks for saving us mibey5!

  48. Attended today April 16 at the Pennstater..Found the part on tax and deed liens informative, all speakers did a good job…….Lunch was poor and late, the digital camera was a cheap novelty item, would have been nice to have tables set up for note taking. Where is the tablet computer, and or the $100 gift card? Overall I didn’t think they explained to me well enough how I would recoup the $2000 training investment back, the real estate models all assumed that every deal went smooth and insured a income 100% of the time.

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