Secret Extensions Reviews: Are They Worth It? (April 2015 Update)

Secret Extensions Reviews: Are They Worth It? (April 2015 Update)

Secret Extensions are hair extensions which can be worn as easily as putting on a headband. The product is pitched by Daisy Fuentes, and it is said to blend better than, and remove easier than, traditional hair extensions. Read my Secret Extensions reviews after evaluating it with two testers.

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About Secret Extensions

Secret Extensions are hair extensions advertised on television by spokeswoman Daisy Fuentes. Unlike traditional removable extensions which use clips, Secret Extensions use a “revolutionary patented headband” which is designed for easy application and removal. This plastic, flexible headband fits over the head and can be disguised by pulling some hair over it. The extensions are made from an “all new keratin conditioned fiber that moves like, feels like, and looks like the real thing.” The length of Secret Extensions is moderate, at 16 inches long.

Secret Extensions can be found in some stores as of April 2015. I found them at a local KMart in the As Seen on TV section for $39.99.

The official website is, which was registered in August 2012. The official Facebook page was created in December 2013. Another website used for online advertising is

How much do Secret Extensions cost?

Secret Extensions cost $39.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total cost of $46.98. You can add additional sets for $29.99 each with no additional shipping.

You may encounter some early reviews and commercials for the product which state the price is $29.99. It would appear they have since raised the price, or that they are only advertising the cost of the second set.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee. An additional $10 charge added to orders sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, and Alaska.

As stated above, you can now find Secret Extensions in some stores for about $40.

Colors available

  • Light brown
  • Medium brown
  • Dark brown
  • Black/Brown (not pure black)
  • Light golden blonde
  • Medium golden blonde
  • Dark golden blonde
  • Dark blonde
  • Red blonde
  • Light red brown
  • Medium red brown

Black/brown is the darkest shade, and you can’t purchase pure, jet black as of this writing. Secret Extensions cannot be dyed.

As Seen on TV Commercial

Below is a television commercial for Secret Extensions, uploaded in January 2014:

Transcript of the television commercial:

Hi, I’m Daisy Fuentes. People always comment on how great my hair looks. Well, you know what? I’ve got a secret. You can get up close, you can touch and feel it, and you’d never know. My secret? Secret Extensions, the invisible hair extensions that give your hair thick natural looking volume and length in seconds. It’s more hair that’s ready to wear. Just look at the instant difference Secret Extensions makes.

“I can’t believe this is my hair. It looks amazing.”

“Oh my gosh, I look so glamorous. I love it.”

“It looks amazing. It looks really awesome.”

The secret is the revolutionary headband which is completely invisible. Slip it on like a headband and pull your own hair over. It’s adjustable so it fits every head beautifully without any bumps or ridges. You get thicker, fuller, longer hair in seconds.

“So it’s like a headband. I just put it up. It’s crazy.”

“My hair’s dramatically longer.”

Secret Extensions are made of an all-new keratin-conditioned fiber that moves like, feels like, and looks like the real thing. And the best part is Secret Extensions are available in different colors to perfectly blend into your hair.

“It feels perfect. It feels like my actual hair.”

“I cannot see where my hair ends. I love it and it blends right in perfectly.”

You can wash, trim, straighten, and curl your Secret Extensions. Give yourself long, loose waves, a trendy fishtail braid, or a high-fashion pony instantly. Secret Extensions are completely secure. You can trust them to stay put from busy days to crazy nights. Hair extensions at the salon can cost as much as $500, but you can get Secret Extensions today for just $29.99. Secret Extensions are guaranteed to perfectly blend into your hair or your money back. Get the hair you’ve always dreamed of with Secret Extensions. Call or log on at

Slow Delivery

Perhaps the biggest complaint found in online reviews is in regards to slow shipping. Some consumers have stated that they waited months to receive Secret Extensions. We placed our order in mid-January 2014 and received it in early April, which is slightly outside of their stated 4-6 week shipping window.

It would also appear that these initial shipping complaints came as the product was initially being rolled out. Later online reviewers do not express the same frustration with shipping as earlier reviewers.

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My Secret Extensions Review

Although many initial customers complained of glacially-slow delivery (if at all), we received our Secret Extensions a little over two months after ordering. Below are some pros and cons I found in my evaluation of the product with two testers.

In late 2014 a similar product called Secret Color began advertising. These are colored extensions marketed to teens and young women, but works with a similar headband.


  • Application is simple. You simply place it over your head like a headband and pull some underlying hair over it to hide the band.
  • Hair looks fuller and longer, and the extensions blend in with most hair colors and types.
  • Styling Secret Extensions is similar to styling real hair. Some users have said the best method is to lay them flat when styling to achieve the best results.
  • My testers gave the product overall good marks in comparison to regular clip-on extensions.


  • Headband. The “revolutionary” headband feels like a simple piece of elastic, and it’s unclear how long this will hold up with extended use. It can tend to feel loose, which will result in constant adjusting. If the elastic breaks, there is no recourse but to buy a new set.
  • Blending. Although solid colors blend well, those with streaked or highlights may find difficulty in finding a color to blend naturally.
  • Slow delivery. As noted above, the biggest complaint with this product is related to ordering and delivery problems. This could sour some customer opinions on the product before receiving it. It also appears that slow delivery complaints were more prevalent in the early months of the product’s life.
  • Some readers have reported that they found the headband to be visible after putting on the extensions. This could be affected by several factors, such as hair type and the skill of the person attempting to blend the band with the hair around it.
  • Those with thick, full hair may find the extensions to be on the thin side in comparison with their own hair. Many consumers have stated that it takes multiple extensions to achieve the full look shown in the advertising.
  • Quality. The quality of Secret Extensions has been addressed. Some customers felt that they seemed “cheap” compared to higher quality extensions.
  • Return policy. You can only return the product unopened. Most consumers will not know if they want to return the product until after they’ve opened it.

Beware of fake reviews

If you’ve looked for Secret Extensions reviews online, you have probably seen several glowing endorsements which end with “click here to order yours!” Reviews like these are often affiliate marketers, and do not seem genuine if the reviewer stands to make money off of the product.


The Google Trends chart below shows the history of searches for Secret Extensions. As you can see, interest in the product peaked in July 2014, but continues to surge in early 2015.

Bottom Line

My testers gave Secret Extensions moderate results, although the product was initially plagued by slow shipping. Now that you can find the product in stores, this would be the best way to obtain it in order to avoid shipping costs and delays. Not all reader reviews reflect our initial observations, with the product receiving mixed opinions at best.

Read my follow-up observations after my testers tried Secret Extensions for two additional months in my supplemental review of Secret Extensions.

Your Secret Extensions Reviews

Have you used Secret Extensions? Give us your Secret Extensions reviews in the comments below.

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Updated April 1, 2015
Originally published April 2014

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  • Melanie G.

    I recently ordered secret extensions for 7 bucks from a seller in China. They are the real deal,but I preferred to wait longer for them to arrive and not pay a whole lot rather then go into debt over a product I read isn’t very good. I am waiting for them to arrive. I do have the secret color extensions(husband found them at a dollar store lol) but they are pretty cool in my opinion. Only issue is that my hair is barely to my shoulders so it is hard to blend them. I have to wait till my hair grows a bit.

  • Asia Warnock

    ok so is there a better, higher quality version of a similar product. it seems like a great idea but who wants crap? i would rather buy quality that will last. any advice?

  • Linda Gervais Carter

    I purchased four of the extensions with the buy one, get one. Pros are that it is a perfect blend, and delivery was timely.

    The cons? Did you ever notice on the commercials, the models have shoulder length hair or longer before attaching the extensions? That is because if your hair is short ( mine is collar length) these extensions don’t work unless you are willing to cut several of them in layers, so the blend looks natural in the back. They are so thin, that several are needed to complete the look, One or two applied may feel comfortable, but anymore than that, it is not, which I needed all four..

  • R8R-RedWoman

    I would have been disappointed had I only purchased one, as each extension are not REAL thick. Personally, 2 looks more natural.

    The colors match pretty good too.

    Mine where purchased at a store, which really made it easy to see what I was getting. I’m not the most patient person around, typical me, I like the instant gratification.

    The 1 and really only negative is that the elastic band broke, on both my pieces the third time I wore them. I dont have a extraordinary large head,and though the fit felt perfect, after some adjusting, then ‘pop’ both of them. I expected later rather than sooner the band would eventually break so after paying about $80.00 I disapointed that I must now dish out more $$$$ for another 2. I just don’t believe that on the third wear this should have happened.

  • J. MacLeod

    I live in Canada. My daughter received Secret Extensions as a Christmas gift from an aunt who lives in another province. She received two different shades as her aunt was not sure which would work best. As it turned out, neither shade was suitable as the colours on the website are not at all the same as the colours of the actual product they send. Also, on the commercial they appear about 6 inches longer than they actually are. They are also very thin so ordering two different colours was pointless as one would need at least two sets to make them look even marginally convincing. 

    Upon calling Secret Extensions, I explained this was a gift ordered well in advance of Christmas as it was a gift, but the wrong colours had been ordered and I would like to do an exchange. The operator actually said “I’m sorry there is nothing we can do since it’s past the 30 day return period. Would you like to order more in the appropriate colours?”. I couldn’t believe my ears. I finally got him to put in a “request with a supervisor” to be reviewed. I was told that someone would get back to me with a decision in 36-48 hours as to whether or not they would accept an exchange. No one did. I called again. Still no one got back to me. And again. Still no response. 

    Please please please don’t waste a dime of your money on this cheap, substandard and misrepresented product with the worst customer service I have to say I have ever experienced. Shame on you Daisy Fuentes for representing this product and helping this company cheat people out of their hard earned money.

  • apryl

    No. Do not waste your money here. Shop around. Read and trust reviews. I ordered 7 types of extensions from Amazon also 3 types of buns and 4 different bangs. This brand however rates by far the lowest. Lowest quality and also cost the most. You will be disappointed. Trust this.

  • Hope

    I ordered on Tuesday, got on Thursday. Haven’t tried but looks very thin.

  • Lynn Joyce

    Very disappointed with my extensions. When I brush it the hair comes out in lumps and they are so thin to start with, nothing like you see on tv. And I have only had them for one week. As one comment has stated, you have to send them back unopened. A bit of a con I think.

    • Norma Gonzalez

      I was totally shocked when I saw the extensions there was so little hair is there that it didn’t even make a difference when I put it on my head the elastic is so weak that I afraid that it would break this is all false advertisement and I’m sad to say that Daisy Fuentes should be ashamed of herself selling and putting out a product like this I would advise no one to buy this product very unsatisfied customer.

  • I bought 2 sets for the holidays. The band is visible and too big. My biggest complaint is they shed more than my dog Misty. Wish I could post apic of the hair called to try to return them they did not say I couldn’t because I opened the package just stated that I must have received damaged product and are sending mean other set. Do not buy this product. Poorly made you know what they say you get what you pay for. Ordered my clip in hair extensions last week and just received them this morning. And I love love love them.

  • Sunshine303

    I purchased 2 packages of Secret Extensions. Took 3 weeks to receive. Wore them once. The headband is too loose and the hair tangles after you wear it. The hair even tangles while I’m brushing it. I was not aware that returns were accepted only if package is unopened until I read these reviews. Hopefully I can save someone else the headache of ordering this crap. Save your money they are a waste and cheap. I doubt very much if Daisy wears them because they suck. I’ll stick to my natural hair Remi clip-ins.

  • lisa

    I got mine in 2 weeks. I shopped them I thought skillfully. Color was much lighter than pictured. Like the feel, but very silver looking. Did not come close to matching my hair like the pic did. They fit well, but Tiny pieces. Overall, not worth taking another chance. It eventually gets expensive, (in the long run). Not downing the product, but definitely not a thumbs up. Get yourself the real hair 😉

  • waffles

    It’s not real. They describe it as a “keratin conditioned fiber that moves like, feels like, and looks like the real thing.”

  • waffles

    That’s just one way to prevent automatic spam from bombarding our comments. Thank you, by the way, for your comments!

    We have not seen them in stores yet.

  • Joanne

    I ordered my first set from HSN, but the color was too light. They have a 30 day, no questions asked return policy, so no problem. They are sold out, so I ordered a darker color from the website. Wow, the reviews are quite different on HSN, so I hope I receive the same quality product. Thank you!

  • Tina

    I’m not sure why so many are up in arms about these. I ordered these, from Canada, and received them about 5 days later. It does not look like a lot of hair when you open the package, but when put in, it is more than enough hair. Unless you want to look like a lion or have extremely thick hair, one piece is enough. they do exactly what the commercial shows and the feel of the hair is light and hair-like. If someone wants human hair than they can pay the extra few hundred dollars and get real hair. I’m happy with this purchase. I am slightly worried about the elastic but I figure I can buy a dark elastic to replace it IF it breaks. I have thin hair and the elastic does not show. It’s quite amazing.

  • Lisa Tennison

    Arrived quickly and color matches but I wish I had read closer about the length. The websites show the models with the extensions practically down to their waist. My own hair is longer than the extensions. And it is nowhere near my waist. I won’t be wearing this product but might order again if they make then in different lengths.

  • kitty

    I was very disappointed also. The hair is very thin, you need more than one. But I’m glad I didn’t buy 2 because the hair falls out in clumps. Absolutely terrible! I wish I saw all these reviews before I ordered it because the complaints are accurate.

  • Margie
    H.M.G.Thank you for the heads up! Personally I don’t care that the secret extentions are thin and “strandy” due to having natural light blonde hair…my hair is also naturally thin. But to my dismay hearing that the before and after pics are deceiving, and the product loses hair when brushed/combed is Unacceptable and it’s Nov. 5th and I needed and wanted to order and receive mine by the second week of Dec. Because my son’s getting married up in Boston
    (Looks like that won’t happen!) Also…I have a question, that’s important to me. My hair is about 12″ long already, would secret extentions really make my hair look longer, since it starts at the base of the hair-line? If not, I’d rather spend my hard earned money on a nice dress or piece of jewelry. Any immediate response is greatly appreciated!

  • No name

    Secret Extensions are liars. What you see on tv and what you get are two totally different things. While they say it gives you fuller looking hair, I dont understand how when what I just got was a thin strand of hair attached to a very thin piece of elastic that almost snapped while trying to put it on. My hair is longer and thicker than this thin hair piece. I wish i had a picture for you to see what you sent me it made me laugh when I saw it. Luckily I returned it. Shame on Secret Extensions. Such liars. Dont trust what you see on tv. Big mistake.

  • Trisha Orr

    It took approximately 10 days to get my Secret Extensions and I live in Canada.
    Totally disappointed by the product! The elastic band feels loose at times and you feel like you always have to check it or adjust it. The worst part is that the hair does not curl with a curling iron or a flat iron. Zilch!!! I made sure that the heat was well below the 320 degrees as recommended!. It looks like a Barbie doll hair!
    I have an assortment of human hair, Jessica Simpson extensions and when you take it out if the package you will see that it is a very small amount of hair. I purchased 2 pieces- light blonde and medium blonde as I have fine hair and it hardly gave me any volume. The info commercial is very misleading in the respect of the actual volume of hair you do receive. A waste of $100!!

  • mynamehere

    Hmmm, was about to order until I read these reviews. I buy a lot of hair pieces and the prices for these are excessive. Nevertheless I was willing to try until I read of the poor customer service and delivery time. I like the concept of how it is designed to work and it seems to me you could make one yourself with just a little creativity. I have long real human hair wefts and they can be sewn to a more substantial piece of elastic, or go the old fashioned way and cornrow two rows of hair across back bottom of your hair and sew them directly on. I’ve done this myself and its not as hard as it sounds. I left them on for several months. They got a little itchy towards the end but looked good.

  • Diana Cuadra

    I ordered mine Feb 24th and they didn’t ship out until May 1st. Not once did they inform me the extensions were on back order.

  • Travelrn

    Did they allow you to return it since it was open? I’m selling mine on eBay since I was told I could not 🙁

    • H.M. G

      I bought 2 (different colors) so I will at least return the unopened 1. I dont even want the hassle with the other. I’m so pissed. Good luck with your sale! I may try that at some point..

  • JCooper

    I ordered mine, they said they wouldn’t charge my card until it shipped but then I saw the charge come through the next day and got nervous that this was going to be a headache. HOWEVER, I received my order in less than a week! It is pretty easy to use and blends with my hair well. The only drawback for me is I wish they offered them in various lengths, and also – my hair is thin so concealing the ‘headband’ on the top of my head takes some creativity. But overall I think it’s well worth the money 🙂

  • Olive Yew

    I have a hard time believing these complaints. Not everyone who ordered these extensions placed ALL their orders in March. I do not believe in Coincidences either… Mama always said, if something doesn’t feel right, there is something wrong. And there is something wrong, reading these complaints. Sorry folks…,

    • Waffles At Noon

      Which complaints are you referring to? Our reviewers gave it “overall good marks” and you are the first commenter.


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