Seeking Reviews for Bellaplex and Hydroxatone

Seeking Reviews for Bellaplex and Hydroxatone

Bellaplex and Hydroxatone are separate anti-wrinkle products, yet they are often mentioned together, and not always in a positive light. If you have tried one of these products, we’d like to hear from you!

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We first mentioned these products nearly a year ago when we reviewed over a dozen anti-wrinkle websites. In that time, it appears that Hydroxatone and Bellaplex have endured as two of the most heavily-marketed anti-wrinkle creams in 2012. Let’s take a look at these products.

There are now two Hydroxatone products – the AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex, and the 90-Second Wrinkle Reducer. The official Hydroxatone website offers this product along with several others. You can buy it for $79.95 online as of this writing, and it is also available in some stores, such as Ulta and Macy’s. They also offer a “free trial” which I always suggest avoiding. To their credit, the official website does contain some negative reviews, though it seems as though these reviews originate from product reviews, which – as we’ve seen with most controversial products – appear to have a heavy mix of 5-star and 1-star reviews, with little in between.  Perhaps the biggest issue people have with this product is that it is a favorite of spammy internet affiliate marketers making ridiculous claims from phony websites. The Consumer Affairs website lists over 150 reviews, most of them negative, and many of these based on the handling of the free trial, rather than the product itself. Moreover, Complaints Board also appears to be heavily saturated with consumer complaints about payment and free trial issues, rather than the effectiveness of Hydroxatone.

If you have used Hydroxatone, we want to hear what you thought of the product. If you had issues with your order, we’d like to hear that, too.

Even though Bellaplex and Hydroxatone are often mentioned together, they are separate products. Unlike the official Hydroxatone website, the official Bellaplex website emphasizes their free trial from its home page. In fact, I could find no way to simply order the product without the free trial. This is a huge red flag. Free trials of health or anti-aging products are almost universally designed to rip people off. Their testimonials are also unanimously glowing. Another red flag. It should also be of some concern that a Google search of Bellaplex yields ScamBook as the first result, with many consumer complaints about the free trial. Even though ordering Bellaplex from the official website seems impossible, you can find it on Amazon. As with Hydroxatone, the reviews are mostly 5-star or 1-star.

Have you used Bellaplex? What did you think of the product and the ordering process?


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  • Lalit Chanprateep

    I’m in Australia, I also can’t find a real number of their company.

  • Lalit Chanprateep

    I also have a problem with Karen. I was charged on my credit card 1.99$ AUD twice. And call center said that If I want to cancel, I have to return them products and I will not be charged for the next bills. Can I trust them?

  • Lalit Chanprateep

    How could you cancel the ordering? I also get the same problem. please email me [email protected]. Thank you

    I try to call back the numbers that they gave me but the number are not available.

  • Doreen Drysdale

    I chancel led the order immediately after discovering what I had mistakenly dinged for but was told order had been dispatched so contacted my bank cancelled my card and their charges to my account which had gone through we’re refunded but a parcel has just arrived and I don’t have an address to return it to. What should I do now?

  • Rae Gibson-Murray

    I am in NZ and I have been trying to make contact with the suppliers of Bellaplex as well as Hydroxatone about returns and found it so difficult to make contact with them. All I wanted to know was the actual address to return the trial goods to them and cancel any others they maybe sending because my skin reacted. I could not make contact with them which I found strange because the last Person I spoke to whose name was Sam was very helpful, and this was after I had placed an order for the trial period. Not being able to make contact worried me, so I made contact with my bank and explained the difficulty in making contact with the company, I asked my bank to cancel my visa card. Which was done instantly. I was finally able to speak to someone about 4.30am NZ time today. Was she helpful? She was not really interested at all really. I will not be purchasing anything from them again. I’ve been surfing the net and find these products and others are available elsewhere. I’ve learnt my lesson, I wont be purchasing anything on line again unless payment is made via paypal or another secure payment method.

  • waffles

    Good observations. Unfortunately, not everyone catches those minute differences and believe they are going through a legitimate website.

  • Heather Lapierre

    My husband ordered this stuff and we were charged $27.99 in duty & taxes because they valued these two little pill bottles of cream at $150. Fortunately I read the fine print and found that he has 30 days to cancel. His invoice does have a 1-800 number on it and I will call. Ifthey charge my CC, I will change the number.

  • Margaret Saxon

    I purchased Hydroxatone and Bellaplex and couldn’t cancel I tried phoning and emailing to no avail.
    I asked my credit card company who the money was being taken out of my account monthly ,and explained the situation, within a short time she had contacted them and I spoke to a man and told him I wanted to cancel my order, he told me that he would, and I haven’t heard from them since.
    my credit card company was American express thumbs up to them .

  • Adam

    I tried to purchase both products and got a message declined try another card after checking my accounts I have not been debited glad it didn’t go through after looking at this site.

  • Ihavehadit

    I agree with you, I (Canadian) have no number and the nightmare is just beginning, I can’t get in touch with them and I have sent them many messages.

  • Darrin

    I have recently tried the hydroxotone product and also live in Australia. I loved it a lot and noticed a difference immediately!! The deeper lines i had almost disappeared with finer lines gone all together. Couldnt recmmend it more highly it. I had to stop using it on a regular basis as about day 14 i ended up with a dermatitis type rash also….probably more because i have sensitive skin and allergies. I contacted CS who were very helpful and responded in a timely manner. Indeed they were so concerned that they asked for photos which i was too happy to provide. They cancelld my order and apologised and told me to keep the remaining product which i now use occasionally. My only beef with tbe actual product is its greasy nature which seems to sit on the skin rather than being absorbed like others i have used. If my skin hadnt reacted with a rash i would be happy to have continued using it as the claims made about its effectiveness are, credible in my opinion. In terms of the active ingredients, im sure if you google the ingredients in other skin care products you probably wouldnt use those either.

  • Adam

    As much as I hope all of the users above resolve their problems, I think it boils down to the simple notion of knowing how to be safe on the internet. It may be worth most of you finding an informative webpage on how to recognise scams/malicious intentions online.

    Oh, and put a metaphorical padlock on your credit card sometimes!

  • Deb

    Are you sure you complainants are purchasing the “official” Bellaplex and Hydroxaton products? Apparently there are some immitators out there.

    I agree with Colleen Leth (Jan 25 2013) – I’m in Australia to and have been using Bellaplex & Hydroxatone for a year now and am very happy with the results. My skin is firmer (i’m 60)and feels much smoother. I really like the way my skin feels in the morning, after using the Bellaplex at night and whilst I didn’t have an enormous amount of wrinkles to begin with, I did have a deep one on my chin and after using these products (in combination) it has lessened considerably.

    I did need to clarify how to use them in unison as the products arrived speparatly with no instruction (other than that each one should be used am & pm) and was advised to use the Bellaplex at night and the Hydroxatone in the morning as it has an SPF factor.

    So far I have not encountered any administrative problems with the companies (I actually think they are the same company as their invoices are exactly the same format), however, I intend to try to suspend my deliveries for a few months…a) because I am going overseas for a while and b) because, the deliveries of each product are for 2 months usage – using one at night and one in the morning means you only need half the “monthly” supply. That means that I have 4 months supply sitting in my cupboard at this moment.

    The other point (which Chelsea Zagon made on January 12 2013) is that I too have found the Bellaplex container’s pump action doens’t work. I did send them an email telling them about the problem and I did receive one delivery (about 4 months ago) with different containers whose pumps actually worked, but they have since reverted to the old ones – which still have to have the pump unscrewed to retrieve the product.

    Given that, I still have to say I find the products (in combination) effective.

  • Alexandra

    Looks like it was not only me, a lot of others got in to the same situation. They kept send me the products unless I have cansil my credit card

  • waffles

    That’s how these “auto-ship” programs stick it to the customer. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Christina

    I ordered the Hydroxatone AM/PM. The 2 trial jars were great. My skin felt well hydrated and looked younger after I finished the 2 jars especially in Australia where it is very dry. I feel that the cream is good and effective. I am 53 years old. The problem is that they charge you the full price for your trial if you do not return the jars and there is an auto fill order at the end of the order which alot of people miss out. As such, you get sent the cream every month. What I did not like was that even before I could finish the cream I was sent Bellaplex and the Toner- items that I did not order and for which I was billed.
    I subsequently read about all the bad press about the order system. I called the customer number and cancelled the auto fill order which I didnt even realise existed.The customer support in the US were very helpful and I called up twice to make sure that it was cancelled with a cancellation number. I just kept the bellaplex and toner without sending it back or asking for a refund. It would be just too troublesome. I was just very relieved that the problem was solved and there were no more deductions or products sent.
    I have ordered the products from other retailers online so that I dont have this problem of being sent and charged for products that I dont want. Hope this is helpful

  • Eric

    I want to find out how to order a pack of hydroxatone and Bellaplex. The total price for the product and shipping arrangement to Michigan.

  • Lucky

    I got a sample of Hydroxatone 90 second instant effect wrinkle cream. I tried it and it made my forhead wrinkles disappear. It felt fine. I was actually shocked to see my wrinkles go away in a few minutes. At first I thought it did not work, but when I looked back in the mirror – I was thrilled. I felt 20 years younger. Then I researched online and saw all the bad costumer service reviews. I will not order this product online. Never give any company your credit card online. You are ASKING for problems. Cancel your card at the first sign of a problem or they will keep charging you!
    It appears maybe Macys carries this product? I hope so. I MUST HAVE MORE!!! The wrinkles stayed away for almost two days. I am trying to find out what the ingredients are. I think it is Matrixyl 3000 that does the trick.

    • waffles

      Good advice and thanks for your review!

  • Cr sunshine

    I am trying the product now and what has me concerned is the list of active ingredients. The three listed active ingredients are Octinoxate, octocrylene, and oxybenzone – google these ingredients and see what wonderful things are included in this magic formula. Effects of these start with rashes, to increased free-radicals, to liver damage, to carcinogen.

  • Stacey

    I loved both products and thought they really delivered on their promise. Cancelled the order due to price and would prefer it if I could buy it from a shop here in NZ. If I find a local supplier I will definitely use again.

  • Sue clark

    I have been using both products for about 12 weeks now and I have not noticed any change in the appearance of my skin. I am 53. I do not think it is worth it. Rather disappointed considering their claims.

  • someone

    It’s horrible that people do this :/ This add has been on facebook for months now, I clicked on it eventually and could tell it’s a scam, unprofessional photoshoped pictures. It’s sad that facebook allows this, and not only FB, this scam add is everywhere.

    People please follow this golden rule: If it sounds to good to be true… it probably is.

  • Susan

    For Canadians the number to reach both bellaplex and hydroatone is 1-800-672-2259. Yes the company is painful to deal with on the hydro atone side but bellaplex people seem to have a brain so far. This number gets you to customer service same company markets both products. Tell your credit card company to block charges. mine called me over the 1.99 charge to worn me that they will keep billing so I cancelled with bellaplex and the credit card company. Hope this helps

    • waffles

      Good info – thanks for the comment!

    • Lalit Chanprateep

      How could you cancel the ordering? I also get the same problem. please email me [email protected]
      I try to call back the numbers that they gave me but the number are not available.
      Thank you.

  • Sue Wood

    I too was conned into getting a trial of Bellaplex as well as Hydroatone, believing that one was for day and one was for night.

    They came a week ago & I will start using them this week. I have just rung the company to cancel the next shipment and got on to someone in less than a minute. She assured me that she would cancel the next shipment and that my credit card would not be debited any more.

    I will also tell the bank that this might be a scam and ask them to void any future transaction.

  • Skye

    Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
    The only one that seems to have a prob is you.
    Yes the question does say how did the product work. And my guess is they want to know if it worked so people may be interested in using it.
    So if people are going to use it, it is very beneficial to know how this company runs its business.
    Therefore thank you to the people sharing their experiences and setting a warning not to deal with these people.
    Finally, the more people share about misconduct the more evidence one has to substantiate a decision they make.

  • Colleen Leth

    I have been using both products and can honestly say I love it . My skin has improved 100% and its the best product I have ever used. I also purchased it on the special offer advertised and then cancelled my order as living in australia I am hoping to find this product supplier here as I do not like the idea of monies coming out of my card on a monthly basis. The Bellaplex is the best and I have found that the broken capillaries on my face have diminished 10 fold
    I have not had a problem with this company and they were excellent when I chose to cancel my order through the phone No supplied.
    I highly recommend this product and will be looking to see if it has suppliers here in Oz Cheers

    • Karen Burnett

      Hello , I am from Australia and just tried to order a trial of both products. Somehow when I clicked no to purchasing it has gone ahead and charged me for the product . Do you have the Australian contact number for these products, I would like to cancel my order, but have not received an email receipt from them.

  • I Seymour

    I ordered a free trial of two products some 18mths ago. I gave them to a woman friend who had some heavy wrinkles. This product contained snail slime from Peru or Chile. The woman eventually contacted me three months ago asking to get me some more of the product because it was causing her wrinkles to lessen. I told her that she had to get the product herself. I do not have any contact with the woman, but I am sure the product was not Bellaplex or Hydroxatone. I was looking for their ad when I came upon this site. Initially, I thought it might be a scam, as I only paid about $2 each for the 2 jars.

    • Tristan

      Hi I Seymour, the snail product you’re thinking of is called Baba de Caracol and it indeed works well.

  • waffles

    We’re sorry to hear of such a bad experience, but we deeply appreciate you sharing it with us. Hopefully others will heed your warning. Good luck! Let us know if anything else comes of this!

  • beverley

    I too cancelled my Bellaplex but more has just arrived, so will cancel again and the Hydroxatone as well. Pity, the Hydroxatone works extremely well but I don’t appreciate being mucked around. Will have to take time off work to return it at my expense.

  • Rachael Cherie Treymane

    I tried numerous times to cancel my order with them however products still continue to turn up and I was being charged until I cancelled my card. A lady called Samantha on their customer help line assured me that she would sort the shipping out, however more products still turned up.
    The product gave me severe dermatitis and I never have skin problems. This is a scam for sure. They claim it is made in New Zealand, however I am from New Zealand and the product is always shipped from the States.
    I have tried numerous times to contact the company via their website and through my personal email account. All I ever receive is their automatic response message back, they have never contacted me however this is what they quote.
    Bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is

    • waffles

      Thanks for the info. Hopefully your dermatitis has cleared up!

    • Lalit Chanprateep

      How can you stop their sending the products?


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