NoMoreRack Reviews: April 2015 Update

NoMoreRack Reviews: April 2015 Update is a website offering daily deals, promising “Everything you love for less.” Read our No More Rack reviews from editors and readers.

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About No More Rack

NoMoreRack is a daily deal site, offering a variety of products. There are currently eight categories to browse on the No More Rack website: Events, Women, Men, Home, Electronics, Kids, Lifestyle, and Jewelry.

Each deal on the site is displayed with a photo, price, and percentage of savings over retail cost. The website claims that some of the items are obtained as “overstock” from various sources.

New deals are posted every day at noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) and run for 24 hours. One of these is labeled an “Extreme Deal” which is claimed to sell out quickly. Additional events are posted at 6pm EST.

Not all of the products are brand name items. You may see a deal for a man’s ring, for example, but no brand name or manufacturer is provided. In such cases, it’s difficult to determine if their advertised “savings” is accurate.

Even with brand name items, it is common to see products or packaging not typically found in stores. We spotted, for example, a 7-piece Axe set for men. Most other retailers we found who were selling this specific product appeared to be selling it in bulk – such as packages of 6 sets. We didn’t see it for sale by any major retailer. Another example is a large package of Duracell batteries, which we could not find for sale anywhere else in this quantity. was registered on September 1, 2010.


In most cases, refunds are for store credit. There are also cases where refunds are not available at all. This is one aspect of the service which has been the source of several complaints by disgruntled customers.


If an item is damaged, you have 30 days to report a problem from the time the product is received in order to receive credit or a refund. Be sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy before ordering anything.

No More Rack Complaints

We have received some complaints from our readers who have used The bulk of the complaints we’ve received are regarding poor customer service and quality of the products. Another complaint is that of a slow overall process, including slow shipping, and delayed notifications when products were “over-ordered.”

In August of 2014, 19 Action News (WOIO/WUAB) out of Cleveland, OH featured a consumer alert on No More Rack which echoed the complaints listed above. The article briefly features stories from two No More Rack costumers that had negative experiences, and then goes on to cite the company’s “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as evidence that many others have also had unfavorable experiences.

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As of December 2014, the BBB showed NoMoreRack to have an “F” rating (on a scale of A+ to F) due to 2,746 customer complaints over the last three years. On their webpage, the BBB released the following statement regarding No More Rack:

BBB files indicate a pattern of complaint concerning problems with the products purchased on the NoMoreRack website. Consumers are complaining to BBB alleging issues such as receiving incorrect items, products of inferior quality, or defective products. Consumers also say that they are encountering difficulties with company’s customer service department. An ongoing problem being reported by consumers is assurances made by customer service representatives about delivery dates or refunds for returned merchandise are not being honored by the company.

In June 2013, No More responded to the BBB’s inquiry regarding a pattern of complaints, but failed to provide a sufficient explanation of how the company intends to correct the issues they have been experiencing regarding the shipment of incorrect, inferior or defective items.

In April 2015, the rating now shows as “No rating.”

A Facebook page known as “NoMoreRack Consumer Complaints and Hate Page” has over 3500 followers as of April 2015.

Google Trends

The chart below shows surges in interest in NoMoreRack around Christmas of each year.

Bottom Line

There do appear to be some deals to be found on, however it’s best to scrutinize any deal you’re considering and compare it to other online vendors. Be sure to read their FAQ, as some customers have been displeased with return and refund policies. Furthermore, No More Rack has struggled to maintain a good rating with the BBB due to numerous consumer complaints in relation to order errors, substandard product quality, and damaged merchandise.

Your No More Rack Reviews

Have you used Leave us a comment below and tell us of your experience, whether it was good, bad, or neutral.

Updated April 13, 2015
Originally published April 2013

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