WaxVac Reviews and Product Info

Have you seen the commercial for WaxVac, the device advertised as a way to safely clean your ears? After laughing a few times at the man screaming "ouch!" in the ad, we decided to ask if any of our readers had actually tried this product.

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The campy commercial probably wasn’t designed to be humorous, though many people seem to get a kick out of it, particularly the man digging in his ears with a cotton swab who lets out a slightly exaggerated, “OW!” The ad was featured on a segment of E!’s The Soup.

Aside from the goofy commercial, we wanted to look a little further into this product, the company, and how the product works.

The “WaxVac Guy” shouldn’t be using cotton swabs!

New Company
WaxVac.com is a relatively new website, registered on January 20, 2012. Their YouTube channel only added the commercial in October of 2012.

WaxVac costs $10 plus $6.99 processing and handling. They offer two WaxVacs for $10 plus $6.99 for each set, making it $23.98 total.

One YouTube commenter on a user-posted copy of the commercial stated, “It’s a gimmick does not work!” Ripoff Report has a few complaints about Wax Vac, with headlines containing such phrases as “piece of useless junk” and “rip-off.” The complaints there are primarily regarding the amount charged, and multiple orders being processed, with cancellation being difficult. We also found this reviewer who claimed, “I honestly didn’t have much luck” with the product.

Your opinion
Have you tried WaxVac? We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think of it, or if you just want to comment on the silly commercial.

And if you haven’t seen the commercial, it’s a rather silly piece of advertising entertainment that’s worth watching. Take a look at the commercial for yourself:

Here is a transcript of the WaxVac:

We all know we shouldn’t use cotton swabs to clean or dry our ears – they even warn us – but we do it anyway. (Man screams, “OW!”) Stop – there’s a better way. Introducing WaxVac, the safe and effective way to clean and dry your wears. WaxVac will help your whole family feel better and keep their ears healthier. Here’s how it works. Unlike cotton swabs which push dirt and harmful wax further into your ear, and can puncture your eardrum, (ouch!) Wax Vac gentry draws dirt particles and moisture out of your ear rather than pushing it in. There’s nothing else like it. WaxVac is quiet… listen. Safe. Its unique safety guard prevents it from going too deep, like an ear thermometer. And effective. See how gently it vacs water and dirt, leaving your ears clean and dry. You just empty it out when you’re done. Doctors everywhere warn against using cotton swabs to clean your ears. Dr. Kenneth Ackerman, MD: “Don’t use a cotton swab in your ear because it can cause significant damage.” No one likes water in their ears. Don’t pound your head – use WaxVac instead.

(Elderly lady) “I know I shouldn’t use cotton swabs to clean my ears. WaxVac seems like the perfect solution.” 

(Young mother) “Sometimes cotton swabs hurt. If they like it, I love it.”

(Man) “What a great idea. WaxVac just makes sense.”

Stop using other ear cleaners that don’t work. And stop using cotton swabs that can damage your ears. (“OW!”) Call and order the WaxVac now for only $10. Every WaxVac comes with 8 soft color-coded silicone tips for every member of the family, and this handy cleaning brush free. It even has this powerful examining light. But wait! There’s more! Call now and we’ll double the offer. You get two WaxVacs complete with 16 color-coded tips and two cleaning brushes for only $10. Just pay additional processing. WaxVac is a gentle, safe, and effective way to clean and dry your ears. Don’t wait. Call now.

Updated December 30, 2013

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86 Comments on WaxVac Reviews and Product Info

  1. Saw the review on this and didn’t hear the greatest things but I tried it anyways and they tried to trick me into paying like 85 bucks when it was supposed to be 10.. I cancelled.

  2. A big rip-off! Couldn’t get ahold of anyone to get return information.I gave one as a gift and was completely embarassed!

  3. This thing is a total rip-off, You spend $10.99 for a tiny flashlight and a small motor that blows air into your ear. Save your $$ for $10.99, you can buy a lot of Q-tips.

  4. john torch // June 26, 2013 at 2:31 pm // Reply

    i brought a wax vac and have to tell you it works like crap i used it in each ear for 5 min nothing . i tried it 4 times the same thing nothing came out . i then used candles and alot of wax came out of my ears . i going to wait and next time tape it and put in on you tube

  5. I called to see if I accidentally ordered two sets of two wax vacs on the website. Website gives no comfirmation of order or amount.
    They had no record of my order I called back more than once. Was told to call later.
    I finally was told that the interned order did not go through at all.
    So, I thought this was good and I ordered another set of two.
    I saw that I was charged for the original order four Wax Vaca $47+.
    I called Wax Vax and now my new order could not be found- so could not be cancelled.
    So, I am expecting six was vacs to show up on my debit card.
    Do not order from this company.

  6. martha wilson // July 23, 2013 at 9:18 am // Reply

    I want to buy a waxvac and telephoned this morning but there doesn’t seem to be a representative I may talk to about it. It was only a recording and couldn’t seem to get through to them. We are in Athabasca, Alberta. Please have a representative to talk to on the phone.

  7. Candling your ears doesn’t work either. The residue you are getting is from the candle, not from your ears. Just saying.

  8. Donna smith // August 25, 2013 at 9:36 pm // Reply

    Save your money it DOESNT WORK a total waste of time and money then when you buy 2 you cant send one back for a refund

  9. anyone who falls for these gimmicks deserves to get screwed over — they should find these people who cheat the mindless suckers in this country and over the borders and throw them in jail permanently — they should also jail the lying thieves who advertise for them (especially that phony doctor) and the TV personnel and executives who allow them on their TV stations — where is the FCC and our so called government to stop this? — I SINCERELY HOPE THIS STAYS ON HERE AND THAT THIS SITE COVERS ALL THESE THIEVING GIMMICKS ON TV — DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON A SITE CALLED “PISSED CONSUMER” BECAUSE THEY JAM YOUR ACCESS TO THE SITE SO YOUR COMPUTER CANNOT ALLOW YOU TO BE ON IT — THEY CAN’T STAND TO BE TOLD THE PLAIN HARD TRUTH — THAT’S WHY THESE THIEVES GET AWAY WITH THESE SCAMS — “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TELL THE TRUTH IN THIS COUNTRY”

  10. you’re right — patience must be a shill from the company

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