WaxVac Reviews and Product Info

WaxVac Reviews and Product Info

Have you seen the commercial for WaxVac, the device advertised as a way to safely clean your ears? After laughing a few times at the man screaming “ouch!” in the ad, we decided to ask if any of our readers had actually tried this product.

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The campy commercial probably wasn’t designed to be humorous, though many people seem to get a kick out of it, particularly the man digging in his ears with a cotton swab who lets out a slightly exaggerated, “OW!” The ad was featured on a segment of E!’s The Soup.

Aside from the goofy commercial, we wanted to look a little further into this product, the company, and how the product works.

The “WaxVac Guy” shouldn’t be using cotton swabs!

New Company is a relatively new website, registered on January 20, 2012. Their YouTube channel only added the commercial in October of 2012.

WaxVac costs $10 plus $6.99 processing and handling. They offer two WaxVacs for $10 plus $6.99 for each set, making it $23.98 total.

One YouTube commenter on a user-posted copy of the commercial stated, “It’s a gimmick does not work!” Ripoff Report has a few complaints about Wax Vac, with headlines containing such phrases as “piece of useless junk” and “rip-off.” The complaints there are primarily regarding the amount charged, and multiple orders being processed, with cancellation being difficult. We also found this reviewer who claimed, “I honestly didn’t have much luck” with the product.

Your opinion
Have you tried WaxVac? We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think of it, or if you just want to comment on the silly commercial.

And if you haven’t seen the commercial, it’s a rather silly piece of advertising entertainment that’s worth watching. Take a look at the commercial for yourself:

Here is a transcript of the WaxVac:

We all know we shouldn’t use cotton swabs to clean or dry our ears – they even warn us – but we do it anyway. (Man screams, “OW!”) Stop – there’s a better way. Introducing WaxVac, the safe and effective way to clean and dry your wears. WaxVac will help your whole family feel better and keep their ears healthier. Here’s how it works. Unlike cotton swabs which push dirt and harmful wax further into your ear, and can puncture your eardrum, (ouch!) Wax Vac gentry draws dirt particles and moisture out of your ear rather than pushing it in. There’s nothing else like it. WaxVac is quiet… listen. Safe. Its unique safety guard prevents it from going too deep, like an ear thermometer. And effective. See how gently it vacs water and dirt, leaving your ears clean and dry. You just empty it out when you’re done. Doctors everywhere warn against using cotton swabs to clean your ears. Dr. Kenneth Ackerman, MD: “Don’t use a cotton swab in your ear because it can cause significant damage.” No one likes water in their ears. Don’t pound your head – use WaxVac instead.

(Elderly lady) “I know I shouldn’t use cotton swabs to clean my ears. WaxVac seems like the perfect solution.” 

(Young mother) “Sometimes cotton swabs hurt. If they like it, I love it.”

(Man) “What a great idea. WaxVac just makes sense.”

Stop using other ear cleaners that don’t work. And stop using cotton swabs that can damage your ears. (“OW!”) Call and order the WaxVac now for only $10. Every WaxVac comes with 8 soft color-coded silicone tips for every member of the family, and this handy cleaning brush free. It even has this powerful examining light. But wait! There’s more! Call now and we’ll double the offer. You get two WaxVacs complete with 16 color-coded tips and two cleaning brushes for only $10. Just pay additional processing. WaxVac is a gentle, safe, and effective way to clean and dry your ears. Don’t wait. Call now.

Updated December 30, 2013

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  • sheron

    I called to see if I accidentally ordered two sets of two wax vacs on the website. Website gives no comfirmation of order or amount.
    They had no record of my order I called back more than once. Was told to call later.
    I finally was told that the interned order did not go through at all.
    So, I thought this was good and I ordered another set of two.
    I saw that I was charged for the original order four Wax Vaca $47+.
    I called Wax Vax and now my new order could not be found- so could not be cancelled.
    So, I am expecting six was vacs to show up on my debit card.
    Do not order from this company.

  • Brenda

    A big rip-off! Couldn’t get ahold of anyone to get return information.I gave one as a gift and was completely embarassed!

  • Jenny

    Saw the review on this and didn’t hear the greatest things but I tried it anyways and they tried to trick me into paying like 85 bucks when it was supposed to be 10.. I cancelled.

    • Patience is a LIAR

      Patience must be HIGH, because it doesn’t work AT ALL, unless “work” at giving you a headache from the motor and not sucking out any wax qualifies as “working”.

      Bottom line: IT BLOWS

  • LadyC

    My husband insisted on buying this at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Very little suction. I doubt that it would have any effect on wax. He wants to use it after the shower to dry his ears. Oh well…it was only 10 bucks.

  • rob

    Ear candles are not real. its the wax from the candle at the end, not your earwax. they’re illegal to produce, and import, and distribute this item in canada because the government does a half-ass job of protecting its citizens from stupid, If a company’s item is based on pseudo-science/trickery, the gov lets it occur so long as there is no ‘hazard’ to the citizen like an open flame. Often it is the people who do no research who buy this product and are thus already the dumber of us, and they are using an open flame = trouble. I think its horrible that nobody in the chain of commercials has enough morality to disallow large-scale advertising of complete scams. Also there is no enforcement for the few laws that do try to protect citizens

  • mallory

    I bought the Waxvac, I even went on and got the “Free” one. They do not work. All you get it the motor in your ear. Do not waste your money!

  • Jennifer Moraski

    I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I don’t own this product and only saw the commercial for the first time last night. However, Dr Ackerman is a real doctor- he practices in long island and was my primary care doctor for 9 years, the only reason I don’t see him anymore is because I moved 3 hours away. He may have been paid, i’m sure but I can assure you he is a real doctor, and a fabulous one! If he wasn’t 3 hours away I would still be seeing him. He used to practice on northern boulevard in great neck,ny and now is part of Prohealth, one of the largest medical providers in long island… do some research and you will see that I am correct….literally the best doctor I ever had- we still talk from time to time. Do some research before posting that someone isn’t a real doctor. Again, i’m sure he received payment for endorsing the product but I can assure you he is a certified MD

    • waffles

      Hey Jennifer, we actually don’t mention Dr. Ackerman at all in the article, other than when his name appears in the transcript of the commercial. There certainly was no intent on our part to imply anything at all about him. Thank you for your comment.

  • Susan

    Don’t waste your $$$$!!! They kept charging more and more for things they said on T.V. was free with the ordering. It also does not work as they say. The sucken is awful…look for another solution because this thing will NOT solve your problem.

  • Angela

    I thank each and everyone of you that have put a review in here, because of you I will not get scammed into this company and they will have less money in their pockets. I was going to purchase this product for my 5 year old as he has a problem with his right ear and I have seen our family doc about it for the past 2 years and the last time I seen him I got really upset bale cause he kept telling me that it was a infection then it was wax buildup then he punchered his eardrum then I finally said I’m not leaving this office until you flush out his ear and have a good look inside because each time before that he said he couldn’t see into his ear because if the wax! Well I was feed up as a mother of 2 children I couldn’t take it anymore he was digging in his ear so much even while sleeping that his ear was bleeding daily so the doctor finally flushed his ear and seen a big lump and agreed with me that he needs to see a specialist, we have been waiting for 7 months and finally this month we go see him! I was looki g for anything that would give my baby boy some relief! So again I thank you for not letting me waste my money on these scammers! God bless everyone.

    • waffles

      Thank you for your comment and good luck at the specialist!

  • PapaT

    Any advertisement on TV that offers you a product and then offers a second one for free (just pay separate shipping and handling) should be viewed with suspicion. I have looked for reviews for almost all these kinds of products and run into the same thing each time. People end up having their credit card charged for more than double what the item is advertised for, there seems to be no confirmation screen for online orders, and IF you are able to get hold of the companies by phone the persons on the other end tend to be rude and tell you you can’t cancel the order. The best thing to do is not fall for ANY of these kinds of advertisements on the TV. If you are going to buy something online do it through a reputable company, especially ones that have brick and mortar stores in your area (Walmart, Target, Kmart, Sears, J.C. Penney, etc.). Most all of these products seem to come out of addresses in Connecticut. It makes me wonder if they are all “front” addresses that end up going to the same place or company. I’m really, really, really surprised that someone hasn’t hired a lawyer and sued these companies. Maybe they have, and I’ve just not heard about it. By the way….IF you do order from one of these companies and get “taken” be sure you write down every address and telephone number you can find for that company along with the name and then report it to the Better Business Bureau, and while you are at it I think you should report it to the attorney general in whatever state you live in. Best thing to do, of course, is to not fall for these ads. Don’t buy anything from a TV commercial that you can’t go to a local store and buy. Like P.T. Barnum once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

  • Buster

    Watch your credit card bill if you’ve purchased this product. Right after I made my purchase with a credit card I haven’t used for months, card services called me up that my credit card had been used someplace I wasn’t. Someone else was using my card. They cancelled and issued me a new card.

    Never ever use a debit card online just for this reason. If your debit card it comprimised, you loose money that you have to wait to get back. With a credit card, you only loose credit and they’re quicker to give it back with disputes.

  • Waxyears wife

    Wow,Sure good to have reviews to read…My husbands reaching that elderly point where he see’s something like that waxvac and wants me to buy it for him.. I would in a heart beat if it really worked. He has alot of trouble with wax build up. He lays on his side and I drop warm peroxide in the problem ear and wait afew minutes. He can feel it working. We then rinse it out gently and 9 times out of 10, it breaks up the build up and opens his ear and he feels much better.
    It’s sometimes hard to make him understand that most these tv sales are nothing but junk. He’s a sweetheart but being a stroke survivor doesn’t always get it. Thanks for the good info.

  • waffles

    What was the “nasty” woman saying to you when you called back?

  • Tammy

    I know I won’t buy this. U can go to see ENT dr and they do have a vac thing that suck out the wax. I do my every six months because I wear hearing aids.

  • Pinhead Billy

    To anyone who is thinking about buying a waxvac or ear candles, please just send me $20 today. I absolutely guarantee 100% that my device will work exactly as well as either one of those methods. No BS, 100% guaranteed. Of course, since neither one of them work AT ALL, you will just get a Thank You note from me for your $20.

  • Smilin

    I would like to thank all of the reviewers. I was feeling depressed until I read these reviews, now I can’t stop laughing.

  • B. Goodwyn

    My autistic son has the same problem. He gets wax build up in his ears all the time. A few times the doctor has cleaned them out with a machine in their office so I was hoping this would work and was looking for reviews before ordering. Let me know if you find anything that works well. I have a terrible time keeping him from sticking q-tips in his ears!

    • caleb

      I understand that with autism, he may not be terribly cooperative, but you could try flushing his ears with hydrogen peroxide a few times a month. It breaks up the gunk buildup, and at the very least will make it easier to get the wax out. It’s a trick I used on myself when I was deployed. My ears did not like the sandstorms in Iraq. Good luck.

      • mml

        Peroxide can damage the ear with prolonged use. If your kid will sit still long enough, they make special ear candles that you can get at health stores that work like you wouldn’t believe. Also, a drop or two of baby oil every day will soften it if you can’t find the candles.

  • Nancy

    I ordered the Waxvac in November and still have not received it! I have been charged but no product has been delivered. I now can’t get in contact with the customer service department to receive a refund and might get in touch with a lawyer for a class action lawsuit. Good luck to anyone ordering this product and from other reactions it is a cheap product that does not work properly.

  • Anna Röing

    Thank you so much for all the reviews and comments! Prevents me from buying the waxvac. I’ll try the candle instead.

  • EdBoston

    TV stations do not take responsibility anymore for ripoffs. They will advertise anything best bet is to research or not buy any of these con men ads. If it is not available in a store, I don’t buy

  • Eric Lang

    Total worthless junk.
    Ear wax (cerumen) is sticky and thick. It is normal to have some in the ear canal..acts to protect the canal/drum.
    It is not something that a crappy piece of garbage like this will have any effect on.
    It will not even remove the stuff it is supposed to remove due to the nonsensical “design” and nonexistent vacuum pressure.
    You may as well take your money and put a match to it.
    Complete garbage. Nothing more that some greedy company looking to rip off unsuspecting consumers.

  • Eleanor

    I am a hearing professional (Doctor of Audiology) so reading these comments do not surprise me. However! I must respond to those posters recommending ear candling. This product does NOT remove ear wax. Please go to the FDA website to read the research and warnings! If you seriously think that a candle has enough suction power to remove ear wax, then you need to read more about it. Also, putting a flame near your hair is never a good idea! BTW: one researcher burnt an ear candle on a table and one in a waxy ear and the results were identical. No surprise there,

  • UnReal

    I find this hilarious that the same people saying that this product is a scam are some of the same people saying that they use candles on their ears. Ear candling is the biggest joke and the longest running scam regarding ear wax in the world. How can anyone believe that after putting a stick of WAX to your ear and burning it that it would contain your ear wax. Before you bash this device that looks like it can solve a very serious problem for some people and their children, make sure you aren’t falling for something even more ridiculous than your accusations. Anyone using candles must have burned their brains by the hot dripping CANDLE wax. Hey, I have this great product, it’s a bag of poop that you put up your bum and it makes you poop, no really, it’s not the poop from the bag that comes out, it’s your poop…really.

    • Ron

      100 percent agree that ear candles are a scam as well. I would have said it as snarky as you did though.

      • Masey

        Ear candles are a dangerous scam as well!!! Try burning an ear candles by itself, not in the ear. You will see the same result as in the ear. It can also cause harm to your ear. Debrox does work.

  • Diane

    Debrox (available over the counter at any pharmacy) 3 drops to the ear 3X a day for 3 days removes impacted ear wax very nicely. Recommended by our local physicians. I have used ear candles (check your local health food stores or Internet – use according to directions) for years on family members for ear wax removal – this was mentioned in an earlier post. Used once a month or every 2 weeks, depending on amount of wax, has been very helpful for maintenance.

  • Ameretta

    The commercial had me DYING. Wasn’t ready for that over exaggerated “OUCH!” But The commercial would have you believe that the product would easily suck out the contents in your ear. Those of us who are aware of the texture of earwax, though, are not deceived. Water and loose dirt can easily be pulled in such a device, but earwax has the tendency to stick. So I would imagine getting wax inside the wax vac would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

    • waffles

      Good point. Wax is very sticky, yet they show it vacuuming up water and tiny dirt particles – neither of which have the same consistency. And yes – that “OUCH” is hilarious!

  • chandler bing

    You see, perfect example. You have to stop the q-tip when there’s resistance.

  • Jay Rosenthal

    Thanks a million. I wear hearing aids and do get a wax build up periodically. I was about to order this WaxVac but after reading the reviews, it doesn’t take a genius to realize what a rip-off I almost signed up for.

  • God

    It’s an infomercial product. Bias must be used against it.

    No, it does not work and the “MD” they hired is a paid actor. Stop falling for these stupid scams.

  • Elian Gonzalez

    Must be nice being perfect *and* odor free.

  • Joe

    I was seriously thinking about buying this gadget until reading the reviews. Thanks for all the facts!

  • MichaelM

    Makes no sense that it should work. Ear wax is just that, waxy It’s not liquid like they make it look like. Dry dirt or liquid it would pick up. But unless the wax covers the tip it’s not going to draw it up.

  • crystal

    Hello there, was wondering if you could tell me what it is called. My father insists on ordering a wax vac and I really dont want him to waste his money. Thanks so much for your time

  • Keza

    This is a complete waste of money. The device didn’t remove any wax at all. The switch lasted 5 minutes and broke. Waxvac is a total scam.

  • glenn

    I used this worthless gadget 2 times and the switch came loose and is now inside and had to take batteries out to turn it off. Now what should I do with it since you can’t click on customer service it comes up this web site not available

  • Jayme

    Uhhh…why do people always have to make things a political issue? I’ve read really bad reviews on this product. So here your “useless republican” comment…peroxide! You can lay on you side and pour peroxide in you ears. It bubbles up a lot and dissolves the wax. It’s completely safe and it actually is what doctors recommend. After the peroxide starts bubbling you will need to lay on your side with it in your ear until the bubbling stops…usually 5-10 minutes. Then you tip your head and pour it out onto a paper towel. The wax will be liquified and come out on the napkin.

    Sources- medical school, medical research, and doctor’s advice.

    • Emily

      Excellent point, Jayme. Political comments such as the one posted by Ace are counterproductive.

      As for this ear wax device, it looks like it’s about as effective as the inane Potty Patch. Until the Waxvac or any other TV product hits Bed Bath and Beyond or a retailer at which it can be personally examined, forget it.

    • Vince

      True but use the correct type of peroxide intended for this purpose (carbamide) sold in most drugstores. Works great and is very inexpensive , about 3-4 bucks for the kit, which includes a rubber bulb to flush out the ear.

    • PJ

      Uh, no. Peroxide does not liquify ear wax. Maybe if it is just a small amount of wax, but I have yet to have luck with peroxide. In addition the peroxide just causes the rest of my ear to dry out so that now I have wax buildup and flaky skin in my ear.

    • Christine

      One problem- that information works with your average joe with no problems with their ears. Don’t put peroxide and water in your ear if it has a hole in the eardrum, or if you think you have an infection. Medical advise is best given on a case to case basis. Go to a healthcare professional to remove impacted wax. If you have wax that is persistantly sitting on your eardrum..there could be a cyst that is developing on or behind the eardrum. Not to scare folks, but messing with your ears can really goober them up…

  • Ace

    I was suckered into it because wy wife don`t like to use Q tips, the waxvac is as useless as a republican trying to pass a bill.

  • waffles

    Maybe the WaxVac sucked their brains out? Oh wait, if it doesn’t get the wax, it probably wouldn’t get their brains either! 🙂

  • sandra white

    Like everyone else I seen the add and thought wow! My son has swimmers ear. If he gets water in his ear even from the shower his ears get real bad so, I thought its about time someone come with something to help people with this, I tried to get to there website and couldnt I seen the reviews, boy am I glad thanks to everyone who did a review you all saved me some money. thanks again Sandy.

  • BBP

    I use the candles and they work GREAT! I tried the waxvac because it made sense that it would do the same thing as the candle and I could save some money. Works like SH_T and I mean SH_T! Don’t buy one and defiantly don’t pay for the upgrades a major scam!

  • George Randall

    IS it rechargeable, or do you just throw it away?

    • waffles

      It just uses regular batteries.

  • Mary

    I realized after I thought I finished my order that more charges were being added as well as a so call gift that I needed to pay for. I tried to make it clear the answer was “NO”, but the recording did not respond. I called immediately to cancel the whole order and credit my card, but was told by a sales person that it was not possible until 5 to 24 hours. I did call my credit card company very upset, and I was told to call them back tomorrow if the wax vac company did not respond the proper way.

    I stupidly thought an advertisement on television was safe. Certainly, I will not make the same mistake again.

    • waffles

      Sorry to hear about this experience, but thank you for the info. Check back again and let us know how this all worked out!

  • LL

    I ordered it and got suckered into ordering the case and batteries and ended up spending $49.00. I got the order quickly but without a receipt. The product is cheaply made and so is the case. The light on it is nice but that’s it. It does not work and I am having a hard time finding a number to return the product and get my credit card credited!

    • Caroline

      Contact your credit card company. IF the product is not what you expected and you can’t contact the company, you can often dispute with your credit card. Good luck.


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