Review: Grassology vs Hydro Mousse vs Cutting Edge

Review: Grassology vs Hydro Mousse vs Cutting Edge

Today I offer a comparison of three popular grass seed products advertised on television in recent years: Grassology, Cutting Edge Grass Seed, and Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn.

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After posting lengthy reviews for each of these grass seed products, I thought it may be helpful to compare these three products, which have been seen in television advertisements over the past year.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed

Sold in stores and by distributors, Cutting Edge Grass Seed advertisements hit the airwaves a year earlier than the other two products discussed here. It boasts drought resistance, less watering, and less maintenance than standard grass. Reviews vary, perhaps due to the fact that this is “cool-season” grass and thrives better in some parts of the country than others. It is easy to find before and after photos and testimonials for Cutting Edge, perhaps because it has been on the market longer. The As Seen on TV campaign ended in late 2014.

Be sure to read my full review of Cutting Edge Grass Seed.


Pitched by Bob Vila of This Old House, Grassology is based on a seed blend by Pearl’s Premium. Like Cutting Edge, Grassology advertises its strong points as drought resistant, slow growing, deep roots, and low maintenance.

Read my full review of Grassology.

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn

Advertised as a different way to seed your lawn, Hydro Mousse is a spray-on “liquid lawn” which is said to be good for high traffic areas, shaded areas, and dead spots.

See my full write-up of Hydro Mousse.


  • Cutting Edge: Reviews are somewhat mixed, although I have found more positive reviews for Cutting Edge than for the others. I’ve also found several before and after photos on forums by satisfied customers. Cutting Edge appears to have a relatively positive reputation with lawn care professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Grassology: Several online review sites give Grassology slightly below par ratings, but this could be affected by – or magnified by – shipping concerns. The manufacturer launched a consumer help website which assists customers in achieving better results. Grassology’s reputation is negatively affected by shipping problems and hype in its advertising. I have, however, seen consumers who have reported satisfactory results with the product.
  • Hydro Mousse: A consensus of reviews for Hydro Mousse see a below average opinion. Those customers who have reported results with the product have said that the television hype may have been overblown, and that the product isn’t as sticky as expected. Hydro Mousse also has the smallest coverage area of the three products discussed here.

Coverage Comparison for Promoted Sizes

Interestingly, Cutting Edge advertises itself as 2x the coverage of Grassology, although they both end up reporting a coverage area of 250 square feet per pound.

  • Cutting Edge: 250 square feet per pound
  • Grassology: 250 square feet per pound
  • Hydro Mousse: 100 square feet

Cost Comparison

  • Grassology: Online offer is one lb for $22.98 including shipping. A three lb bag can be found in stores for about $19.99.
  • Cutting Edge: At Home Depot you can find 4 lbs for about $20 (down from a price of $35 in 2014).
  • Hydro Mousse: $27.90, including shipping (100 sq feet)

Available in Stores?

  • Grassology: Yes
  • Cutting Edge: Yes
  • Hydro Mousse: Yes

Seed Mix

  • Cutting Edge: Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Grassology: Fescue/Bluegrass
  • Hydro Mousse: Unspecified “Magic Mousse Formula and Proprietary Grass Seed Blend”

Advertising Trends

If we take a look at the Google Trends chart below, you’ll notice that Cutting Edge Grass Seed was advertised primarily in the summer of 2013. While it was been spotted advertising in 2014, it was not at the level of the other two. Grassology had a big advertising push in the week of March 30 through April 5, 2014, while Hydro Mousse ramped up its advertising in June and July 2014. Hydro Mousse appears to be engaged in a renewed advertising campaign as of April 2015.


The biggest complaint I’ve seen regarding all three products discussed here involve shipping delays and charges when purchased online. This can be avoided by simply buying them locally. There are also reviewers for each of the products who have claimed the seed did not germinate, or otherwise did not perform as expected.

An additional complaint I’ve seen about Hydro Mousse is that it does not stick as advertised, seeming more like water than a sticky substance. In this case, the product reportedly washes away easier than one may expect.

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While the scope of this article is the comparison of three popular grass seeds advertised on television, it should be pointed out that there are untold options regarding grass seed choices at your local nursery. You may want to inquire about a good turf-type grass at your local nursery, as many of these possess the same characteristics advertised by the products above.

Bottom Line

There are many variables which will affect your satisfaction with any grass seed product including climate and diligence by the sower. For this reason, no grass seed will have universal approval by all customers. In looking at the three popular grass seed products above, I would give a slight edge to Cutting Edge Grass Seed, as lengthy customer testimonials are easy to find, as is a general consensus that the product works as advertised. And even with that said, no single grass seed is ideal for all climates.

None of the products above are maintenance free, and in the case of As Seen on TV grass seed products, the lofty advertising promises are often difficult to keep.

I recommend buying locally, and discussing your specific needs with a nursery specialist to achieve best results for your lawn.

Updated April 2, 2015
Originally published July 2014

  • Skeptacular

    Hey James, exactly two months since you posted your grass solution comparison. I’m guessing that if you revisit the subject, you’ll find a BIG difference. While two products still graph stably, Hydro Mousse now can be seen to have a statistical onslaught of negative reviews, independent vids showing comparative differences between what the company’s promo stated and showed, and that of consumers that, at least in a goodly number of cases, appeared to have bent over backwards to follow the instructions – even overcompensating in such a way to give the product every chance for success. All but a tiny number of rather suspicious reviews reflect poor or no performance. (Oh, and when I say suspicious reviews I mean, on sites where it can be checked, reviewers who posted their single glowing review, weeks before, and never another – for any other product, pro or com. What I’m saying is that you might want to post an update or revise your review to indicate what a little time on the market has revealed.


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