Serovital-hgh Side Effects

Serovital-hgh Side Effects

This article looks at some of the possible side effects of Serovital-hgh, an amino acid blend which supposedly increases growth hormone.

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Note that this is a supplement to an overview of Serovital-hgh, which can be found here. The purpose of this article is to evaluate possible side effects of Serovital-hgh. Furthermore, it should be noted that not everyone experiences possible side effects listed below.

Serovital-hgh Ingredients and Side Effects

The active ingredients of Serovital-hgh are:

  • L-Lysine HCI
  • L-Arginine HCI
  • Oxo-Proline
  • N-Acrtyl L-Cysteine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Schizonepeta (aerial parts) powder

The potential side effects of these individual ingredients will help give us a better idea of the possible side effects of Serovital-hgh as a whole. The following ingredients have known possible side effects:

  • L-Lysine HCI – Stomach pain and diarrhea. Avoid taking large amounts of calcium and lysine at the same time.
  • L-Arginine HCI – Abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, gout, allergies, worsening of asthma, low blood pressure, allergic reaction, hives, and increased risk of bleeding.
  • N-Acrtyl L-Cysteine – Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

Serovital-hgh is a “proprietary blend” which means we aren’t told the exact amount of each ingredient contained within the supplement.

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Additional (Anecdotal) Side Effects

Side effects attributed to Serovital-hgh listed below have been reported by readers of this website. If you compare the anecdotal list below with the possible side effects of the ingredients of Serovital, you can see a clear correlation between the two. Thus, the anecdotal side effects reported by our readers include:

  • Acne
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Flatulence
  • Headache
  • Heartburn
  • Hives
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Water gain
  • Weight gain

Some readers have suggested that consuming extra water when taking Serovital may help reduce nausea and cramping.

Bottom Line

You may or may not experience any of the side effects listed above if you take Serovital-hgh. If you have any health conditions, you should check with your doctor before taking any supplement. The most common complaints we’ve heard regarding Serovital-hgh are abdominal problems, while some has said that it simply didn’t work. There are, of course, many who feel the product does work.

Have you experienced any side effects not listed above? Give us your review and tell us of any side effects you experienced.

Please see our first post on Serovital-hgh which includes dozens of additional user comments.

Revised December 3, 2015
Originally published August 2013

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  • Angelie Rose

    Thank you! I was thinking about getting Serovital however, when I asked the people selling it and the customer service representatives what the side effects we’re thy just kept repeating “it’s a amino acid….” and nothing else. Now that I know that there are side effects to the product, I will not be getting Serovital. My family has a lot of history with Heart Attacks, so if I take anything that might possibly mess with my heart, I’m done for.

  • Debbie

    First I would like to start this discussion off by saying I know my body well and can tell when a medication or a supplement dosen’t agree with me or isn’t working for me .I tried takinf sero- vital 2 years ago , the first week I experienced extreme fatigue , this fatigue was so bad I felt I couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings . I am also a nurse and immediately knew it was a side effect .I stopped taking it and ofcourse the fatigue immediately went away . These side effects can be dangerous and should be reported .

  • heyitsbmf12 .

    If you try serovital makes sure you’re not over doing the aakg, lysine, cystein, and glutamic acid…… IE…..stop adding whey protein isolate to shakes and drinks or stop taking serovital.

    Also, follow the directions and be weary of your calcium intake within the two hour window.

    How many people actually adhere to the two hour window? That’s not a frivolous suggestion, it’s on the box for a reason.

    I also recommend keeping your type II collagen and hyalauronic acid intake 8 or more hours before/after serovital.

    Also make sure you’re not over using any hand/face/skin creams, shampoos, soaps with similar amino acids.

  • Charlie Domino

    Intermittent faster so my first meal is after 6 pm. Took first dose 4 pm last night woke up at 3 am violently nauseous. Could not hold down water for several hours. Vomiting stopped after taking otc anti nausia pills.Still no apetite. Extrememly fatigued but unable to sleep as it seemed i couldnt get enough air while nodding off. Id rather be fat and wrinkled than go through that again.

  • Susie long

    I took the pills every morning gto for 9 months. Finallygot decided it was a waste of my money. Quit taking them about 4 months ago. About 3 months ago I noticed my hair was falling out. Went for a checkup and could find no other reason for my hair problem. Had other symptoms while taking it. Itching skin , constipation, sleepless nights. And it is expensive. Wish I had never taken them and wish I had my money back. Not happy

  • Mary McDonald Barnes Jeffries

    I was encouraged to try serevitol by my new boyfriend who said he took it in previous years and looked “20-30 years younger”. He’s in his upper 50s. So he wants me to ” keep up”. I’ve taken 3days worth. I have diarrhea. And flatulence and was dizzy during the night on rising. I think I should toss it

  • Michelle Harris

    I took Serovital for one week and I had a nasty rash appear. I also started experiencing weakness, pain and swelling in my right arm. I was bloated and stopped taking it immediately. It has been a month later and my belly is starting to go down but my arm is weak and my hand and fingers are swollen. I am so angry that I took this mess I could scream!!!

  • Beth Malik

    I spent 450$ on this and if I stop taking it or forget to take it, I have severe side effects!! Chest pains, uncontrollable shaking, heart racing, sweats had,….I am truly upset!! Does anyone else have these????

  • Marcia Kelleher

    I wanted to try Serovital HGH because it claimed to make you feel and look better. Unfortunately that was NOT the case for me. I took it for about two weeks, and everyday I would feel more and more tired to the point of hardly being able to function normally. I also had noticed that I was getting more headaches and digestive issues as well. Luckily, the store where I bought it gave me a full refund. The first day after I returned the Serovital and didn’t consume any, I felt 100% better !! Save your money !!!!

  • Lynn Kayla Williams Baugh

    wish id done my homework b4 spending $287 dollars and ruining my health…Im 67 yr old female in good shape…I started taking serovital hoping to if not reverse, at least maintain my health..It made me nauseous, have a terrible headache, my voice started getting hoarse, had a constant tickle and cough..I got blood work done and my Free T4 is tanked..thyroid and adrenals not working..Because of the terrible headaches, my dr. had me do a CT of the brain and chest yesterday and is considering the pituitary gland may have been affected..Is it from serovital…I dont know yet…I just know, i got sick when I started using it…Ive wasted almost 300 dollars…and Im waiting to find out if this product has overstimulated my pituitary gland…BE CAREFUL…DO YOUR HOMEWORK B4 TAKING THIS

  • Dawn Andrews

    Hi Cindy this is Dawn I am experiencing some of the same things you are leg cramps painful feet knees joints pain in my back moving to my stomach in the front a hot flashes and fatigue. So I will be sending my order back. Thank you for sharing your information we us, I really appreciate it.

  • Dregans Sangerd

    I’ve experienced similar syptoms so I cut my dosage of SeroVital from everyday to everyother day. Then I went from 4 tabs to 2. I’m feeling better. I sure hope you get better. I felt like my muscles were growing at a faster pace than were my legimants and tendons. Now I feel more balanced. Thanks for sharing. I think people need to read these comments. And to save a few bucks by cutting your intake helps.

  • Lynn Kayla Williams Baugh

    Im 67 and wanted to try sero vital due to all the claims..Tho i began getting better sleep, I also got nauseous, dizzy, terrible headaches, constant cough and other symptoms..I didnt really connect it to Sero vital but when I went to my doctor for yearly labs and chkup, I was told my free T4 was very below normal and with the constellation of symptoms, I may have a pituitary tumor…I havent yet had the MRI and CT and hoping things are ok there but I remembered the commercial on how this product works on the pituitary gland (small gland in the brain) and its getting me concerned..I spent $287 on a 3 month supply of this product and have quit taking it…and am certainly hoping it didnt overstimulate the pituitary gland and form a tumor…I feel horrible…dizzy, sick to my stomache, no appetite…all I want to do is sleep..Anyone else feeling these symptoms? It may or may not be related but I feel way worse now than before I took this product..:/

  • Juliana

    I started taking Serovital for about two weeks ago and I’ve lost 10 lbs, but I have started having diarrhea and stomach cramps. In my first week, I too had the best nights sleep since I was very young and I am still sleeping pretty well. I am just wondering if the symptoms most women are experiencing might just be an adjustment period until the body metabolizes the Amino or the dosage needs adjusting or for some, it’s just too much for their systems to handle and they need to stop taking it. Time will tell. Best of luck to those who are experiencing some pretty nasty symptoms, hope you feel better soon!

  • B. Bishop

    Good news people. I called the toll free number on the box (1-800-898-5153) and told them about my symptoms. I asked if this was normal and she replied, “those effects have not been reported.” Although I have read them in most of the reviews below. So I asked her if there was a money back guarantee. She told me I have 30 days to return it to the store I bought it from and they are to give me my money back. I asked what to do if they refuse and she advised me they must call the toll free number as it is part of the contract between the buyer and seller. For some of you, I know its too late, but for myself and hopefully others who just purchased this product we can still get our money back!

  • B. Bishop

    I’m 47 and I started taking SeroVital just a week ago and have been experiencing body aches, muscle aches. I thought I was getting the flu so I stopped taking the capsules. Started feeling better and took the capsules last night. The aches are back so I looked in the box for a paper that would have directions and possible side effects and there was none. So here I am reading everyone elses horror stories. How does this company get away with out publishing the side effects on their box? I too am dissappointed with this product!

  • Linda Beach

    After just one packet taken at night, I woke up dizzy and nauseous. Had a hard time walking without stumbling. Definitely not taking any more.

  • marsha

    I’m 66yrs. i had a partial hysterectomy at age 36, I started taking serovital now 2nd week, today 1/24/17 I just taken pills this morning, however my hot flashes that i had thought i was over has returned and i’m burning g up, and i wear pads all the time because of incontinence and i’ve notice pink stains on soiled ones i’m sweating my bed so badly. Now the goo part is that I notice my mood is great as I had prior felt very depressed and even though i’m sweat at night i sleep so well. Because of the return hot flashes i woke up this morning to see if anyone else had any side effects from using this product. I have 2 boxes i’m so sorry i’ve got to return because now i’m afraid of taking any more and praying g i will not have further problems with my health from taking this product. Good luck to all?

  • Teri

    Hi I am 57 and decided to try this due to TV ad too. I took the pills once, next day I had a horrible allergy attack, runny nose, sneezing which I usually do not have much trouble with this at all. Check the pollen index and yes it was med to high but even with that the allergies were worse then I have ever experienced I could not breath. After going over my routine I decided the only change I made from the day before was SeroVital-hgh…so I decided not to take the pills the 2nd day and see what happened…so far today I am feeling a 100% better (I can breath) and the pollen count is even higher today then yesterday. Has anyone else experienced this side effect? I am struggling to decide if I should just return the product or give it a 2nd try…but after reading others on this page I’m calling for a return.

    • LeAnn Tripp

      Yes I just experienced a similar problem. I am 48 and I had been taking serovital for a week when I came down with a cold. The cold quickly turned into the most serious sinus infection I’ve ever experienced including pink eye in both eyes, an ear infection and I think undiagnosed strep throat. I was feeling so bad I stopped taking serovital and I had to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. I have had colds turn into sinus infections in the past but nothing this bad so I started wondering if the serovital had anything to do with it. After three days on antibiotics I was getting better and felt like the congestion was starting to clear up. Then my husband encouraged me to take another dose of serovital. That night the congestion came back with a vengeance and I hardly got any sleep! No more serovital for me! My husband who is 57, in good shape and exercises regularly, has been taking it for about 3 weeks and I told him about the people who have posted problems with muscle and joint pain and he did admit that he feels like he has been experiencing more muscle and joint pain lately but had attributed to his increased workouts. I have encouraged him to stop taking serovital and see if his muscle and joint pain improves. Thanks to all if you for posting the problems you have experienced with this stuff so we can stop taking it before any permanent damage is done!

    • Sonja

      Yes, Teri, i do recommend that you no longer take this product. I have been taking it for about 3 months now, and i am suddenly having problems breathing as well. I have never had any issues doing any type of exercise. A few weeks ago I realized that i wasnt breathing normally when I run, I took a mental note of that, but just this week, I was riding my bike, really, really fast, and at the end of my ride, my goodness, I could not breathe and my chest and throat was burning sooooooooo badly… all that to say, yes, do return this product!!!!! (By the time you read this you might have already returned it ???????????????

  • GT

    I had Acromegaly and my HGH level were similar to what they purport to produce. This had a devastating effect on me over time. I suffered from carpal tunnel, sever knee and joint pain, and my hands and feet continued to grow. There are several other severe long term effects. I cannot believe they are marketing a product that does the same thing. SInce having my tumor removed, I have been doing incredibly well. I can run and play tennis. My hands and feet have stopped growing (thank goodness!) and I am no longer at server risk of thyroid or cardio issues related to the disease.

  • Sarah Walker

    So I’ve been taking Serovital for about a week now and I’ve got to tell you all that I’m so very tired!! I’m so fatigued I can hardly keep my eyes open midday! I have to close them! That’s one side effect for sure because I’m normally NOT this tired all the time. 2nd side effect is my stomach has a bloated feeling too. 3rd is I’ve gotten some pimples on my chin and I NEVER get acne. So I’m going to give this stuff a try for the remainder of the month and I’ll report back when done. I’m 45 years old.

    • Deena

      Im having similar issues and now my periods are off


    I have been taken SeroVital for 6 weeks and have noticed some Side effects the last couple weeks that grew worse fast.
    Felt ok at first, but then I noticed strong urine, then burning like a possible urinary tract infection. Then painful kidney infection, diarrhea, super fatigue. Happened so fast, I am 58 years old and was in great health. Started taking SeroVital to slow aging process. Please read up on this product Before starting. I am currently very sick. In bed 90% of the time.

  • disqus_qehr74cVBZ

    I’ve take this for one week and this is horrible. I’m breaking out with bad acne that is very big and painful, I’ve never acne like this before. I’m sick to my stomach, my stomach is bloated (it looks like I’m five – six months pregnant), my head hurts along with my back, my body is tingling, it hurts walking down the stairs and my mouth and eyes are very dry no matter how much water I drink along with having diarrhea daily. I took my 4 supplements today and now that I know why I’m having all of these symptoms the rest of the box is going in the trash. I hope this product moves out of my system quickly.

  • Celia

    After three months of increasing fatigue, joint pain, blurred vision and body aches I’m desperately searching for a cause. I’ve been on serovital for three months now- stopping today after finding these posts. Can anyone tell me how long it took to feel better?

    • mary edwards

      I just started my first pack 5 days ago, and now I’m sure glad I found stories from all of you. I’ve had blurred vision for 3 days and I thought it was my new pack of contacts. Now I’m thinking it’s the serovital. Either way, the blurred vision is causing major headaches, and I’m having weird muscle pain in the middle of my back, like I lifted too many weights at the gym, but I havent been to the gym because I’ve had severe fatigue for 4 days!

      • Marlene Mankin

        Healing from a terrible cold, but at 10 days, I’m not gaining my stamina back! I’m 63 and need a nap every afternoon! I’ve been on this product for one month, just started second box. My Mom, 84, and very healthy, started it about 3 weeks ago and she has terrible gout symptoms in her rt foot! She stopped taking it and her foot is improving! It was terribly inflamed and sorer than sore! There is something in this product that hurts some women! We’ve taken l-arginine before and never had this problem, so maybe it’s the arginine source? I’m doing ok on it, but haven’t seen any real improvement in my issues. Frustrating to be sure.Thank you all for your posts!

  • Gary Richardson

    What have you tried to do so far?

  • Bob

    I bought this based on all the recent adds. It’s seemed to be geared towards women but the information said adults. I assumed that included men so I bought some. Inside the package I confirmed that it included men. Anyway, The only side effect I am experiencing is ED. Yes, it’s now hard to get up and hard to stay up and takes forever to finish when it works. I’ve never experienced this before for such a long time straight. From a lot to nothing and my girlfriend asking if it’s her, I’m quitting this crap to see what happens.

  • Isabel moore

    Yes just a waste of money

  • Susan Stafford

    I am wondering if this is what happened to me. I took this product for a month and half. Got really sick and now months later tested positive for RA. Been in and out of ER, Doctors, Mayo Clinic. I am so worried.

  • Judy

    I started taking SeroVital two months ago, and I lost 4 pounds in the beginning. Now I have gain 8 pounds. I exercise everyday, and I should be losing weight, not gaining. Also I too experience terrible burning sensations, and I went to my Doctor. I’m stuck with two boxes of SeroVital. I only wish that I had done my research before I purchase it. It doesn’t work for me.

  • Cathy

    I’m 48 and was takin serovital constantly tired and than weight gain and here it goes my face and throat swelled up so bad I had to go to doctors I looked horrible took product back and got money back
    This product sucks
    Wish I could post a pic of my face I’m goin to try


  • Connie

    I have no problem taking this SeroVital. My skin is tighten and soft, my eyes are bright. I am 48 years old and on my menopause with estrogen medication. A lot of people can not believe that I have 2 teenager boys 17 and 15 1/2. You can not just sit and eat whatever you want and let SeroVital do the magic. You need to do your part. Exercise, eat right and drink water.

  • Debra

    I have been taking SeroVital-hgh for about a month now and have started bleeding from my gums when brushing my teeth. I have not noticed any other benefits so I am going to stop.

  • Connie

    I have no idea why you all are having negative comments about SeroVital….I am on my menopause, haven’t had period for 6 years. I’m currently taking SeroVital Liquid for 2 months and I don’t experience anything bad. I did noticed my skin is firm and soft. I am currently taking estradiol and progesterone. My doctor stated to continue taking that prescriptions even if I’m taking SeroVital. Maybe you need to take it at a different time. I used to take it 2 hours after dinner at bedtime but it didn’t worked out for me due to my schedule working late and having late dinner so I decided to take it 2 hours after coffee in the morning and 2 hours before breakfast/lunch. I rarely eat breakfast early in the morning so this was perfect for my schedule…..

  • nick1154

    Thanks for all the info , a friend was asking if we knew anything about this product so I looked it up for her . She knew I had prostate problems and rectal pain that was out of this world , and the doctors at several places could not figure it out . After about nine painful months my sister-in-law ( a Chinese Immigrant ) suggested I go with her to see an herbalist in Chicago’s China Town so I went . sixteen dollars and four days later I’m cured . I spent four thousand Dollars on my co-pay and medications before he fixed the problem , and he said I could and should use a probiotic and Saw Palmetto that can be found in any big box store because technically that was all he was giving me

  • abby

    I’ve been taking it for about 6 weeks. I’ve had IBS since my twenties, and about two weeks ago, I noticed my symptoms getting far worse. Bloating, constipation, and abdominal pain. That’s a shame, too, because I’m just now starting to notice a positive difference in my skin and other areas. I seem to have more energy. But the negative digestive issues are outweighing the positives, I’m afraid.

  • ana torres

    Ursula please stop take this serovital…maybe I should say serodeath. This stuff almost ruined my life. I took it for six weeks and I had to stop it. I have serious heath problems now (all due to this drug and my stupidity, did read the reviews util I start having serious pain in my muscles). I used to be a very healthy person, exercising taking care of my diet only prob I had was trouble to sleep. That’s y I took this drug. I never had a benefit and I stopped because it was the only thing I have done different. Because of it Now I have carpo tunnel, rheumatoid arthritis and maybe fibromyalgia. Please stop taking it.

  • ana torres

    Hello Cindy. Now that I read you comments I ask myself why didn’t I bother to see reviews before taking SEROVITAL. I guess I know the answer, they have a very good advertisement , always focus on the miracle this drug can make. I’m have the same problems you had. I took it for about a month and half but I started developing a terrible tendinite on my arms from nowhere. Like you I always have been very healthy and active. The reason I started taking SERODEATH was because I was having trouble to sleep and like you I didn’t know this was poison but rather a vitamin. Well, its been two months since I stopped it and even though those hot flashes are gone my pain keeps progressing from my arms to my right foot and now on my left. I’m afraid this drug triggered RA on me. Can you tell me how do you feel now?Are you back to normal? I also hope people read these reviews before taking it. This drug can ruin your financial, physical and emotional aspects of your life.

    • Dawn

      I took this for 1 month. I had been in perimenopause for about 3 years. I was keeping my hormones in check with dr randolphs progesterone cream and it was working well. This did nothing for me except make me bloated. Shortly after stopping serious hot glasses began. Every 20 minutes for about a 10 minutes each from start to stop. Waves of major sweating followed by chills. My moods changed as well but perhaps because of the lack of sleep and being unable to focus. When I went to my obgyn my FSH levels had sky rocketed to over 125. Anyone above 25 is considered in full menopause yet I still have a monthly period. Estrogen patches and a progesterone pills were the only thing that brought my levels back to normal. Now using the pellets. Serovital seems to have nothing harmful but either the combination of these items or something not listed is harmful. Bottom line after reading others experiences…Serovital is toxic to many of us and not worth the cost or risk.

  • Pamela Savage Martin

    Gf9 does nothing .Wasted $400 ..went right back to serovital. I’ll find a Way to pay for it

  • Heathen Samm

    You’re young enough to have your body still producing enough hgh. Wait until you’re 40

  • NJ Harrington

    What has all that to do with serovital?

    • Heathen Samm

      read the post to which I was responding. The writer was suggesting that instead of spending money on products like Sero-Vital to feel good, people should go to the shelter and adopt a pet. Her suggestion that adopting a pet to feel good about yourself prompted my response.

      • herdzcatz

        I have 3 cats. They definitely help to fill a void and they are very well cared for, trust me. (11, 13, and 18 yrs old). That said, Thanks everyone, for the warnings about this supplement. I, too, at age 61 was intrigued by promises of smoother skin and greater energy. I will not purchase this product thanks to all of these reviews.
        For sleep, I’ve found Epsom salt lotion (magnesium) on the bottom of my feet before bed helps me to fall asleep more quickly and sleep more soundly until my wonderful bladder wakes me up!

        • Heathen Samm

          I used Sero=Vital, and never had negative reactions. I’m wondering if all the people who are getting hot flashes because their system is in effect “going back in time” to when they first experienced them? Even if this is true, it’s not something anyone wants. Sero-Vital brought back vivid dreams, and I was much less foggy in the morning. I bought another brand, which is slightly less expensive, Gen20Plus, which lists the ingredients. Pretty much the same as the Sero-Vital. I haven’t lost weight, but then again I haven’t been exercising. I may have the only Fitbit which goes backwards when counting steps. This formulation says to take 2 pills twice a day on an empty stomach, but so far I’ve only managed to take 2 in the middle of the night, as I don’t want to take them with vitamins or medication. I’m close to your age and I think it does give me more energy. I would be happy if my facial skin were more elastic. Maybe there will be a difference if I actually do manage to take the 4 tablets a day.

    • ericthemadman

      Right? I agree with ya NJ…!!

      Heathen….you absolutely may be correct….I believe most folks shouldn’t have children either. Not up to us to decide? All I know is this stuff sounds like poison!

      I just had a second neck fusion & thought hey NFL players use HGH & maybe I could heal faster & better? NO WAY!! Good luck folks!

  • Heathen Samm

    I have 3 herniated discs in my neck, and arthritic changes in my lower spine. Yes, pain is a daily companion. SeroVital does nothing for the herniated disc pain, but my lower back isn’t as painful.

  • Heathen Samm

    I’ve been taking this for around 3 months. Skin looks good, but then again my skin is user-friendly. It might be slightly less saggy. I’ve read that people who were prone to adult acne have had outbreaks. I’ve had a pimple, but that also could be attributed to reapplying sunblock over prior sunblock during the course of a day. No hot flashes, no breakthrough bleeding. I can always sleep, but one thing is different in that I wake up more alert, not groggy, and I’m more alert and patient throughout the day. There has been a weight gain, but I’m also less active than at any time in my life. So there’s been a similarity in some symptoms which people have noted on other sites (if not this one, where postmenopausal symptoms seem to be in the majority), but these symptoms could also be attributed to other reasons.

  • Gary Pierron

    Anyone see The Blade Runner? “The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.”

  • CalGirl

    I’ve been taking this for about 2 weeks and am shocked at all of the (negative) side effects)
    *My fingers feel arthritic and my rings don’t fit my fingers anymore!
    *Knees and legs have been extremely sore and swollen
    *Nausea comes and goes (probably depending on how much water I drank that day
    *Water retention

    ~~The reality is, I’m glad it didn’t work and now I can save that $100 per month!

    • ana torres

      I took it for 6 weeks. Its been about two months stopped taking SEROVITAL and the pain I felt has spread from my arms tendons to my hands right foot then left. I’m taking ra medication to stop the inflammation caused by this drug. Please, stop it. This is a terrible drug that can ruin your life in all aspects.

  • MsTarry4 .

    I used Serovital for exactly one month and gained weight. Otherwise, I didn’t feel any better or worse. I wasn’t about to continue taking it once I noticed the 3 pound weight gain.

  • Theresa

    After taking Serovital hgh for about two months, I was having anxiety attacks, heart racing and pounding, my blood pressure was elevated. I wasn’t feeling good. I never lost any weight. My skin looked the same. There were no positive outcomes, only adverse side effects frrom taking this supplement. I am a health professional and I would not recommend Serovital-hgh. I was afraid after I abruptly stopped taking Serovital, I would have major side effects. I feel 100% better now that I have stopped taking it.

  • trilla

    I have been taking Sarah vital for the last 4 months I recently ran out of money and could not afford it I am wondering if there are side effects or withdrawals from not taking serovital I am feeling fatigued tired and nauseous is anybody else feeling this


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