and ForceFactor Test X180: Free Trial Warning

I went online today in search of the latest affiliate marketer pushing one of those pesky "free trial" offers, and my efforts were not in vain. I managed to run across one of those dreaded AdBlade ad blocks. The top ad promised that I'd feel 18 years old again, so I couldn't resist clicking - almost knowing what I'd see before I got there. And I wasn't disappointed.

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The ad itself read: “A weird concoction developed by Cambridge scientists is helping men everywhere feel 18 years old…”

Clicking the ad, we’re taken to, where we see a rather generic-looking site with a stock photo of a man flexing his muscles. After the token sales pitch, we find at the bottom a link for a free 14-day sample of Force Factor Text X180. How surprising! What was surprising is that the top of the website actually reads, “We are paid by Force Factor, which sponsors this website and distributes Test X180.” So at least I give them credit that they’re not posing as a fake blog, unlike so many others.

Buying Test X180 through an affiliate like the one advertising above only adds cost and unwanted subscriptions.

Next I headed over to to read more about this “free” trial. As expected, when you order, you are automatically set to receive a 30-day supply 18 days later, at the cost of $74.98 plus tax.  Let’s take a look at their terms:

Unless you cancel before the end of your trial period as specified above, we will ship your first 30-day supply of Test X180 at the end of your trial period. Thereafter, you will continue to receive a fresh 30-day supply of Test X180 each month for as long as you stay a member of our auto-ship program. The card you provided when you ordered the trial product will be automatically charged $74.98 (plus tax if applicable) when each new product ships. To cancel future shipments in the auto-ship program, you must call 1-877-492-7243 at least 1 day prior to the date that your next monthly delivery ships. 

On the first page, it asked for my name and age to see if I “qualified” for a free sample. After entering in some bogus info, I was informed that I qualified – imagine that! It should also be noted that nowhere did I read about Cambridge Scientists, as the ad claimed. Deception!

For what it’s worth, I checked the GNC website and Test X180 was on sale for gold card members for under $50.

Test X180 seems to be a legitimate product, but the affiliate marketing from AdBlade and adds an unnecessary middle man who adds nothing but extra cost and a forced subscription. Seems like it would be a lot easier and cheaper to run down to GNC whenever you need more and pay $30 less for it. But hey, that’s just me.

Have you tried Test X180 or Force Factor? We want to hear your reviews in the comments below!

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15 Comments on and ForceFactor Test X180: Free Trial Warning

  1. good work, I had same conclusion…B.S. thanx

  2. old virgo50 // July 4, 2012 at 10:07 am // Reply

    my?? is,has anyone actually tried this product & does it work? If so ,did you notice any bizzare(not neccassarily harmful) ,side effects?ex:hair growing in odd places,or pain during sex??I ,for one,don’t care if my husband looks like a ‘cover boy’ and I sure don’t want him buying/taking anything that is going to do more harm,than ‘help’,to him!I also don’t think that older men should ‘go all night’,anymore!Sex is def. one of those things in life that quality,is much more important,than quantity!I heard a line on TV that covered it well “You can push an elevator button a thousand times,but it’s still not gonna come,any faster”,and that pretty much covers it!!!!After being together for 25,or more,years,a man knows exactely how to satisfy his wife,and it does’nt take him(or her)all night,to ‘get the job done’

    • I have tried the product. I ordered the 14 day trail which it is only a 7 day trail b/c you have to take one at breakfast and one at lunch. I really like this stuff and want to get more. For me it really did work and im not getting paid by forcefactor. I am one of the lucky people that this worked on and im looking to buy more. As a last note this stuff makes me hornier than I have been in a long while( Had disc slip & was really hard to get erections, but it is wayy too easy to get a hard-on with this stuff)

      • I got taken in by this marketing scam myself, the product might work for some but I didn’t notice any difference. Get this, when I called to cancel they offered me a lower price, when I insisted they offered me a VIP price $29.99 a bottle. Can you believe that They’re ripping off all their customers @ $69.99 a bottle when they can still sell it at a profit for $29.99, amazing. If you like this product call and complain you are getting ripped off!

  3. I tried this and noticed some effect but not worth what it cost..I also should have read the terms..i didnt realize they put you on automatic charge each month thereafter at 74.99 for a month supply. I also called and cancelled and they dropped price to 29.99 but i still didnt want to be automatically charged each month besides i think you should do this stuff in cycles..where you take a break for a couple of weeks in between takeing these type of supplements…after researching i have found some products rated higher by fitness&health mag. were also cheaper and for sale through e bay…I also have gnc gold card and can just get it when i want it…From now on i will always read the terms and conditions on anything i purchase on internet.

  4. hehehe….always read the terms and confinements….lol…rip off….Thanks to all who posted “honest reviews” and no thanks to those who did not…This is kind of like that “male matrix” stuff they sell…you get the trial thing…and next thing you know, they are sending you vitiman B for 60 dollars a bottle…lol…Remember this everyone, when it says “All Natural” it aint going to do nothing that eating right will do…JMHO…thanks all…Mike

  5. I had already been taking x180 saw the ad and went for the freebe. 14 days would indeed be 28 pills not the 14 they send you. I believe there is some positive effects based on the two ingredients fenugreek and ginseng . The only ingredients my Dr. thought useful. Both can be bought individually much cheaper. My comeback offer was 3 bottles for the seventy some odd dollars they charged. I believe I remember the 18 day thing but forgot. My muscle tone has improved . Doctor said sex does same thing. Cialis makes the sex. Not much need for X180. Guys on phone need some polish.

  6. I was taken in too by the 14 day free home trial. I found I could unscrew the capsule and sprinkle it on food. So thus spread it out.
    I did have more stamina for working out.
    However, I could have gotten more sex libido with another product like Rock Hard … .
    It is certainly not worth $ 70 bucks a month. Rip off.
    I will call the telephone number and negotiate for a much lower price.
    I too am a GNC gold card member and should be entitled to a much lower price.
    Like the other responder said: get 8 hours sleep and eat fresh healthy food.

  7. Hello, I also fell victim to the free 14 day testx180 online, which I just received today. So what everyone is saying is, they will charge me 70.00 a month from hear on out for refills?!!! How can I stop this now???

  8. I see I’m in good company. I too missed the automatic subscription fine print. I did call them the same day I ordered the free sample and easily got the 29.99 price just in case I forget to cancel. You do have to wait and receive the free sample before you cancel or you won’t even get the free sample. I wanted the sample so at least if I do forget I won’t get hammered for 69.99 plus shipping. If it does work great if not not much lost.

  9. I ordered the free sample and all i want to know is how to cancel any shipment of more TESTx180 that i have not ordered. These people have my credit card number. My bank has told me that if they use my card without my ordering any additional product that i will not be liable, but it still bothers me that they can pull shit like this. It needs to stop. Im a vet and left alot of blood on the battlefield and don’t need to come home to this kind of pure theft.

  10. Thank you for this article. I read it and called sure enough they were gonna charge my card! Wow you look for an honest product and run into scams. It’s hard enough with all the bogus products out there

  11. Hello, Thank you for this article! At the beginning of the 2013 year, I purchased, (over the phone,) a 6month supply of focus factor & Test x180. I always read the fine print, so I already knew about the automatic renewal; I called after 14 days to Cx. While on the phone, I told the rep. that I could get it cheaper at GNC and that I didnt have to pay for shipping. The rep. told me they will Always price match with GNC and will also make it cheaper And pay for the shipping. The rep. also said I could call at any time and make a one-time order that WOULD NOT be automatically renewed at end of xx days/months. So, I bought a 6 month supply of both and ended up paying sbout $5 LESS PER BOTTLE, with free shipping, than I would’ve had I gone to GNC.
    OK, Phew! Now for my review! I did notice quite an increase in strength and energy during my work out. My libido was off the charts, I was constantly “in the mood”. Also, almost every time, about an hour after I’d taken the products, it’d feel like I had to “pee”, but I’d always have a “wet dream” experiance instead. This makes sense, since the combination of the products IS supposed to increase your Testosterone levels. So an over abundance of spermatoza just makes sense!
    All in all, I have nothing to negative to say about either Force Factor, or Test x180. From my experiance, both products do exactly as they are advertised.

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