SpeedOut Reviews (Mar. 2015 Update)

SpeedOut Reviews (Mar. 2015 Update)

SpeedOut is a product which is said to easily remove stripped, damaged, or broken screws or bolts. Read our SpeedOut review along with additional product information.

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About SpeedOut

SpeedOut is a 4-piece screw/bolt extraction kit. It works by drilling out the stripped/damaged area with the cutting end, then flipping it over and using the extraction end to remove the damaged or stripped screw. It has been advertised on television throughout 2014.

What they claim

  • Remove any stripped or broken screw or bolt  in 10 seconds or less
  • Works with any drill
  • 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping/processing
  • 10-15 days for standard shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made of hardened steel
  • Philips, flat head, hex, and painted over types

How much does SpeedOut cost?

SpeedOut costs $19.95 with free shipping. You can buy two for $31.90, which would make them $15.95 each. A “free” bonus Easy Out Light Bulb Extractor can be added for a $6.95 “processing” fee. Each order includes a $1 “Web Processing Fee.”

SpeedOut is available in stores.

Official Website

The official website is, which was registered on May 9, 2013. Below is a screenshot of the SpeedOut website, taken in December 2013. The website looks virtually identical as of March 2015.

Wafflesatnoon SpeedOut Revew

Television commercial

Below is a TV commercial for SpeedOut:

Our SpeedOut Review

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Extraction sets are not a new concept, but the idea may be new to occasional DIY types. The frustration of removing a stripped or damaged screw can turn an otherwise simple repair into a nightmare. Extraction sets such as SpeedOut work by drilling out the stripped area and using an extractor to remove the damaged screw or bolt.

In our tests of SpeedOut, we screwed several types of screws into different surfaces and stripped the heads. We found that, while SpeedOut did not have a 100% success rate, it worked generally as advertised on most screw types. For a couple of the more difficult screws, we found that using a regular drill bit worked better than those included with SpeedOut for drilling out the stripped area of the head. We also found that during the extraction process, the drill worked better when run at a slower speed. If you need to extract screws made from harder metals, you may want to consider a higher-end extraction set.

One reviewer pointed out that you can’t order replacements if one of the four extractors breaks. Thus, purchasing a new set would be the only alternative. This is yet another reason to make such a purchase locally.

Other SpeedOut Reviews

As of March 2015, Readers at Home Depot have given SpeedOut a 3.6-star rating. Reviews range from “it didn’t work” to “worked perfectly.” At Amazon, SpeedOut boasts a 3.7-star rating, with a wide range of opinions on the product.

Alternatives to SpeedOut

There are other extractor sets available. A local hardware store will yield several alternatives, such as GraBit or Pittsburgh Forge sets for about $13, up to higher end industrial models such as a $200+ set by Irwin. Sears offers a very similar looking “Screw Out” set for about $15.

Beware of ordering online
We have received several complaints regarding the online ordering process. After placing your order, you may receive a call from the company to confirm your order. During this call they may offer you $100 in gas coupons for $1. This will sign you up for a recurring charge of about $20 per month if you don’t cancel. Other readers have told us that the shipping of SpeedOut can be quite slow. Purchasing locally will eliminate this potential problem, and facilitate the return process if necessary.

Google Trends History

The Google Trends graph below shows interest in Speedout over time. It appears that interest peaked in March of 2014. Although another peak occurred in November of 2014, interest seems to have largely declined since then.

Bottom Line

SpeedOut generally works as advertised, although it is not the only extractor set on the market. We recommend purchasing it locally, and consider some higher-end alternatives if your needs are extensive. SpeedOut may not be up to the task if your extraction job is very difficult.

Your SpeedOut Reviews

Have you used SpeedOut? Give us your review in the comments below.

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Updated March 6, 2015
First published December 2013

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  • Dave

    CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP! I was trying this on the first of two wood screws I had to remove and following instructions I broke 2 of the smaller bits almost immediately. At first they just spun, the “drill” didn’t dig in the metal and the extractor broke off in pieces. Why do we keep buying cheap Chinese crap? Wish I’d read these reviews first. $10 or so bucks at Walgreens “As seen on TV isle” so I wasn’t out too much. BLUF: Don’t buy them.

  • marc carraway

    Speed out is a scam that they know they can charge your credit card once they get your card number. See, they know you’re not hiring a lawyer for 500 dollars to get 40 or 80 bucks back. Keep your money local. Go to Lowes or seats or your local hardware store.

  • David

    TERRIBLE customer service! I ordered one, and they shipped (and charged me) 3 orders. I have called and emailed customer service to no avail, even refused the packages like they told me to but still no credits. Definitely a SCAM.

  • Robert

    Speedout finally baited me to buy one of these “need to have” tool. I ordered it off the TV. I assumed 20 dollars and that’s it. I ended up upgrading to the harder steel for an extra 10 dollars. Than after they said “free shipping” they still charged me 5.95. I would of been good with a 36-40 dollar bill. I looked at my bank acct. today to see there trying to charge 115 dollars. What a scam. I’m in the process to get my full return now. I found out there are cheaper and better extractor sets at your local hardware store. Speedout-Scam.

  • harit124

    I am impressed with the ability to remove broken screws as advertized on the TV ad. I have immediately went to the website and ordered one set for $19.95. After all the promise of free shipping, they billed me an additional $6.95 for shipping even though I did not choose ‘expedited order’ options. What is really scamming is – before you close your order for one set of this tool set, they try to sell you 20 different things that you never needed or cared for. If this is as good as they advertise, why are they offering a ‘professional grade’ for an additional $10. Like all other TV ads, once they baited you, then drag you. If at all, they should advertise all products and prices upfront.

  • brandy mccune

    ordered 2 sets and commercial set, received only 2 sets. Dreading the customer service call. will keep you posted. hope I don’t lose my additional $20.

  • John Martin

    Ordered the speedout. Received a call wanting to add a card for $100 gas credit for $20, declined it.
    I ordered the product for a specific project to remove two screws on my motorcycle. It did not even come close to working on either.
    Was a total waste of time and money.

  • Thom Goelz

    What is with the add on crap with the SpeedOut. Just received a call that informed me that they added a shopping saver subscription to my order. I never asked for it and do not want it. This is fraud! Beware when ordering the SpeedOut.

  • george w rogers

    If u cannot ship within 7 days cancrl this order as I will not be at that address. Also send to to the shipping address clearly labeled B.Kelley c/o Discount rv 10197 riverford road etc. If u find u cannot ship w/in 6 days call me @XXXXXXXXXX and advise me that u hv cancld it. I am not interested in offers that require a cancellation to avoid charged so PLEASE don’t bother. Thanks

  • Steve

    Same thing will happen whenever you buy anything from a tv ad. Everything advertised on the boobtube will end up being a scam just as sure as the dog sh*ts in the yard. There’s HUGE money to be made off people who blindly assume that if it’s advertised on TV it must be legit. Go instead to your local hardware store, save yourself a lot of time & money, and keep the money in the area.

  • emma

    Ordered dec 25th, now jan 18th and still havent heard anything, I used the order number they emailed me and it brought up someone elses order which coincidentally lived in the same town. Assumed they got switched or both sent to other place. Details gave me other persons number so I called and he too had not received anything.

  • Rommel Obispo

    I recently purchased a speedout extractor. i only ordered one, but got two extractors and charged for two items I don’t need two speed out

  • George

    Purchased two sets of Speed Out on Dec 21 on online. Paid and additional $5.95 for priority mail. This was to be a birthday gift for 12/28/13. Rcv’d email acknowledge with an order Nbr. On Dec 30
    phoned Speed out but they couldn’t find order. Drove to Lowe’s
    and bought gift there!!!!!!!


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