Spongebob is not being canceled

A rumor circulating since December 2013 states that the popular Nickelodeon cartoon series SpongeBob Squarepants would be canceled in early 2014. The hashtag #SaveSpongebob briefly trended in the first week of December 2013, prompting the television network to directly respond to the allegations.

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Spongebob is not being canceled. 

The following graphic which claimed the popular series would be canceled on January 28, 2014 was heavily shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus:


Nickelodeon confirmed in a tweet on December 11, 2013 that the #SaveSpongebob campaign was “Nothing more than a hoax.” The network also confirmed that “We’ve got new episodes in 2014 and the movie coming out 2015.”


SpongeBob Squarepants debuted in 1999 and has generated billions in merchandise and advertising revenue for Nickelodeon. The title character has been voiced by Tom Kenny since its inception. Kenny has also been the subject of various internet hoaxes over the years, including a “death hoax” which circulated in January 2013.

Rumors continue in 2014

Despite Nick’s denial, and the passing of the rumored January 28, 2014 deadline, rumors of SpongeBob’s alleged cancellation continued to circulate in early 2014.

Bottom Line
SpongeBob Squarepants is not being canceled. This is simply a rumor which Nickelodeon has denied.

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  • Spongebob lovr

    I am so glad sponhebob isn’t ending!!!! I was counting down on my calendar and all I ever watch on tv is spongebob! All of my recordings is spongebob spongebob a spongebob. I kept telling myself not to cry on that day but looks like now I don’t have to! Now I can’t wait till 2015.

    • Kenneth Arbuckle

      Spongebob is ending. Get over it.

    • Anonymous

      @Spongebob lovr #cringeworthy

  • Kalynn combs

    Oh my gosh! I am so happy! When my mom said spongebob was being canceled i felt like my childhood memories were erased. I am so glad spongebob will live to see another day! P.S. Can you PLEASE make more episodes?!

  • Katiebugg

    Why would somebody want to scare us like this?!?!?!

  • 90s kid

    None of you grammar murderers are getting into college (or out of high school for that matter.)

  • High School Student

    Im 16, this show has been popular my entire life, even now most of the people in my large school who are able to, are avid watchers of spongebob because we grew up with it. Heh even if we have seen every episode a thousand times! XD

    • Kenneth Arbuckle

      This show hasn’t been popular since 2009.

  • Christopher

    I agree with the long rant above but to take this in a small perspective…….cartoons now just are bad. The only good things I can keep my self to watch are Cartoon Network stuff like adventure time, regular show, and Steven universe (which actually is looking like it could be the next Chowder) but anyways. The show use to be funny and all 3 channels were at the top of the line but disney started switching to more live action. CN lost most of its good shows or actually finshed them. But nick……nick just slowly started having its body torn apart peice by peice untill nothing was left but spongebob as the heart. Without a functioning brain nick can’t make good shows anymore like Ren and Stimpy or invader zim. Every sad attempt just ends up with nick toons taking it into the bucket of bad shows and keeps it thier locked away. I used to like spongebob but just can’t enjoy it because of the level of comedy it’s reached. It’s come to the point where my own son dosent watch it anymore and he would rather watch the classic Cartoon Network tapes I have. That’s what nick should do is cut its loses and start showing nothing but the old shows. I don’t hate spongebob I’m just disappointed that my late childhood is gone.

  • Divergent freak

    They should seriously cancel sb its the worst show on tv i dont even like to watch tv anymore its gotten so stupid and all animated i definatley dont care if nick shuts down or if spongebob dies like shake it up or good luck charlie see those have gone down the toilet just like spongebob hes old news my little brother dosent even watch it anymore he said its lame and hes 5 im sticking to reading books now and u should try it read the fault in the stars, divergent ,hg, the giver , any good books i suggest this books are getting better than tv so i feel they should CANCEL SPONGEBOB NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eve

      *hits ‘Like’ button*

  • Spongeboblvr

    I am so glad Spongbob is not getting canceled. I have watched it since I was… well, for all my life. If it cancels I might die of crying

  • Esperanza

    I actually cried when I heard this rumor and now I’m just so happy that it’s all just a hoax from the haters!

  • Eve

    I just want to say this;
    Im not a spongebob fan more over there has been a study with thos show half the childeren wached sponebob the other half didnt you wanna know what happend? The half who watched spongebob scored lower on the same tests the childeren who didnt watch it did. Dont belive me look it up i dare you. All in all spongebob make kids stupid and anyone with a brain should wish for it to end so their childeren wont fail in school and so on.
    Thats it thats all i gotta say

    • Anonymous

      What if I told you that I grew up with the classic Spongebob, and as a kid, I almost always got straight A’s? But if you’re talking about the post-movie episodes, then I agree with you.

  • promise

    I grew up watching Spongebob I have a full time job and I’m 19 years old and I enjoy coming home watching a classic show that I grew up to.. I was devastated with the thought of Spongebob being cancelled. I love spongebob and can’t wait for the new movie!

  • anonymous

    So happy they’re not canceling it, but I wish the new episodes would get a bit better – and a bit more frequent. Lately, every single episode is a special, and they make a new one every month or two. Make some normal episodes!

    • Kenneth Arbuckle

      They obviously will cancel it. The show is crap and deserves to go off the air.

  • bex donelly

    Sponge Bob has been going on since 1999 and it just isn’t the same anymore I use to love the show when I was growing up but there are other good cartoons out there like Danny Phantom, Growing Up Creepie and many other cartoons that were taken off nick so take It into thought will sponge bob ever be the same or will it never be seen again?

  • saniya

    my youth i miss the old spongebob ever since i was 6 it came on i loved i back then and ill love it now

    • saniya

      i almost cried when my bff emily and the iconic boyz and tobeone told me praise the lord for this mirical im 18

  • bex donelly

    If sponge bob was given another chance the least they can do is sort out the episodes and the way the charcters are acting for example mr krabs is more greedy, patrick is more stupider not in the funny way, plankton appears too much and sandy hardly appears in some of the episodes, and squidward is getting more aggressive I think it would be better if sponge bob was taken off, if sponge bob comes off then nick goes down with the fandom

  • Po Ping the Dragon Warrior

    I deeply apologize to all of Spongebob fans, but I just cant STAND that show.I am 10 years old and I just loathe that show, I barely watch it. Now a REALLY GOOD show all of you people should start watching is Kung Fu Panda. KFP RULES!!! It totally needs more recognition, thumbs up if you agree.

  • Po Ping the Dragon Warrior

    Nah, Spongebob isn’t really that good. Kung Fu Panda is still better, it needs more episodes, don’t you think? I was bummed beyond belief when it lost the KCA!!! I mean, seriously, don’t you think Po is 50x better than Spongebob? I’m sorry, Spongebob fans, please don’t resent me for saying this, but it’s the truth.

  • Buster Brown

    How is this awful shiw still on the air? Nobody has watched it since 2009. There have been other, better shows to air since the beginning of the decade. Let this garbage die with dignity.

  • Kenneth Arbuckle

    Spongebob Squarepants sucks. Adventure Time is a way better show. Whoever thinks otherwise is a moron.

  • Aaron Borden

    Okay Kenneth arbuckle tell me how in the freaking world is adventure time better that show is the most retarded show I’ve ever watched and I’m a big fan if nick and without spongebob then nick is nothing and Danny phantom was a great show and maybe even better then spongebob but adventure time sucks at life and hey spongebob will go out in a good Big Bang with a episode so good it will be like an old episode

  • Lorenzo Montoya

    Nickelodeon needs a new era of entertainment, urgently.

  • Evan Seagraves

    You Suck…Spongebob is AWESOME!!! Don’t Hate! :P

  • battleroyalefan6

    This is why you will die alone

  • TM

    *sucks *bad *retarded
    Did he make you illiterate as well?

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Lol…you should really consider watching less of spongebob and concentrate in learning how to spell.

  • Kenneth Arbuckle

    Yes it is.

  • Anonymous

    They should’ve cancelled it after the movie….that show is BEGGING to be put out of its misery.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently they were originally going to cancel it in 2005. (When the show went rotten)