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Spongebob is not being canceled

Spongebob is not being canceled

Rumors regarding the cancellation of popular SpongeBob Squarepants have circulated for years. Two recent surges of the rumor have been especially prominent. Today we’ll take a look at recent rumors regarding the cancellation of SpongeBob Squarepants.

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Spongebob is not being canceled. 

Let’s take a look at two recent rumors which have made this assertion.

December 2013 – January 2014

The following graphic which claimed the popular series would be canceled on January 28, 2014 was heavily shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus in December 2013 and January 2014:


Nickelodeon confirmed in a tweet on December 11, 2013 that the #SaveSpongebob campaign was “Nothing more than a hoax.” The network also confirmed that “We’ve got new episodes in 2014 and the movie coming out 2015.”


SpongeBob Squarepants debuted in 1999 and has generated billions in merchandise and advertising revenue for Nickelodeon. The title character has been voiced by Tom Kenny since its inception. Kenny has also been the subject of various internet hoaxes over the years, including a “death hoax” which circulated in January 2013.

Mid-2014 Rumors

Despite Nick’s denial, and the passing of the rumored January 28, 2014 deadline, rumors of SpongeBob’s alleged cancellation continued to circulate in early and mid-2014.

November 2014 Satire

The lowbrow “satire” website Huzlers posted a story in November 2014 which reported the cancellation of SpongeBob due to legal troubles faced by voice actor Tom Kenny. Huzlers is a self-proclaimed “satirical entertainment” site which publishes false, tabloid-style shocking news. Huzlers encouraged readers to use the hashtag #spongebobcancelled in order to promote their false story.

The Huzlers report is completely untrue.

Google History

As you can see in the Google Trends chart below, rumors of the cancellation of SpongeBob have had several surges over the years, most prominently in December 2013.

Bottom Line

SpongeBob Squarepants is not being canceled, despite a variety of rumors that state otherwise. A SpongeBob movie is currently in the works, slated for release in 2015.

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  • Lorenzo Montoya

    Nickelodeon needs a new era of entertainment, urgently.

  • bex

    I kind of wish I wasn’t born in 1999….

  • Anonymous

    Apparently they were originally going to cancel it in 2005. (When the show went rotten)

  • Anonymous

    What if I told you that I grew up with the classic Spongebob, and as a kid, I almost always got straight A’s? But if you’re talking about the post-movie episodes, then I agree with you.

  • Kenneth Arbuckle

    Except Spongebob has no more fans. Nobody likes it anymore. We’ve all moved on.

  • Kenneth Arbuckle

    It’ll be cancelled after the movie.

  • Kenneth Arbuckle

    Spongebob is ending. Get over it.

  • bex donelly

    Sponge Bob has been going on since 1999 and it just isn’t the same anymore I use to love the show when I was growing up but there are other good cartoons out there like Danny Phantom, Growing Up Creepie and many other cartoons that were taken off nick so take It into thought will sponge bob ever be the same or will it never be seen again?

  • anonymous

    So happy they’re not canceling it, but I wish the new episodes would get a bit better – and a bit more frequent. Lately, every single episode is a special, and they make a new one every month or two. Make some normal episodes!

  • promise

    I grew up watching Spongebob I have a full time job and I’m 19 years old and I enjoy coming home watching a classic show that I grew up to.. I was devastated with the thought of Spongebob being cancelled. I love spongebob and can’t wait for the new movie!

  • High School Student

    Im 16, this show has been popular my entire life, even now most of the people in my large school who are able to, are avid watchers of spongebob because we grew up with it. Heh even if we have seen every episode a thousand times! XD

    • Kenneth Arbuckle

      This show hasn’t been popular since 2009.

  • 90s kid

    None of you grammar murderers are getting into college (or out of high school for that matter.)

  • Buster Kreton

    Nobody likes Spongebob anymore. Not even children. There are better cartoons on T.v.

    • William

      Ah, we got someone acting like they’re speaking for everyone eh? I find those people AWFULLY annoying!

  • waffles

    If memory serves correct, the movie was going to be the end of SpongeBob, but Nick didn’t want it to end, which is when the show began to change due to the addition of new writers and producers. One notable change in recent years is the addition of generic-sounding “cartoon music” which has mostly replaced the Hawaiian-themed music of earlier seasons.

  • Liz- spongebob fan from birth (1999)

    Guys, I agree that Spongebob WAS a fantastic show. I would like the show to continue airing only for rerun episodes before the spongebob movie. However, when I watch these new episodes, I can’t help but go into another room because they are that incredibly bad. I feel as if the new writers hired after the spongebob movie just don’t give us the “right kind of spongebob”. As an example, older spongebob episodes make v

  • That Guy

    Okay, I’m sorry but I am quite saddened that it is not being cancelled. Yea, I grew up on the show but now it really has gotten quite stupid. There are a lot better shows that were cancelled that should not have been. At this point all the show is, is dumb humor to make little kids laugh. So all of you 16 year old watching Spongebob. Grow up please and watch something more appropriate for your age or admit that your mentality is too low to understand more mature shows. Thank you.

  • Mariah

    Spongebob should be cancelled. The new Spongebob is NOT Spongebob. It’s exactly like bringing back the “new” Teen Titans and the ridiculous Scooby Doo stuff. I’m happy I grew up with the original Spongebob. But this new stuff has got to go.

    • Rebecca

      I partially agree. The new SpongeBob is just plain senseless. It doesn’t make sense. But it doesn’t mean we should cancel it. Once in a while they’ll make a great episode and everything will be wonderful, people have been watching this since their childhood and would hate to hate the show go. They just cannot leave us like this without SpongeBob, it means a lot to some people.

  • Joseph

    It’s too bad Sponge Bob isn’t teaching spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  • Alexis

    I have always loved spongebob. It’s part of my childhood and it brings me so many good memories. I have been watching spongebob since I was a baby. I liked it so much that I would actually get some spongebob gifts for my birthdays and Christmases as a toddler. My older siblings and I would always watch it and it always made me feel so happy. Even though I think that older spongebob is better than newer spongebob, I know my heart would be shattered if it got canceled. I really hope it doesnt. It would feel like then end of an era.

  • Kerri

    Yes. Thank you.

  • z

    Too bad it isn’t true. I was seriously happy hearing it was, but seeing this now just brings more disappointment.

    I loved Spongebob, but after a few seasons, the new writers and such are doing a TERRIBLE job and now just milking Spongebob for money. It saddens me seeing my old favorite show get ruined more and more. Why can’t they just let him die in somewhat peace where he is now and start anew with a different series?

  • Thomas Stachelski

    My grandkids turned me on to SpongeBob. I love the Sponge, I need the Sponge.

  • Theroux

    Oh my god…

    This show has been dead since 2004. What the? Why can’t it just end now?

  • Spongebob Stinks

    Spongebob should be cancelled. It should have been cancelled a long time ago. The plotlines are not original anymore, and they keep reusing the same old ones. Spongebob is getting boring, end of statement.

    • taytay

      IKR! It’s not even worth it anymore!

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